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[CPAP] Machine turning self off and back on
Heh! I was being fooled into thinking my machine was shutting down during the night but after carefully reviewing my charts in the helpful ResScan software and tracking the trends, I saw that, not only were the charts reflecting that the recordings were stopping each day at around 3:30 AM, a closer look was telling me I was firing up the machine at a bedtime of 7:30 or 8TongueM. It's those therapy start times that gave me clear indication that the internal clock within my S9 was off by two hours and 30 minutes, giving me that false illusion that my S9 was skipping out of duty in the wee hours!

Well today I have re-set the machine to factory defaults and I've found my way into the clock settings so I can correct that clock. Now we'll see what the charts say tomorrow morning.

About the only other thing I still notice, though, is that my humidifier isn't staying on throughout the night as I believe it ought. Anyone have a little insight on that? I do clean the humidifier reservoir daily with only mild, liquid handsoap and I use only distilled water in it, never plain tap water.
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I'll not make sport of you since I've done things like that before. I commend you for confessing though since I would never tell anyone. Rolleyes

I'm glad your getting back on track. Sleep-well
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I'm going to jump on this thread because I'm having the same issue with my REMstar Auto 550P, and I can maybe add a bit of data.

For my money, I also suspect the power supply.

The pattern for me is that my machine will shut off and restart when I take a deep breath. Probably the most common scenario is that I roll over in bed and then breath in quickly. The machine resets at that moment as if it has had a power disruption.

I can often invoke the behavior when I'm awake by donning the mask and breathing deeply in and out quickly in succession. I've not tried to measure it, but I think the voltage dips when I inhale and that causes the reset.

Like one of the earlier commenters on this thread, I have a kind of dodgy DC connector jack, and I suspect that it is making poor contact. Bumping or moving the machine often causes a reset for me. If I'm correct, that bad connection is responsible for the voltage drop when the machine draws a heavier current.

This morning I used a product called DeoxIT to clean the DC connector and the connection appears to be reliable again. I gave a quick test to see if I could trip the behavior by breathing and I couldn't. Time will tell if it runs at night without issue.
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Just to follow up, my CPAP has been much more reliable for a week now. I had a single reset a day or two after I cleaned the DC jack, and I wiggle the connector a bit. I'm not aware of any resets other than that, so I'm optimistic that this was the issue. I was getting resets most every night, often more than one a night, before cleaning the connector.
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I'm having the same problem, but it isn't due to any of the issues listed - it happens, however, when I yawn (full face mask) or take a long deep breath. Then the machine kicks back on. (Auto-off is deactivated.)
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+1 to the idea of spraying DeOxit on the power input connector. My Respironics unit was cutting off and back on, beeping, etc and I could trigger it with a heavy breath, as reported by others.

I happen to have a can of DeOxIt electrical contact cleaner and gave it a try. It might be too early to say, but I went through last night (first since cleaning contact) without a single stoppage instance. Prior to this its just been getting worse every night, so I'm pretty convinced that was the problem.

With the power brick unplugged, spray a shot of DeOxIt into the power input on the cpap and work the connector in and out. You can get DeOxit online, at Radio Shack (if they still exist in your area) or possibly Guitar Center (used by electric guitar players). Good luck.
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I have the same problem with the same machine and age . It woke me up at 2.30 am peeping and turning off-on . What did you find out about the problem ? Dont-know
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My machine staring turning off and on about 3.30am this morning . All my plugs were in secure and I keep perfect preventive maintenance . I have had the same machine for about 5 years . I noticed that my power pack was VERY hot to the touch and unplugged the machine . Since Reggie White died because he forgot to use his machine one night I the became a constant cpap user . I then came downstairs made coffee and pulled out my lap top to resource my problem
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I think you have the old M series machine; it may be time for a new machine.
See if you can ID your machine from this:
[Image: which-remstar.jpg]

The power bricks do get hot. And, sometimes they are the problem.

One of the most common problems with machine shutting down has been when the autostart feature is enabled; and the machine is fooled into thinking the person removed the mask -- so, it shuts down. Usually this happens with a nasal mask and a person who breathes through the mouth. (I see you use a full face mask.)

This page may help further refine the exact machine you have.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Hey, I've just been having the same problem with the same machine (looks like the 2009-11 PR System One from JustMongo's picture above) and posted on an older thread on this board that I found through google. See my (long) post at the end of this thread: Thread-Equipment-Respironics-REMstar-Auto-A-Flex-550P-Issue

Briefly, I went through the whole routine checking cables, bricks, connectors, cleaning filter, airchamber, etc.. to no avail. As stated above in this thread, DeOxit seemed to fix the problem for awhile, but after a few months the problem returned. I now believe the problem is a leaky motor/blower assembly that was causing the motor to work harder to achieve pressure and driving up the current beyond what the connector and power brick could provide.

The black plastic motor/blower assembly (inside the clear plastic CPAP airchamber) is a "clamshell" construction with 5 or 6 screws holding it together. On 3 of the screws, the plastic on the bottom half of the clamshell was cracked (one totally disintegrated) and probably not holding tight enough to make a seal under pressure.

In desperation, I fixed the problem with epoxy putty and proved (to my own satisfaction at least) that the leaky blower housing was my problem -- pressure went waay up and no more stopping at night/error messages (so far at least).

However, stinky and possibly toxic epoxy fumes in the air chamber is probably a really bad idea and I wouldn't do it unless you can leave the part out to cure for a few days (or longer). At some point, the volatile compounds do out-gas and it's probably safe enough, but everyone would need to weigh the risks and make that decision on their own.

I'm sure there are safe/safer adhesives -- and maybe even wrapping electrician's tape tightly around the outside of the motor/blower assembly might be a way to help seal the blower housing. That would be easy enough to try, and totally reversible.

It would be nice if Respironics sold replacement parts (I doubt it though) -- does anybody know?

Hope this helps,


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