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Hi Lorraine...
I have used a couple of tapes to close my mouth at night, they both work well..
I have sent you an email with the links to the products...
all the best,
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Ditto. I had to get to an 8.5 before I stopped feeling like I was suffocating. I had to be on an auto-cpap at 9 plus before I was sleeping through the night. And then there were the strap adjustments. I am not sure that lower pressures really help anybody adjust to anything. But I adjusted pretty fast. I still sleep with earplugs unless my face cushion is really new.
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I'm sorry, but I don't see the email. What are the types of tape? Thanks for the help.

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If you feel like you're suffocating, do like Ghost1958 suggests, bump up the pressure.

If its just a claustrophobia thing, do as a few folks here have said, wear it while watching TV or reading to get used to it. You could even wear it with the hose detached and get used to it with zero pressure.

Stick with it, eventually it will become your friend.

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(09-07-2016, 06:23 PM)Lorraine Wrote: Thanks!
Good suggestions from everyone. I've made a couple of adjustments: lowered the pressure by one, raised the humidity by one and I'm doing some relaxation breathing exercises. I'm also reducing my caffeine intake and drinking a cup of passion flower tea (calming) with a few drops of CBD oil about an hour before bed. So far I'm having better luck, but I can't wear it all night. I have a feeling this is going to take a long time. Sad


Hang in there. I am a newbie and tried every other method besides CPAP because I did not want to wear that"Damn Fighter Pilot Mask"
I just completed week 5 and I can tell you this. I am sleeping much better and my High blood pressure is dropping. I could not get it lower than stage 1 and a occasional stage 2 reading. I was diagnosed with sever OSA of 35 AHI. Last night was my lowest reading to date of 1.01.

I tried the full face mask but found the nasal pillows much better for me. Like other members have stated, you have to find the mask that works best for your comfort so don't be afraid to read the reviews, find what you think might work and give it a try.

Find one of the mask suppliers with a 30 day trial period. Do what ever you must do to change your attitude into a more accepting one. It can be done. Read some CPAP humor, make fun of yourself but do what you must to develop a positive attitude.

You Can Do It!!!
Big Grin
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Keeping the mouth closed: somebody here has a sig with detailed instructions for a "tongue suck" method. Turns out, I've been doing that my whole life anyway as part of my TMJ issues (temporomadibular joint); I have to work to *relax* my tongue. But it DOES work a treat for keeping your mouth closed during cpap.

Her instructions go something like this:
Put tongue against roof of mouth, just behind the top teeth.
Push the whole tongue (not just the tip) against the roof of the mouth.
Kinda suck on it.

This closes the mouth airway nicely. Dunno how hard it is to learn, as a habit, but it's worth a try!

Yes, if you feel "suffocating" (a) add more pressure maybe, and (b) try a LARGER nasal pillows mask. It lets more air through it. My supplier suggested "small" to me ..... I felt suffocated after 30 minutes of treatment. Jumped to the "medium" and had much better luck for a year. Now I've tried the "large" and I like it even better!! Moral: the supplier doesn't breathe through your lungs. What LOOKS like it fits your face, may not fit your lung capacity!
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I used ambien during my first CPAP week. It really helped because I wasn't waking up during the night and constantly fighting the mask. At the end of the week, I had such confidence that I could actually sleep through the night with the whole contraption that I had no issues without the ambien.
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