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[CPAP] Just Diagnosed - Hoping for Help
A Little About ME:
In my journey to solve this constant fatigue issue that I have battled with since High School - I have been though many trials.. Some were helpful, some were not. One of the biggest helps but not a cure was - to have my vitamin levels evaluated. I always have known of my Iron Deficiency but I did learn that my Vitamin D was dangerously low too. At the time I was working in the basement office of a hospital. So things did improve when I began treatment to raise my levels - but it was only a minimal improvement. So again - I am searching.. My husband suggested a sleep study because he noticed that I was holding my breath in my sleep.. So I attempted the In-Lab-Sleep-Study - which I could not fall asleep at all. So the results were inconclusive. Later I tried again with an with the Home-Sleep-Study which found that I do have a mild form of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I am 41 years old and overweight (not telling). 

So I am still awaiting my actual CPAP machine - Darn Dr's take their time.. But I did  speak with the Sleep Specialist and was confirmed to have Sleep Apnea with an AHI of 7 & Oxygen Level Low 86%. In the Home Study that I took - I stopped breathing 27 times in 4 hours before the tube fell out of my nose. 

My question is.........................
I see from my online research that my AHI # puts me at a "Mild" Category. Plus, my husband tells me that I sound like I am sucking the paint off off the walls at night due to my loud snoring. Has anyone else had any success with using a CPAP  with similar readings. I know that severe cases are the most noticeable as to 'quality of life' - Is the CPAP worth my effort with an AHI of 7?

Thanks in advance,
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My AHI WAS 8.4 during my at home test. My current AHI is typically less than 1 now, many times about .3 or so.

I also snored, I could be heard two rooms down. There is no more snoring with my APAP. I do tend to feel more rested now since starting last Sept 16th on the APAP, however I believe there is a neurological issue which causes a very rapid inhalation, like a hiccup every 10 minutes or so throughout the night.

I suspect it is from chemical toxicity that occurred in the late 90's when working with adhesives for three years with toxic fumes. I am to see a neurologist in the near future to hopefully get closure on this.
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So you feel a significant improvement? I wanted to edit my post - but it is too late I guess. I was not always overweight.. I gained a bunch of weight with my 2nd son at age 25. That is when I became overweight.. But even before then - I always felt exhausted.. I recently asked some people I grew up with if I snored then and they said yes.. So I am crossing my fingers that this is my overall reason..
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Hello ME, welcome to the forum.

I have mild sleep apnea as well. I was prescribed a fixed pressure of 8 cm. After a year of CPAP therapy I am feeling much, much better than before I started the therapy. It only took me a few weeks to start feeling the benefits of the therapy and reach the point of not being able to imagine sleeping without my machine. In my case the snoring is as detrimental to my sleep quality as the apnea events. I have had to raise my pressure above the prescribed pressure to address the snoring.

It would be beneficial to you if you would insist on an auto CPAP machine with full data capability, even if you are prescribed a fixed pressure. You would be able to run the auto in a fixed pressure mode or use the auto mode and the free software, SleepyHead, to further titrate your pressure needs. The auto doesn't cost much more than the fixed pressure machine.

Good luck with your new journey. It takes time, determination and experimentation to get it to work well with you. If you will committ to using the CPAP machine everytime you lay down, it won't be long before you will be adjusted to it. Finding a mask that works for you can be the hardest part of CPAP treatment. Most CPAP equipment providers have a 30 day trial program. Be sure to ask about it and use it to find the best mask.

Sleep well,
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Welcome! And I totally am in the same boat as you (minus the snoring).

My AHI was 7.6. My dr didn't even want to Rx a CPAP to me because it was so "mild". Well I don't know what the heck "mild" means in this sleep apnea world, but I was 100% exhausted every moment of every day (since high school). Yawning all day long. Severe brain fog. I needed 10 hours of sleep per day, plus an extra 4 more hours to wake up enough to function. I'd hate to know what a more "severe" case feels like.

I insisted I needed help, so I got a machine, and my life has been changed since day 1!!! All of those above symptoms are GONE! My brain works, from the moment I wake up. I don't need all that many hours of sleep. It's wonderful.

I'm hopeful that I'll lose weight thanks to CPAP. Maybe it won't directly cause me to lose weight, but I have energy now to actually get active in my day.

P.S. Please do what you can to get an auto cpap. It'll make things so much easier for you (and the gang here), in finding which pressure setting(s) is best for you.
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(03-10-2017, 06:20 PM)Snoring Machine Momma Wrote: So you feel a significant improvement?

Some improvement, however the rapid inhale every ten minutes or so I think is interrupting my sleep.  I am wondering if it could be preventing me from getting the proper amount of R.E.M. sleep necessary. The reason I say this is because when this sudden gasp for air happens while I am dozing off, it typically awakens me.  

When I look at my flow rate waveform every single night since I started last September, there is this same sudden quick full gasp of air which averages about every ten minutes.  At those times, many times the flow rate waveform then becomes erratic, like the sudden gasp awakens me enough to get my body to change positions.

By the way, WELCOME!
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Important notes about lab tests:
Just because the results are in the 'normal' range, does not mean they are normal for you!

The doctor is treating you, not the lab. If one diagnosis doesn't improve things with treatment, ask 'What else might it be? And how do you identify that?" Advocate for yourself!

Routine test panels may not include the test you need to identify a problem. Have they checked thyroid and thyroid antibodies? Cortisol? Pancreatic enzymes? Autoimmune panels?

Also, if you have tests that are just within the normal range, one option is to re-test in 3-6 months to see if change is happening. Another option is to treat 'as if' the condition might be present. Could be worth discussing with your provider.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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Hi Snoring Machine Momma,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I encourage you to try CPAP therapy, since you have been snoring for a long time, it can’t hurt.
Good luck to you as you start your CPAP journey, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Your situation sounds identical to mine. I am 42 my AHI was 7 but my wife kept telling me that I frequently stopped breathing at night.  My sleep doctor said that Home Studies often underestimate things and the current thought was to treat mild OSA if you had other symptoms.  I was dealing with significant fatigue and all other work-up was normal (thyroid, cbc, etc.)  
I went with APAP therapy and have been on it for a month now.  I can say I have noticed a HUGE difference in the way I feel.  I am rested in the morning, much more energy throughout the day.  I would say go for it.  You really can't go wrong by trying it, you may be out some $$ in the long run if it does not work, but it may beat not knowing for sure. 

Hope this helps!!
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Omg - it took 3 weeks to get a prescription from doctor - he wanted me to use cpap. I tried to persuade the apap to no avail. So Monday I showed avg 4 events p/h - & last night was 6.6 - my diagnosis gave a 7 AHI to begin with. Is the pressure not accurate?
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