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[CPAP] Jaw/Teeth Damage
Jaw/Teeth Damage
Hi guys, I'm new here. I have a question & would really like your input. I started using a CPaP about 7 years ago. For about 5 years I used a full face mask because I'm a mouth breather. Although I wasn't aware it was happening, because it happened so slowly, I developed a cross bite. I also noticed that a bottom tooth that had been placed behind the edges of two other bottom teeth began to move back farther into my mouth. I also noticed that my teeth on either side of that tooth were coming together. I watched it for about a week and ended up having a few heart attacks and heart surgery and totally forgot all about it. I was under anesthesia for 8 hours so I wasn't thinking about anything for months. Anyway, by the time I realized what was happening, the tooth that had been slightly pushed back was now almost tilted toward my tonsils, the teeth on either side of it were very close together and all of my bottom teeth were sliding over to the right and totally out of alignment. I also noticed that my gum line was almost to the root of my teeth. (Note that I haven't been to the dentist in about 18 months). To compensate for the teeth realignment, my jaw started popping. I quickly changed from the full face to the nasal mask. I used the strap to keep my mouth closed. After about a month, I noticed that my upper teeth were beginning to pull together. This was pretty easy to determine because a crown became overcrowded and cracked. I quickly changed to the nasal pillow which isn't affecting my teeth at all. BUT - because of all the shifting, etc, my teeth are very very VERY loose...I noticed how loose they were just today. I don't know why I never noticed it when I brush my teeth, my gums never bleed, my teeth don't hurt. At any rate, what it all boils down to is the Mirage CPaP masks Full and Nasal ruined both my top and bottom teeth. Throughout this whole time, I've worked with my pulm. dr, the sleep clinic, Aprea Health care products. I've been fitted for the Mirage mask and I never deviated from the routine I was given. My question is, and I know everyone will probably say no because it's been such a long time, do you think there's any way the Mirage Mask company will help me get my teeth fixed. I know my bottom front teeth will all have to be pulled, they are loose now like an 8 year olds. I'm going to the dentist this week to see what all work needs to be done, but I'm a disabled social security dependent person and can't afford to have them fixed. Maybe I just need a shoulder to lean on, but can someone give me their opinion on whether I can get any help with the Mirage company helping to pay for at least part of the cost of fixing my teeth? Or am I doomed to live with the damage on my own because I've used the mask for so long....even though it is the mask that caused the problem. sigh.
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RE: Jaw/Teeth Damage
1. There is no such machine as Apria. Apria is a DME, a provider of medical supplies.
2. I know of no way a cpap mask can cause any dental problems.
3. Please fill out your profile with correct information so that any advice given here would be correct.
For free Medicare assistance for your state check out this page. http://www.seniorsresourceguide.com/dire...onal/SHIP/
or here http://www.medicareinteractive.org/
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RE: Jaw/Teeth Damage
Look by the start button of your machine and see if it tells you the brand or machine name, i.e., Resmed, Respironics, etc. etc. If you can't find it, then maybe you can look on the internet for one like it or take a photo of the machine and post a link to the photo.

If all else fails, call Apria and hopefully you can get through and/or get a return phone call. Apria only provides the machine/humidifier if prescribed and the supplies that go along with the machine.

If you don't have dental insurance, then see if there is a dental clinic or dental school in your area that treats low income households and those with no dental insurance. Others will come along and have other suggestions for you.

with all the teeth shifting, I would encourage you to get to a dentist quickly. many dentists offer low cost or free initial visits. I would not wait for that just in case that there is a more serious issue or concern.
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RE: Jaw/Teeth Damage
Welcome Deb, it sounds like the Mirage mask is the Resmed Mirage Quattro made by Resmed, I would be very surprised if you got anything out of Resmed. You would have to get your dentist to support your case. The other thing is Resmed may say it is the pressure of the CPAP that caused the problem or you had the straps too tight. If you are using nasal pillows now I assume you don't get the same problem. See what your dentist says and follow his advice, good luck and keep us updated.
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RE: Jaw/Teeth Damage
The shifting teeth is likely, if not caused by other medical disorders, to be caused by grinding of the lower jaw in response to the increased pressure in the throat, not an uncommon phenomenon. The fix is a mouth guard at night, moulded to your teeth shape. This will act as a support for your teeth and prevent the ligaments of the teeth from being loosened or strained, and will reduce mandibular strain as well. Any dentist can make it for you. Over time it will also train you to stop the grinding or clamping. There is also an excellent over the counter sort of mouth guard designed to train you out of clamping and grinding called a MYO (sometimes marketed as the Myomunchee), from Australia. I have found them to be quite effective and does not need long term use, but it is quite uncomfortable for the first few nights. Once used for a short time, usually a few weeks, the patient can stop using it for a while until the symptoms return.

Dentist made mouth guards are for long term use (don't get one unless you are ready for the long haul,as they are are based on a snapshot of your current tooth position and after a few months of not wearing will no longer fit without considerable discomfort, as your teeth will shift naturally over time) and are very effective and very comfortable, as opposed to the MYO, which bases at least part of its therapeutic value on the discomfort it generates.
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RE: Jaw/Teeth Damage
Hi Deb Olender,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hopefully, you get your teeth problem straightened out.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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RE: Jaw/Teeth Damage
(01-04-2015, 09:57 PM)Deb Olender Wrote: My question is, and I know everyone will probably say no because it's been such a long time, do you think there's any way the Mirage Mask company will help me get my teeth fixed.

Any teeth that get pushed on for long enough will shift. That's how braces work, however it's not likely that your teeth would move as much as you described, without other dental problems, or at the very least without you noticing before things got that bad.

It's very unlikely that your equipment provider or anybody else will volunteer to pay for your dental work; however if you want to pursue it, it would be worth talking to a lawyer. The initial consultation is often free, and many will work on contingency (take part of the money collected) as payment if they think you have a good case.


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RE: Jaw/Teeth Damage
I signed up today because my teeth have also been ruined and went looking online to see if anyone else was having this experience.  It has been a multi-year brutal ordeal.  I had no idea what was happening and when my teeth first started having problems after years of doing very well I was confused about it since I brush regular and don't smoke or eat much sugary snacks.  Unfortunately I didn't figure it out until my teeth are now likely beyond hope.  I've had two removed so far.  Two more scheduled and three more that have to be scheduled after the next two.  The two removals and a prior root canal were after incidents of excruciating non-stop pain, pain meds and antibiotic treatments.   Each case was about two weeks of pain.  The worst in my life for several days.

I believe the issue of pressure on the teeth and jaw is only part of the problem.  Though my teeth have shifted in a major way where I cannot bite with my front teeth as you would normally to cut at something like a piece of lettuce in your sandwich...  There is a gap there instead so there is no scissoring action.   My back teeth now don't line up either.

I'm convinced that the other issue though is that the air blowing on your teeth all night can keep them from re-mineralizing which is crucial to dental health.  I really wish I had been more informed about this because this has been excruciating for me and now my teeth that are like live wires.  Anything hot or cold shoots lightning bolts of pain.  I use sensitive teeth toothpaste with little benefit that I can tell but it is all I got to work with now.

Neither the Dentist(s) nor the sleep specialists ever made this connection over the years but in my current dental office they run videos in the waiting room about teeth, procedures etc.  This is where I made the connection to re-mineralizing.  I asked the sleep specialist about it and she said yeah of course it is important and then told me to purchase Biotene oral rinse for dry mouth.  Unfortunately this is way too little, way too late.
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