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[CPAP] New User - What is the data telling me?
RE: New User - What is the data telling me?
So over the last few weeks I tried various combinations of min pressure = 7 or 8 and EPR = 0, 1, or 2.  I tried each combination for at least 5 nights so I could see if there were any patterns.  Pretty much the changes had little impact.  I got an AHI = ~3.4, OA = ~.6, and CA = ~2.5 with little variation regardless of the setting.

Just as I finished that "test" I saw my sleep provider.  She said as long as I am sleeping well, and my sleep partner is not complaining about snoring which was one of the core issues, those results are "good enough" as AHI is below 5.  She indicated there is no need to put further effort lowering my AHI and specifically my CA.  She also said that getting an ASV to lower the CA's was not necessary.

She did say, however, if I wanted to try lowering my CA further, as has been suggested in other threads in this forum, I could try a fixed pressure.  I did that using a min/max pressure of 10 and saw significant improvement over 10 nights.  The results were AHI = ~1.42, OA = ~.34, and CA = ~.87 with little variation.

I would be interested in what others on this forum think about the above. I am willing to keep adjusting the settings to get the best possible so I have the following questions:

  1. How should I define "success"? Is sleeping well, no snoring, and an AHI below 5 "success"?

  2. Should I continue using the "fixed pressure" approach? Is there reason to try a lower fixed pressure of 9 to see how it impacts the results?

  3. Given the above is there any reason to still consider an ASV as was suggested in one of the earlier replies?  
Thanks all in advance for your help.

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RE: New User - What is the data telling me?
Tried a fixed pressure pressure of 9 for several nights. It was slightly better than 10. Under the theory that "less is more" decided to try 8 and see what happens. Meanwhile, would very much appreciate feedback on the questions in my above reply.
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RE: New User - What is the data telling me?
1. it is a combination of numbers and then how you feel.
2. The most recent thread is over a month old. Here, the senior members especially, reply and advise based on data. Post recent OSCAR charts. Othewise the advice is vague, find what works for you. Sometimes that is a fixed pressure, sometimes it isn't. We do try to at least limit your pressure fluctuations.
3. ASV? treatment of central apneas without an ASV is almost always achieving a balance. Where are you now?
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RE: New User - What is the data telling me?
Thanks so much for the quick reply.  Must appreciated.

At this point I feel like I am micro-optimizing, but the "engineer" in me likes tracking the data, and seeing if I can make the results even better. I don't know that I feel differently from before I started treatment, but the main issue coming into this was snoring and that problem has been solved.   Also my number now are better than they were in the sleep study where i was diagnosed with Mild Sleep Apnea.

Since I switch to a fixed pressure 18 nights ago (with 10 nights of 10 press, 5 nights of 9 press, 3 nights of 8 press) , I have averaged an AHI=1.66, OA=.25, and CA=.91. I have attached the last 3 nights which are all with a pressure of 8, and as you can see are slightly better than the last 18 nights. 

Let me know what you think.


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RE: New User - What is the data telling me?
I need a mind meld to help you, how do you feel?
Drop your engineer attitude, don't track, check weekly or less frequently
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RE: New User - What is the data telling me?
Ok...thanks..feel fine. Numbers are seemingly OK. Will track less often and keep the settings that I have.

Thanks for your help!!
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