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[CPAP] Humidifier Water
The theoretically "correct" answer is to dump daily, doubly so if you're using tap water.

I dump the distilled water weekly when I clean everything. I never see any residue or slime in my tank.
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there are so many opinions even fights over this me im a teeter totter

there are some unproven cases of horrible problems i found on another forum that could be caused by anything

the things to consider tank life regular depending on town state even country

my town huge lime and chemical problems so distilled is safety for me i get sick off tap water and have to drink distilled

my area wal mart 89 cents a jug so i use it

im on Medicare so everything is swapped out but i like mine clean

tap water can be kept shiny vinegar it will clean haze on tank any build up and vinegar is a great sanitizer

a repair provider shop told me that and 50 50 water vinegar if really bad make vinegar higher

i bounce on opinions

but my care my routine every day or other day depending on how i feel i clean my tank with that solution

if i even remember once in a while my tube my tubes get changed by Medicare every 3 months

for the most part 3 months is good for tubes unless sick

my mask i mainly just wipe it down with a dry rag i keep specially for cpap sometimes i use a tiny drop of soap and then wipe off with water

i always use a pollen extra fine filter on my machine i have bad allergies

and i wipe my whole machine weekly if not more inlets outlets filter area im so anal i tooth brush all the cracks my broke 3 year old looks brand new lol

a doc on here in another post made a good point your putting what you breath into your lungs

exception i have has sleep shops in my area say hair and other crap get caught and turned to phlegm balls

our body's do a good amount of filtering on there own

so its your choice what makes you happy and settles your mind
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Hi All, just got my ResMed H5i humidifier over here in the UK on the NHS, I was told to use 'boiled tap water' and replace it daily.
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(03-08-2014, 02:30 PM)Sabre1.8Ti Wrote: Hi All, just got my ResMed H5i humidifier over here in the UK on the NHS, I was told to use 'boiled tap water' and replace it daily.
Welcome aboard
I do the same thing, distilled water is not readily available in my neck of the wood Smile
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Hi Sabre1.8Ti,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
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(11-17-2013, 07:54 AM)justMongo Wrote: There's another side of the coin to distilled H2O. Very pure water which is usually designated by its resistivity is highly reactive.
So called 18 Meg water is used in industrial processes such as making semiconductors. Highly pure water is actually an electrical insulator.
I know of one multi-terraWatt flash x-ray machine that uses water as the insulator in its coaxial charge line.

Point being, tap water may leave deposits; but very pure water can dissolve metal.


I am curious. How does very high purity water become reactive? What makes it more reactive than less pure water?

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Tap water will work in a pinch for me, since I am out of distiller at the moment.Rolleyes
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Hi rogerkoger1,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
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Welcome to the hosehead array. Happy PAPing.

Best Regards,

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Water with nothing dissolved or suspended in it has more capacity.

I am not making this argument.

No one has shown a positive reason for needing the special water.

The tank is washable and replaceable.
Sweet Dreams,

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