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[CPAP] Humidifier Water
Have a question regarding water for CPAO humidifiers. When I went on CPAP Therapy 3 years ago I was told to use boiled water in humidifier. I was reading elswere in this forum that someone was using distilled water. Which is better distilled or boiled water? And if distilled is better how do you distille it?
I'm not a Doctor but a fan of The Doctor. any views,comments etc are my own

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You can buy distilled water at the store. It is best (some would say mandatory) to use distilled water as it will not leave any kind of deposits in the humidifier tank, and of course you are inhaling the water vapor so you don't want anything extra to hitch a ride...
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DrWho, you will get a heap of different answers, if you use boiled water you should empty it daily, I use distilled water, I buy 2lt's from Coles and get it for $1.59, Woolworths is a lot dearer. I empty it twice a week when I clean all my equipment and haven't had any problems in two and a half years of use. Don't use start water out of the tap
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Distilled water debate mainly for American audiences, distilled water bottles available at every corner Smile
ResMed only recommend to use distilled water with standard water tank as the standard water tank used to be in one piece and not open-able (yes there is youtube video) but now the standard water tank comes apart like the cleanable tank (called dishwasher safe in US)
I've both tanks, I,m using the stainless steel bottom part of the "cleanable Tub" and top part of the "standard tank" ... mix and match and Sydney water on tap ... would preferred VB ... Cheers

Edit: Machines sold in Australia comes with "cleanable tub" and optional extra in US but its a hefty price to pay considering the rip-off prices been charged in Australia
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Hi DrWho?,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You'll get many different opinions regarding this question but I use distilled water because it doesn't leave mineral deposits on the bottom of the water chamber.
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Thanks to all those that replied. Buying distilled water seems to be expensive when the humidifier water is changed every night though.
I'm not a Doctor but a fan of The Doctor. any views,comments etc are my own

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I haven't found it to be prohibitively expensive. A jug costs me about a dollar USD and I need a new jug every 2-3 weeks. Sounds like it may be more expensive down under however.
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The PRS1 video "Setup with humidifier" shows that you rinse the tank with tap water and fill with distilled water
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My APAP came with a cleanable water tank. The CPAP I got 3 years ago didn't and I think the cleanable tanks are fairly new.

Here, distilled water is about 80 cents for a gallon. It lasts me a while. I keep 2 gallons around all the time.
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If you are on the PAP, you can buy your very own water distiller of around $100, even cheaper in Oz, I noticed, and you can then distil 4 litres at a time, store it in the fridge (ALWAYS store your distilled water in the fridge, never in the open, and always in a glass closed bottle). Most stills will take about an hour per litre, so figure four hours every two weeks if you make a three litre bottle, and it should last you ten days (at least mine does, but I never fill my tank up more than half way, which works out perfectly at setting 4 for up to eight hours sleep - because I rarely ever sleep more than six hours, there is always leftover the rinse the tank out with).

There is one guy in Canada on ebay who does very nice distillers, and I got mine from him (rather than pay the exorbitant amounts we have to pay for everything in Switzerland).

But, for health and other reasons, yes, distilled water is the only water recommended. Anything else is quite literally taking your life in your hands.
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