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[CPAP] Needing help (Keeping mask on at night)
So i put on my mask in the evening and start the machine and go to sleep
and i have it on for 1-2 hours sometimes for 4 hours and when i wake up in the morning i don't have my mask on anymore
I just wanna be able to sleep even 5-7 hours with it and get my life back on tracks and not be tired af all the time
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So if I understand well, you take off your mask during your sleep? Is it too uncomfortable for you? Too tight or itchy? If not did you already try to put some tape along the edges?
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What are the rest of your pressure settings? You have an auto machine so you should have a min and a max, perhaps also a ramp starting pressure
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I've never tried this, but you could try wearing a chin strap over your mask. That would make it harder to take of..
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Hi naata,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your questions and good luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Welcome to the forum.

-I am (was) in the same boat. I am a 2 moth old "newbie". For me, at the beginning, the mask was a punishment, but my body improved from the first day that I could sleep more than 6 hours with the mask. The therapy cut my long sleeping time (8-10 hours/day) to 6-8 hours. I don't take more short naps during the days. When I realized that my body was doing better, I focus my will to get the use of the mask as a habit and find methods to make that happens.
I began to put some discipline in my schedule. I am retired and I worked more than the last 10 years in third shift, for that, I never was in a hurry to go to bed. Now I follow a schedule: bath, snack, preparation to sleep, tv, lay sleep, etc. Everything by the clock with +- 20 minutes tolerance. I cut complete the anarchy that I got in my evening- night schedule. I am doing better with this schedule because now I fall to sleep in 5-10 minutes and before it could take me hours.
-You must focus in the benefits that you will get and dismiss the bad thoughts, because if you were prescribed with a Cpap is because you need it and you will discover, more early than late, the benefits that you will get. You must dismiss the initial discomfort of the first minutes with the mask before fall to sleep.
Keep trying because the good things will come very fast.
Good luck!!!.
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I had the same problem when I started out. I tried the Oracle mouth mask and adjusted to it right away.

From what I gather, the mouth mask is not at all well regarded by those in the know, but if other masks are not making it for you, it's an option to consider.
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I'd recommend a chinstrap followed up by trying some full face masks if that doesn't work. A lot of nasal masks just have pretty minimalistic headgear, which I guess is great if it works but for some of us it doesn't.
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While this won't directly address your issue it might be useful as a diagnostic tool..

if you were to look at your data either via sleepyhead or ResScan, it might reveal that your mask is coming off very early in your sleep session.

I don't recall seeing it recommended earlier, but you might try using, pillows... I tried the resmed P-10's and because of my pressure settings I was moved over to Phillips Dreamwear under the nose pillows.

but being able to see the duration the mask is on in your sleep cycle might help you isoloate what's going on... perhaps a TV stops flickering, or a radio turns off say after 30 mins of you going to sleep.

One of the things I found was if I go to sleep with the TV on and a timer set, frequently when the TV turns off, the change in light and or no sound frequently wakes me up.... so if you've got some external event when you sleeep.......... just sayin'
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Guys thank you for your tips i don't know why but i went to sleep and when i woke up i looked at the time it was 7:05am and i had slept the first night with the mask on
I was so happy when i woke up and it felt so good to be somewhat energized like i used to be when i was like 8 or 9 years old
and if i start taking off the mask of at nights i'll try to use your tips

i got it from the hospital in finland the max pressure is 7 i think
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