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CPAP Info From Employee Fitting Me For Mask
Last night was my first night with my nose-mask. It was miserable. I have to go back to the face mask. I cannot tolerate a mask & a chinstrap. Way too muck equipment. There must be a better way!! UGH!!! : ((

I need help.
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Sorry to hear about the problems with the nasal mask/chin strap combo...I can't really offer any advice for them because I was unsuccessful in getting a nasal interface to work for me.

I might be able to help with whatever problems you are having with full face mask though. If you don't mind my asking; which full face mask have you been using and what are the problems you have been having with it that made you want to swap it out for a nasal mask?
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Last night I went back to my full-face mask. I have a much greater appreciation for it now. I slept well last night. I always have strap marks on my face in the morning, and sometimes I struggle with leaks, but I think I am getting used to it, and it may be the new way of life. Do you know the what the surgical alternatives to CPAP is, and their degree of success?


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The 2 most common surgical options are UPPP and MMA. Both are pretty painful and success rates leave quite a bit to be desired. Operations are considered successful if they reduce obstruction enough to allow CPAP treatment pressure to be reduced - success to the point of no longer needing CPAP at all is rare. It all depends on the specifics of any one person's airway and the nature of obstruction though. If you are willing to endure the pain and risk the odds, then you need to consult with a really good ENT about UPPP and a really good Maxillo-facial surgeon about MMA. I would recommend consulting a good Internist first, then if s/he feels surgical options are indicated in your specific case they can refer you to the proper surgeon. Questions you really need to ask them: what are the odds of not just success, but success to the point of not needing CPAP anymore (and that means asking about the odds of not needing CPAP 10 years after the surgery too) and specifics about how painful it will be and how difficult recovery will be. Always keep in mind when getting the answers from a surgeon that surgeons have a bias toward seeing most medical problems as nails and the scalpel as a hammer.

Surgical options exist, but the vast majority of apneacs are far better off sticking with CPAP for now - who knows, maybe they'll come up with a new surgical procedure in a few years that's wildly successful for most people...it could happen.

If you check into the current options, make sure to approach them with a healthy dose of skepticism.
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(12-05-2013, 11:31 PM)mmarch Wrote: Last night was my first night with my nose-mask. It was miserable. I have to go back to the face mask. I cannot tolerate a mask & a chinstrap. Way too muck equipment. There must be a better way!! UGH!!! : ((

I need help.

It is a lot on your face as a ffm is. I tried the wisp nasal and I kept at it (along with a chin strap) and now I have adjusted to it. MY AHI's are lower, sometimes zero; my pressure has gone down from topping out at 19.9 to 17.5 as the maximum UNLESS I have a bigger leak and occasionally it has gone to 19.2. I know it is hard to adjust but if you really want to get away from the ffm, keep trying with the other one even if you wait until next week to try. One night is not enough to adjust to a change.

I like being able to get a drink when I want it without having to take the mask off. I can sneeze without taking the mask off. It is an individual preference. I have for 3 years had issues with ffm and not once did anyone suggest I try a nasal or pillows until I went to the sleep lab to get a mask for my sleep study and I am so glad that I got the nasal mask. Yes, it has been an adjustment from the ffm to a nasal but it has ended up being a positive change for me.

I hope you can get your mask situation all straightened out.
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I really appreciate your response & your information. I have learned more about Sleep Apnea & my CPAP in the last 48 hrs. than I have the entire time dealing with this place that supplies my equipment. I am really disappointed in them. Another reason that my first night with the nose mask was so bad was I had a lot of anxiety over the fact that no matter how tight I made the chin-strap, my lips would still sometimes "motor-boat" due to air releasing. Although I have only been using this machine since May 2013, I cannot sleep without it. Although I will fall asleep without any problem, when I awake I will experience head-injury-like pain all day long. I experienced chronic migraines multiple times/week for 8 years, until I discovered it was my sleep that was causing them. I would love to have the luxuries that you now experience with the nose-pillows, but I am now clinging to my ffm like a life preserver. Prior to trying the nm w/chinstrap I complained about the ffm.

I would also like to learn how to be able to look at my recorded sleep activity variables, they way that you described you do. I also need to get exact identification on my masks & machine so that others know precisely what I am using.

I am going top hang in there. I really love this site. All of the people that have offered advice & insight have helped me greatly.

Thank You All Again! I am Very Grateful

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What kind of chin strap did you try?
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(12-06-2013, 12:44 PM)mmarch Wrote: I also need to get exact identification on my masks & machine so that others know precisely what I am using.
Here is pictures of S9 and S8
Model name printed on the top of the machine next to on/off button
AutoSet and Elite are data capable machine, Escape models are not (only report hours used on the machine and SD card)

[Image: ResMed%201.jpg]

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