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CPAP MAchine recording Hypopnea events
CPAP MAchine recording Hypopnea events
Hi All,  i used a CPAP some yrs ago.  I see the new machines record the AHI Hypopnea events thru a nite.

i have some questions, what do those of you experienced with the new machines and the s/w that comes with it think:- 

1) i want to use the machine into the future sometime, to help me determine if a number of Mandibular Devices might work for me.  i plan to buy some differing MAD devices over a period of time. instead of trying to have an expensive sleep study for each, i want to use the CPAP machine to help me determine if they work or help or not.  

2) plan of going on a big diet sometime soon. i could likely lose 20kgs or 50lbs... and this would being me into the realm of normal for my body height.   so  once done, without doing a new sleep study, can i sue the machine's recording ability to determine if my events have reduced or disappear. ie  could i use the machine as a test apparatus, showing my  AHI events as i drop weight and i could record the schedule say weekly or even monthly to see what difference the weight loss was making - yes?

i suspect this will work.  i assume i would need to lower the machine to a low level, record AHI index with little or no CPAP pressure, get a reading, then try the MAD device on same pressure next night and see HOW it the affects the reading.  and same as with losing weight.  do a test some months later when weight has dropped, on low volume and compare to sleep study done months before when starting.?

thoughts. should work ok??  thank you VERY much !

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RE: CPAP MAchine recording Hypopnea events
G'day Rod.

You could probably get some sort of indication by setting the machine on its lowest setting (usually 4cm H2O), but it's not exactly the same as a sleep test. For one thing, you are still getting some therapy even at a low pressure so it's not a true reading of how you'd go without CPAP (though you would probably notice some difference with and without the mandibular device). A lot of people find that the lowest pressure setting deprives them of air so they feel like they're suffocating - obviously this won't help your experiment.

The other thing that comes to mind is that you can't just take one night's results in isolation, as every night is different. You would need to take at least a week's results each time ...and if you're doing that, why not just stay on the machine and forget about getting multiple mandibular devices? I know some people can't abide CPAP but the thought of an invasive device in my mouth all night is not attractive to me.

CPAP (APAP, BiPAP whatever) is proven to work, is relatively non-invasive and totally reversible. A mandibular device is of lesser benefit (in general) and its efficacy can't really be tested without a full laboratory sleep test. Moreover, many people have reported that the devices affect their bite and cause long-lasting jaw pain.

My advice? Stick with the machine.
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RE: CPAP MAchine recording Hypopnea events
The chances that you will resolve obstructive sleep apnea through MAD and weight loss are extremely low. Update and upgrade your machine to get the best comfort possible, and use SleepyHead software to learn more about your therapy and its effectiveness. The data is accurate, but is not a substitute for a test. An inexpensive approach to your experiment would be to get a recording oximeter that you wear on your wrist. Measuring oxygen desaturation events is a decent surrogate to determine if you are continuing to have apnea without the machine, however you should get some baseline data before you quit CPAP.
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RE: CPAP MAchine recording Hypopnea events
Thnx for the reply.  yes i will stick with the machine, about to buy a new one.  buy i still am keen to know if some MAD's will work or not and some TRD's.  i already use a chemist bought one, but the sleep study said it doesnt work.  but its basic, not titratable in any way.  some new MAD's now hold the tongue as well as the jaw.

ive been using a MAD for yrs now am used to it. but its not working as it should. so going machine.

tell me, when recording the AHI, do the new /sw record all hypopneas you have, even tho it goes on to stop them with air pressure.  or does it only record some of those hypopneas it misses, so you might only see 1 or 2 a night... alluding to those the machine missed?   trying to understand how it works?

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RE: CPAP MAchine recording Hypopnea events
nearly all machines out there try to prevent "the next one". only the servo ventilator complex apnea devices actively try to initiate breathing. none of the models sense and treat immediately the specific hypopnea, apnea or obstructive event. so, every event that is recorded is one that is detected.

some detected events occurred when you were awake or transitioning to or from sleep. So, the machine can (slightly) overcount events.

hope this helps.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
You'll note I am listed as an Advisory Member. I am honored to be listed as such. See the fine print - Advisory Members as a group provide advice and suggestions to Apnea Board administrators and staff concerning Apnea Board operation and administrative policies. Membership in the Advisory Member group should not be understood as in any way implying medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.
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RE: CPAP MAchine recording Hypopnea events
Hi rodhuy,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It’s good that you are going to stick with the CPAP machine, which is the best thing you can do for your sleep apnea treatment.
Good luck to you as you continue on your CPAP journey, and hang in there for more answers to your question.
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RE: CPAP MAchine recording Hypopnea events
thanx QAL, yes that helps a lot.  so it does record ALL events.  thats what i wanted to nkow.

I'm getting a new machine. been off CPAP for 6 yrs now. but i need it again.  never should have gone off it.  prefer not to have it Dr said i could side sleep with no apnea.  i tried it. its horrible for me.  i now use a MAD but it doesn't work.

 however there are some new MADs out there that hold the jaw forward and depress tongue simultaneously.  these also appeal to me.  

i'm thinking the machine will help detects the number of AHI events to help me determine.  or i can get a detailed sleep study done with them.

not sure if an AutoPAP would be better than CPAP.
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