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[CPAP] Machine trouble
I connected my CPAP to a battery charger and I think that I fried the circuits. It is now totally dead when plugged in.
I have been thinking of replacing the circuit board, it opens easily enough, but I don't know if the new board will work.

The board itself says
1000 5554
0911 01
E000 154164

Any ideas on where to find one? BTW I checked and there were no fuses I could have blown.
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The machine will work off of a 12 volt battery, however a battery charger actually provides higher voltage and will attempt to feed higher current (amps) than your machine requires. What battery charger did you use? I'd ask why, but that would just be mean. Smile

What model is your machine? Look for the 3-digit number on the bottom i.e. 560P
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It was some generic charger, trying to recharge the battery at the same time as operate the CPAP in a hotel.

The number on the bottom is 550P.

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Yes, I would not want to be mean either, but your cpap does not run off of a battery. So why did you try to charge it up?

If you're thinking the black thing in between the power outlet and the machine is a battery, no, it's actually what we lovingly refer to as a power "brick." It is very possible that you killed the power brick and not your machine.

I would take it to visit any DME supplier, yours or anyone else's, and ask them if they would test it out on a different power brick. You might be good to go by just buying a new power supply. (I mean brick.)
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I was running it off a deep-charge battery, which would give me about 2 nights use if it was completely charged. I tried charging it off of the car while camping, but it took a long time with the car in Park.

The power transformer was not connected when this happened, only the battery connector (to the charger) and the battery.
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So, do you see something like 10 amps on the charger? If this is a high amp charger, I think it would have put a high current through the battery, needed for faster charging of large capacity deep cycle batteries, but your machine would also have had this high amperage. The maximum safe current for that machine is about 6 amps.
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Stay tuned, I have asked an authorized repair manager if there is an internal fuse to that would be repairable.
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Try another known good adapter first.
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I don't think that the charger ran more than 2 amps, I intended a slow, overnight, charge for camping the next night.
Thanks, I think I can find a site with a working power supply.
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Hi NotImorg,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck getting your CPAP machine working.
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