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CPAP Longevity
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Machine: PRS1 Series Sixty Auto Aflex
Mask Type: Nasal mask
Mask Make & Model: F&P Eson
Humidifier: PRS1 with Heated Hose
CPAP Pressure: 10.5 min 16 max
CPAP Software: SleepyHead EncoreBasic

Other Comments: Moderate to Severe SA Obstructive. Rapid O2 desat off the machine.

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RE: CPAP Longevity
I have an old M series as a back up for my and my wifes machine. Insurance covers most of mine while hers is still out of pocket.

I think if my machine is still perking along good in 5 yrs ill have it replaced anyway and either have it as a backup or if the wifes machine wish is a slightly older model of the same machine is still running good have two backups give her my older machine and replace mine/

Thats assuming her NEXT sleep test is a botch job like the last one. Hopefully she actually sleeps they get it right this time and her insurance will cover hers
12-13-2014 12:59 AM
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Machine: Resmed S9 Autoset, Apex XT Fit
Mask Type: Nasal mask
Mask Make & Model: Apex Wizard 210 & Profile Lite, Wizard 220 FFM, Nuance
Humidifier: Resmed H5i
CPAP Pressure: 8.5-17
CPAP Software: ResScan SleepyHead Other Software

Other Comments: Easy Compliance Software 3.2.1 and Easy Compliance Lite Software 3.4

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RE: CPAP Longevity
Happened to spot this old topic which I found interesting.

For me, I used my Respironics Solo LX for 16 years before getting a new one. Interestingly, it still works but it started to sound like a weed whacker. Probably the ball bearings I'm thinking. I've thought about putting in some new ball bearings if I can figure out where they are without ruining the machine but wonder where I'd find the bearings and if I'd be able to match the size.
09-12-2016 05:53 PM
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Machine: Resmed Aircurve 10 Vauto
Mask Type: Nasal pillows
Mask Make & Model: Resmed Airfit P10
Humidifier: Resmed Climateline
CPAP Pressure: Auto Bilevel 18/9, PS 3
CPAP Software: ResScan SleepyHead EncoreBasic

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RE: CPAP Longevity
I have a M-Series (2008) that went 20K hours. I retired it in favor of a PRS1 60 series Auto in December 2014, and subsequently got a PRS1 60 Series BiPAP Auto. In February 2016, insurance paid for my current machine. I still have all 3 of the older machines and they work fine. They last a long time.

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09-12-2016 06:05 PM
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Machine: Resmed AirSense 10 For Her
Mask Type: Nasal pillows
Mask Make & Model: Respironics Dreamwear
Humidifier: integrated, Climate line tube
CPAP Pressure: 9-12.6
CPAP Software: SleepyHead

Other Comments: RLS and Bradycardia

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RE: CPAP Longevity
My bro has a legacy Respironics bipap that he used for 8 years before getting his current Respironics 560 bipap. He realized the first night that his old machine was not producing the pressure it should have been and should have been checked long before. So, keep that in mind that if you choose to keep a machine until it dies, have someone with a manometer check the pressure. Make sure that the 15cm pressure you have it set for is actually 15 cm!

My sister had her machine a Resmed from 1997 until 2010. She was able to retire it after having nose surgery that had the byproduct of eliminating her apnea. It was still running well and she donated it to a local group home.

I've only had cpap for a year, my backup machine has less than 1000 hours (bought used), so no longevity testing here!
09-12-2016 06:15 PM
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