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[CPAP] Just Diagnosed - Hoping for Help
I would go with Sleeprider's suggestions on the pressure change and go ahead and effect them yourself. I used to have truly EPIC levels of snoring. Not any more with CPAP, no snoring sounds whatsoever!

I wouldn't worry about Medigy. If they become a problem, you could always enable Airplane Mode in your settings to lock them out from making any changes. Some members on the forum have gone that route. But the only thing you need to worry about is compliance stats for your insurance. If Medigy needs to submit compliance data to your insurer that may be a concern. But from what I have read, most of these companies don't care if you make your own setting changes. Just don't advertise that to them...
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First, I want to assure you that your snoring will go away once your airway is patent with the right pressure.  You need to increase the minimum and maximum by 1 cm each.  Let me know if you need instructions.  

EPR is exhale pressure relief.  Your machine is not only a very nice auto CPAP, it is also a limited bilevel (BiPAP) machine tht can deliver from 1-3 cm pressure relief during exhale.  The easiest way to visualize this it to look at the respiratory flow rate compared to the mask pressure created by a PAP with a pressure relief of 3 cm.  With EPR, as you begin exhale, the pressure in the mask drops, and stays low until you start the next inhale, then it rises quickly, slowing the pressure increase as inspiration ends, then dropping again for exhale.  The pressure looks like a cresting wave.  So if your pressure is at 12 during inhale, it can drop to 9-11 during exhale depending on the setting.  It can be quite comfortable, but may require the pressure to be raised to compensate, and keep OA from occurring.  The advantage is that it works really good on snoring during inspiration, provided you don't let OA occur at the end of exhale.

[Image: wxNRuZuh.png]

In this graph you see the effect of 3 cm of pressure change between inhale and exhale.  I included an OA here to show you it normally occurs following an exhale.  You can also see the auto algorithm starts to increase pressure following the apnea. This amount of breath by breath pressure support actually does some of the work of respiration and some of us like it.

[Image: EPRwithEasy-Breathe-fast_medium.jpg]
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That makes complete sense.. Thanks!!! 

I wish I didn't have to deal with Medigy now.. but they replace my assembly parts through my insurance.. So I don't want to bite that hand and have to pay outta pocket without insurance coverage.. So I think I might make these changes and see if they say anything.. I will just say - I was playing around.. I didn't know I wasn't sps to.. Then we can talk about what the new readings found.. LOL

I do not feel that I am getting max treatment.. I still feel the same fatigue daily. I know that they are not near as eager for me to feel better as I am.. LOL
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Are all the tubes, headgear, masks interchangeable - like if I order online and different brand.. Are they likely to work together..
The reason I ask - my brother gave my mother a CPAP machine - she doesn't have insurance and snores and stops breathing in her sleep too.. I've seen it.. She wants to test the machine out without the aid of supervision.. And after speaking with you guys.. I think we might be able to achieve that.. But the replacement parts can get expensive.. I was looking ebay and there seem to be an array of affordable replacement parts but with random brand names..
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The headgears are designed specifically to work with each mask that it is sold with. I cannot use my Airfit P10 headgear with any other mask for example. Masks are designed generally to have Large/Medium/Small (sometimes extra small) variants but the masks will only work with the headgear it was designed for. As far as tubes go...I assume you mean the main air supply tube from your machine. The more experienced guys can speak to that but I suspect they are proprietary for each brand. However you could use a supply tube from your machine in another Resmed Airsense 10 Auto.
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Tubing connectors are standardized at 22 mm diameter, so any mask will work with any tube. Heated tubing usually has a proprietary fitting on the machine side, but there is very inexpensive 22 mm and 15 mm tubing that can be used on any machine. If you can be a little more specific as to what machine and humidifier it is, and whether it is equipped for a heated tube or not, we can give you a better idea. Mask parts only fit as components with masks they are designed for. You cannot interchange frames, cushions, headgear etc. You can check Amazon for complete masks as well.
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My mother just got here.. She has a ResMed AutoSet Vantage S8... She looks to need a ResScan Data Card and a reader for it.. I found the card on ebay but do not see the reader.. Do you guys offer used parts on here when you upgrade... This model looks to be 2012 I think.
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It's going to be hard to find that card reader. I would just go on how she feels until you can upgrade to a newer machine. Best way to start her is to use the auto mode at 6-20, and just follow the on-screen AHI and pressure information. That machine does not detect centrals, and you would need to use Resscan software.

Lots of good used and new machines on Craigslist, and a new Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset 37207 on Amazon for $545 with free shipping. Seems like a lot, but worth it for the new machine with full data, humidifier, hose, SD card etc. Note, rules prohibit sales or trades on this forum, and we refer to suppliers by the Supplier #List, never a link.
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That's what I told her. Thanks for the input!
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I cannot thank you guys enough for the guidance into this new journey. I have a plan for my mom - so we will see how it goes..
I talked to my supplier/monitor and they agreed that the pressure should be increased and sent a change reqst to the dr. 
I really would like to remain compliant for insurance reasons to replace needed supplies in the future.. SO I am excited that they seem to agree with what we discussed. 

* Hopefully last question(s) - Will my details on the the night only be available if the SD chip is inside my machine?
I forgot to put it back in last night.. So it just gives summary like before.. I probably just answered my own question.. LOL

* Also, my AHI numbers are bouncing around - plus your software reads are way different than the MyAir Software the machine is linked to.. 
Do you know why????????

SleepyHead Reading

3/20 - 2.01 AHI
3/21 - 0.73 AHI
3/22 - 1.13 AHI
3/23 - 3.83 AHI - had SD chip in all night
3/24 - 0.48 AHI

MyAir Software from Medigy

3/20 - 4.00 AHI
3/21 - 6.60 AHI
3/22 - 6.80 AHI
3/23 - 3.80 AHI - had SD chip in all night
3/24 - 3.70 AHI
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