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[CPAP] My Cpap Was Never Titrated
Is the ResMed AutoSet II already an APAP?
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Ponfarr, I was provided a sleep study in 2008, and had severe obstructive apnea with more events than you had in your study. I was not very tolerant of the sleep lab, so was issued an "auto-titrating CPAP". My original machine was a Remstar Auto M-series. I learned to read the smartcard data in Encore, and did a pretty good job getting it dialed in. After nearly 20,000 hours on that machine, I finally upgraded to a Philips Respironics System One 60 Series Auto, and shortly after that got an auto BiPAP. These machines cost me $200 and $350 respectively as used machines. They are modern good units that provide full data, and frankly a used auto machine in good condition that reports data is all you need.

This past year I decided to get back into having a machine through insurance, and got a Resmed Aircurve 10 Vauto. It was authorized using my original 2008 sleep study, and my discussions with my primary care doctor who wrote the script based on my bilevel titration. No sleep study...and covered by insurance.

The point is, you need to look at your therapy and make it work within your budget. If your insurance has copays and deductibles, then for heaven's sake, don't use insurnace! You can buy a brand new Philips Respironics auto for around $400, read the data and get great results. I have seen new Resmed Airsense 10 Autosets in Craigslist in my area for $250. There are some drawbacks to DIY, but if you educate yourself, and work with your doctor (not a sleep center), you can get all the prescriptions and equipment you need at a fraction of the cost.
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If it helps, my AHI from my 2011 study was 37.2.

And I'm still willing to upload my Sleep Study results if it will help in anyway.

My old machine was definitely set on it's default or factory [not sure if that's correct terminology] setting. It started malfunctioning big time after I took it to Ireland = stopping and starting of it's own accord. Before I tossed it though, I got into the menu and I seem to remember the number 4.

FYI = Initially I did feel relief when I first started using it but the relief gradually tapered off. I still used it though, even abroad in Ireland where it was difficult to get that European adapter to work.

It sounds like I need an APAP from what you all are saying.
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Thank You. Sorry for this long reply = I'm getting a whole lot of information and I need to sort it all out. I am getting a little desperate for relief = when I say I get 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night = that's tossing and turning, wake up and look at the clock sleep.

For clarification, right now don't have insurance and I don't have a doctor. I get to see a nurse practitioner in a teeny health clinic in Oakland California for which I pay nothing because I'm unemployed. They do the best they can but it takes forever sometimes to get answers to questions. They drop the ball often.

What you say is encouraging though about you using your 2008 sleep study data to get a machine with no sleep study. I'm not sure how to effectively go about challenging/educating my nurse practitioner who says my 2011 sleep study data is too old.

Believe it or not, when I got my cpap through my insurance when I used to live in Oregon, I had no idea [until recently, years after the fact] that I could look at the simple menu and learn/monitor stuff. They simply never told me and in the long run, it was probably my fault for not learning more about my condition and that machine sitting in a landfill somewhere.

And Finally....[b]my elderly mother offered to buy me a machine the other day but then, I thought I didn't need one = having a donated one [/b

Someone here told me I should get an APAP which is considered an auto machine right? Is there a consensus opinion on which one I should buy?
I have NO problem getting a used one and I have NO problem taking the reins and learning how to monitor my own condition!

Advice on what to look for in a used APAP?

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I just googled it and it's classified as a CPAP even though it supposedly has extra functions that I cannot begin to understand.
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For an auto CPAP with minimum hassle, go to Amazon and search for any of these terms: Auto CPAP, DX500T11, Autoset

All of those are brand new machines with current technology, and full data, and come with humidifiers. As far as prescription, your sleep apnea didn't go anywhere. Just ask your primary care doctor for an updated prescription for auto CPAP, mask and supplies. He should oblige. There has never been a requirement for titration studies, only for documentation of the need to treat obstructive apnea. Auto machines are designed to help you self-titrate. Sleep studies are designed to keep doctors and techs employed, and help those who don't know how to help themselves.
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(08-25-2016, 02:18 PM)ponfarr Wrote: I just googled it and it's classified as a CPAP even though it supposedly has extra functions that I cannot begin to understand.

In your first post you said it's a ResMed Autoset II? I think that's the auto PAP version, isn't it?

This is the user guide, not the setup guide:


It's possible that if it is the auto version that the previous owner had it configured for CPAP mode rather than APAP mode.
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(08-25-2016, 03:07 PM)KSMatthew Wrote: In your first post you said it's a ResMed Autoset II? I think that's the auto PAP version, isn't it?

It is an Auto CPAP or APAP. It's drawback is that it's essentially not data capable because of obsolescence of the data card which looks like a big SIM card.

What Sleeprider is suggesting is -- there are later generation APAPs available at low cost that are data capable. If ponfarr can get one through the state -- very good; there are also other sources that he has mentioned.

When Sleeprider was talking about how he dialed in his therapy, it was by looking at his graphic data for flow, pressure, leak...

And, permit me to add, that I consider Sleeprider to be one of the most knowledgeable people on Apnea Board -- especially for Phillips-Respironics machines.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Means a lot coming from you JM! Ponfarr appears to have an affordability issue and is not being helped by the medical system. He can take control of his therapy by working with his doctor, buying his own equipment from discount providers, and working with us to learn what it all means. It's not that complicated.
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Ok guys and gals. I just got off the phone with the clinic in Oregon that did my 2011 study.

Two thing's I figured out in the last hour:

[A] My donated ResMed AutoSet II EPR is set to "Autoset" not CPAP.

[B] The Sleep lab told me my prescribed numbers were Low 5 and High 20

***I just got into the clinical menu and made the changes Myself***

The settling time is 20 minutes......Anything else I should know before I try using it tonight? I have new filters, new hose, fresh pillow mask.....Oh my but I hope everyone says got for it!!
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