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[CPAP] New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
I'm new here, and doing some research into a new APAP machine. I recently completed a home sleep study, followed by a rented machine (ResMed Airsense 10 autoset with a nasal pillow mask). 
Basically, I snore badly, meaning my wife has had to use industrial-strength earplugs as used on construction sites, and even then she can hear it. Also she says I'm unruly, tossing and turning. 
My home sleep study said I had 31 apneas an hour, in the high range as I understand it, so I started a 1-month trial, during which it dropped to between 0.1 to 0.5 events an hour. My wife is ecstatic that not only don't I snore, the machine is quiet, and I don't toss and turn, and she reckons I'm more alert in the day. Now the trial is over, she insist we get a machine, as it helps her get a good night's sleep as well. The sleep clinic suggest the same machine I trialled, which I am fine with, it worked very well, but have hesitated over the cost. My dad, who also has sleep apnea, has an old ResMed S8 Autoset Spirit II, which he replaced with the ResMed Mini. From my limited research, it seems to have been a good machine, it too is an auto CPAP, which is what I want. The Airsense had an inbuilt humidifier, my dad never got the humidifier for his.
So the question is; How good is the S8 Autoset compared to the Airsense 10, and is the noise level about the same? I'm aware the old machine won't give the same level of data, as buying through the clinic they offer not just setup, but remote monitoring and a 2-year guarantee. I'm wary of a 2nd hand machine, but I can try and clean it myself and would get new hoses and mask anyway. The clinic has a payment plan, but I haven't looked into the details yet. Is it worth it? Is it mainly the benefit of a properly-setup machine with data monitoring, or are the algorithms or whatever else much better?
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
I've not used the 8 Series machines, but I'd suggest getting a 10 Series. It does not necessarily need to come from whatever your Australian equal to our US DME would be. To the US, this is the Durable Medical Equipment or medical supplier. So fill in the blank for your situation. DeepBreathing, Holden4th, and several others can help fill in info. The 8 Series is 2 generations old, and I'd think there'd have been enhancements to the algorithm that runs the machine.

Standard OSCAR Chart Order
Mask Primer
Dealing With A DME
Soft Cervical Collar Wiki
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
Through Googling, I've come across other CPAP clinics in the area; the one I went through was because my GP had an arrangement with them, they come in once a month and assess people, and arrange everything. It also happens to be the clinic my dad went through, they are headquartered nearby. There's another place nearby from my search, which similarly offer trials, rental machines, and ongoing monitoring of machines once you buy through them, and they seem to be cheaper. I get that the machines would have to be set correctly for the individual, hence the trial. The clinic I went through said I could bring in the old machine and they'd see if it was suitable. 
I prefer new to be honest, if money was no object, but not sure if it is based on sound logic or just desire for something new. Hence asking what the main differences or advantages were in terms of functionality and operating noise.
I noticed that the old S8 is not in the Recommended list on this board due to it not being able to provide the detailed data the new ones can, nor work with the OSCAR program.
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
The challenge with the S8 is getting data off the machine it uses a proprietary card that its almost impossible to get a reader for these days and you need ressczn to read the data. I recommend getting an Autoset 10. There are some cost effective options in our suppliers list including importing from Supplier #2
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
G'day mtsandersen. Any S8 will be at least 8 - 10 years old. They were a good machine in their day but given frequent use, will be just about worn out and possibly subject to failure in the near future. And as jaswilliams mentioned, unless you have the proprietary card and reader you won't be able to get any data out of it.

I'd definitely go for the 10 series myself. Most outlets will negotiate a little bit on prices and you should be able to get a 5 year warranty on any new Resmed in Australia.

Buying from overseas has become less attractive due to the depreciation of the Aussie dollar (it was around US$0.63 last night). You also need to add in postage costs, customs fee (around $80 I believe) and the fact that you won't get any local support. Any warranty issues will have to go back to the overseas seller - Resmed Australia won't touch it.
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
Bottom line, are we talking money or your health? If money is not an issue then getting the machine that you've been using as a trial that worked really well for you is a no brainer.

If money is an issue then there is a solution in Supplier #2 (from the Supplier List at the top of the page) who can sell you a gently used Airsense 10 auto machine for a considerable saving. Both of my BiPAPS came from them and their service is excellent.

Best of both worlds?
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
Look at the lightly used ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet,. Frankly you are better off self monitoring and this forum can help with that.

Is there an SD card in your your trial machine? If not get one. Then Download OSCAR and post your nightly charts, we can see if that is the correct machine for you, it likely is.
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
Ok, didn't realise it was quite that old; I was just wondering if I was silly for wanting a new machine when a free 2ndhand unit was available (apart from hose and mask). 
While I have come across mention of Supplier #2, I don't really want to import, and with the cost of importing along with the exchange rate, the saving is probably not so great; over the years, I've come to realise importing expensive electronics is a bad idea when a local supplier is available, even at some extra expense; not just because of the cost of postage and chance of breakage in post, but specifically for support. ResMed is an Australian company anyway.
Supplier #13 (Australian supplier) has come up in my search, it is near the top of my Google searches and has a good price; they also list an interest-free payment plan. But speaking to my dad today, he says he will help me out. So I will ask the clinic I did the trial with if they will price match (they've already got my initial sleep test and 1 month of data and set it up), or consider seeing what Supplier #13 can do for me. If it requires another trial, it wouldn't be worth it, though.

Thanks of the advice.

Edit: I gather the Airsense 10 uses a regular SD card (or 'compatible' SD card). I can't imagine the specs need be that great for it, but what are the compatibility requirements for it?
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
Any ordinary SD card with a capacity lower than 32 GB. Just get something cheap from Hardly Normal or JB Hifi. Don't get the fancy high capacity ones - they probably won't work.
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RE: New or 2ndhand ResMed APAP advice (S8 or Airsense 10)
Just looking at the price from Supplier #13, I don't think that's terribly good value. Check out Supplier #36 - $200 cheaper including mask and 5 year warranty. Of course they're in Perth which may not be your neighbourhood, but it gives you a pricing benchmark. These machines cost a lot of money, so it's really best to shop around a bit - even if you end up going with your local guy, you will have some leverage to get the price down a bit.
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