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[CPAP] I'm new to this... HELP!
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RE: I'm new to this... HELP!
When I did my sleep study they let me keep the mask. I had the same feeling of suffocation you described. After 3 years I had almost forgotten those first nights. Switched to a different mask and things got better. After only 3 years I can be comfortable with my system many nights.
Look into getting a more comfortable mask and things can get better.
10-05-2013 08:51 PM
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RE: I'm new to this... HELP!
You have just been given a life altering diagnosis which causes you to stop breathing multiple times per hour and you need a machine to be safe while you sleep. I'd say that fires up your flight or fight responses- a big shot a adrenaline and wow your heart is pounding and racing.
It does get better. Wear the mask and use the machine during the day for brief periods to get the feel of the machine. What helps you turn off your mind at night? Some folks do relaxation exercises either from a cd, or self taught. Music helps others. My bed partner needs the TV on to shut down her worrying to get to sleep. A dose of Tylenol pm may help. Try it an hour before bed. Tylenol may actually help you feel better and the pm part will help you sleep.
Before I go any further- these are my thoughts, not medical advice. Some people have anxiety off the chart and may want their doc to give them an anti anxiety med for the first month.
Good luck. Please keep us posted on your progress.
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10-07-2013 08:57 AM
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