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CPAP Longevity
I got my first CPAP, a ResMed Autoset Spirit, in July of 2002, and it blew it's last breath in June of 2012. That's nearly 10 years of service at around 16 cm/H2O. I used it almost every night during that period, excluding nights that I didn't sleep and the occasional power outage. I wish that it would turn on so I could check the total hours used, but the motor bearings are worn out. When turned on it grinds and then displays an error message about service, prohibiting me from getting into the clinician's menu to check total usage.

Since the death of my machine I've been contemplating the average lifespan of CPAPs. I feel that I got my money's worth out of the device, but I'm wondering how long various machines have lasted for others.

Have you worn out a machine, or do you have really high hours on one. If so, then please tell your story, including the brand and model of machine, approximate pressure setting, how long it was used, and whether it is still in service, or RIP.
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I still have my Respironics Remstar Auto M series. It continues to run after 5 years of operation. It's been a good machine except for a humidifier leak. It is now my travelling machine and back-up unit. I used it the other day while away for the weekend, and I must say that the new ResMed S9 Autoset is a more comfortable machine to use, and I sleep better than I did with the Remstgar Auto.

I don't know how long the Remstar would have lasted, but in it's current role, it could last a long time. I would suggest that people change after the 5 year time period if for nothing else to experience the evolution of the CPAP technology. The changes are subtle but noticeable, and I'm glad that I moved on.
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That's one reason it's good to keep an eye out on Craigslist or wherever and keep an eye out for a good backup machine, even if your current machine is working fine.

I bought an S9 AutoSet with 40 hours of use for $300 recently, although it took a long time watching craigslist to find a deal that good. I missed a deal the previous week for one for $250.

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I'd have to agree with Eyeswide, the technology is changing faster than the machines are wearing out. I have a Remstar Auto with over 600 hours on it and it works perfectly, zero defects. But I also agree with archangle and I have two identical backup machines from Craigslist.
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I just came across this on supplier number 2's website.

"How long will my CPAP last?
The average life expectancy of a CPAP or BIPAP machine is approximately 20,000 hours, or roughly 7-8 years full time use. That said, many times, if properly cared for, these devices will last much longer. Many properly maintained machines will last upwards of 50,000 hours."

At an average of 8 hours use per day, a usage of 50,000 hours would be approximately 17 years! I thought mine did well to last 10 years.

I agree with others though, replacing a machine before it's worn out lets you take advantage of newer designs. My new S9 Autoset is much nicer than my 10 year old Autoset Spirit.

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(06-14-2012, 11:18 AM)archangle Wrote: I bought an S9 AutoSet with 40 hours of use for $300 recently, although it took a long time watching craigslist to find a deal that good.
Its a good deal indeed. I,ll be interested how you compare it with system one

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I am a 25 year XPAP patient. I used my first machine, A Healthdyne Tranquility CPAP for about 11 or 12 years and it was still working fine when my doctor switched me to a Sullivan BiLevel which died after about 6 years. My current machine is a Respironics BiPAP Plus that I have used for nearly 6 years (Approaching 14,000 hours) and it continues to work very well indeed.

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Wow, a 25 year old machine that went for possibly 12 years, with some life left in it. That's back when men were men and medical machines were built with real steel. :-)

I Googled "healthdyne tranquility" and found some models that looked like squared off canister vacuum cleaners. Then there's the "Quest" model that looks more like an early, ugly, DSL modem. My guess is that you didn't have the Quest model.

Sounds like you, or your insurance company, got their monies worth from your first CPAP. :-)

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My original Devilbiss machine lasted a little over 5 years. It died in December 2007.

My second machine, a ResMed Escape II, was used from January 2008 until it was retired in November 2011.

My third machine, Philips Respironics, System One with A-Flex is still in use. I started using it November 2, 2011 until present day.
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I had a Respironics Tranquility Quest 7300 that I used every night from 1997 until 2013. It was beginning to make a lot of noise so I replaced it with a Resmed S9 elite. Wow, has the technology changed since 1997. The Respironics unit still works though, just a little noisy. What a work horse the old one was though. Probably got 40,000 hours on it.
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