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[CPAP] New User; Advice needed.
Hi all,

I'm new and clearly need advice Laugh-a-lot. I'm in a very isolated place so I can't just pop in to see any specialists right away. I hope you understand this point. Everything here has to be done online, that is how isolated I am.

I've bought my cap machine recently as listed in my profile. First few days was basically getting use to it, wearing it before I sleep and see what happens. I've felt comfortable wearing it but when wearing it to sleep was a big disaster due to the following;

1. I sleep on the side, causing my nasal pillows to shift slightly and unable to stop the leaks, or it was very uncomfortable. I can't sleep on my back due to back pain. Should I change mask? Nasal pillows were very comfortable and showed 2L/m. Just can't get to sleep with it.

2. I was coughing a lot first and second night I've tried to go to sleep with it, to no avail, I slept without it. Found the humidity setting and changed it to 7 from 4. Out of frustration at the time, so maybe someone can provide a more decent number? Tried it but at the end it was the masks which I had trouble sleeping in.

3. I am not sure what is the definition of comfortable. Obviously wearing something on your face you are bound to feel it. I don't think there's any product out there where you feel nothing at all. I'm not sure whether mine is too tight or too loose. I didn't have the luxury of having to try it out before I left the mainland. I've tried the full nasal mask, that was a big no for me. I am thinking of getting a full mask. But not willing to pay $200+ for the mask. I've already paid $2199 for my machine. <---DUH!

I just want a good night sleep and I am having a lot of trouble getting it. Can I ask how long did it take you guys to really adjust to your mask and cpap machine? Surely can't be overnight can it?
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Hi Octodaddy,
Finding the right mask that works for you is the hardest part of therapy. But is looks like you are using a nasal pillows mask which is the most mimialistic mask. You just have to learn how to sleep with it. I position my head so that I'm not buried in the pillow. I also turn from side to side and it doesn't normally move.

As far as humidity goes, it is a personal preference. Experiment with settings and see what is most comfortable for you. If you feel dry, then you should turn it up.

No, I wouldn't say that CPAP treatment or sleeping with something on your face is comfortable, but this is what you have to do to treat your Apnea. It's okay to whine and complain at first...we all do it :grin:, but you have to ask yourself what the alternative is of not treating your Apnea will be. Sad

OUCH! I think you paid way too much for that machine. Don't know where you live or bought it, but it is half that price on most online suppliers.

I adjusted to mask and treatment within the first week. At first I took my machine out to my living room and sat and watched TV or read a book with it running just to try and get used to it.

Bottom line, you need to find a way to make it work for you. Im sure others will have advise for you too...We are here to help.

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Hi Octodaddy,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
The mask can be the most difficult part of this therapy but just stick with it.
Hang in there for more suggestions and much success to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Octo, welcome to the forums. A nasal pillows mask is the least obtrusive and most comfortable option if you can get to the point of stabilizing it so it won't leak. I sleep on my side and back with no problems using a Resmed Airfit P10. Not sure what mask you are using, but the point is yours slips. Some people find they can do better if they use a specialty pillow that can be shaped with a depression or cutout for the mask. Search CPAP pillow and you should find something.

Another option is to stabilize the headgear and mask by using something like a CPAP cap. These are lightweight head coverings that keep the straps from slipping and can really keep the nasal pillows in place. They are inexpensive and hell, you could probably fashion your own do-rag or skull cap. All the same thing.

Good luck, and look for the simple solutions. Don't ever pay that much for a CPAP machine or mask again. Search through the supplier list at the top of the forum, and I bet you can save at least 50% on the prices you quoted.
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Another thought is, if you are letting the hose lay in bed, try suspending it from the headboard or a hose hanger. It really helps to keep things in place and it's a free solution. I use an I.D. lanyard and suspend it from the headboard. It is looped around the hose to keep it over the center of my sleeping side of the bed. The hose moves with me as I move side to side, instead of getting all tangled or wrapped around my neck.
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My advice is to keep going with the lightest option first - your nasal pillows mask. I've got a drawer full of other heavier masks that I tried once. If it's too lose, then you'll hear the air escaping or wake up air escaping. If it's too tight, you're nose will be pretty sore.

I know pretty much everyone here says absolutely don't sleep on your back, but I'm a die-hard back sleeper. If you have back issues, is there any way to adjust your bed at night for helping that? For example, I had neck issues and finally went to a rolled up towel instead of a pillow and that has been fantastic. Could you place a pillow under your legs to raise them?

Regarding how long to adjust to one's CPAP, I think it's proportionate to the results one is getting. In other words, once you solve the mask-leak issue and if you're machine settings are getting you improved results, you'll adjust pretty fast. However, if the setup isn't producing good results, than the addition of all this stuff is probably real frustrating (my personal experience).

With nasal pillows alone, mouth breathers can often be awakened in the middle of the night by air escaping through one's mouth. I wasn't sure if that was happening to you. You could try a chin strap or even tape for one night to see if that helps.
Sleep Apnea has given me a terrible memory. Please forgive me if I've repeated myself.
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Wakeup brings up a very good point. Before I started CPAP I would wake up with a really sore back. Sometimes it would stay with me all day. Other times I would not be able to sleep because my hip hurt so much.

Since cpap, I don't have any of those issues. The reason is I sleep sometimes on my back, sometimes on my side. I flop around in the night like a bullfrog in a hot skillet. I love it. It is so amazing to discover I don't have a chronic back issue, or hips that need recycled.

I very much recommend to anyone that if they can sleep in multiple positions, by all means they should do that. After all, trying different positions can add many benefits to your sleep time.

But I do not believe in doing tape! Bad idea, waiting to happen.
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Hey guys,

Many thanks for the response. It's been many nights and today I've managed to dose off during one of my sessions, but waking up to a lot of air coming out.....I'm not sure what happened actually lol, but adjusting the mask back on seems to start leaking back again. weird. Still a lot of fiddling around to do. Lowered humidity due to water inside the hose. ARGHH... Frustrating for me. Many thanks for your patients. Will keep you guys up to date.

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I won't echo what everyone else has said about masks. It took almost 2 months to get used to it. You bought a good machine. Regardless how much you had to pay. It will serve you well. Was a good choice.

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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