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[CPAP] Newbie with some questions
Question #1:
I have a question about the difference between BiPAP and CPAP. At my sleep study follow-up the doctor did honor my desire for him to give me a prescription to try RemZzzs liners in an attempt to control the leaks. He also ordered a BiPAP sleep study to be done in a couple of months after trying the RemZzzs. He said I could cancel if the RemZzzs work for me.

What can you tell me about the difference with these machines? What will happen to the F&P machine if they change me to a BiPAP? From what the doctor said, the BiPAP may be needed to minimize the leaks, but I am concerned. I have read of others experiences with problems when they’ve tried the BiPAP. What if I make the change and find that CPAP was better? As you can tell I am majorly confused and would like a little feedback on other people’s experiences with this dilemma.

Also if I do make the change, what machine would be my best choice. After receiving the F&P Premo I find that F&P Auto would have been the best choice. I don’t want that mistake to happen again. I would like to know up front which the very best choice; one for which I could get software that would allow me to monitor my daily progress.

Question #2:
After several nights of trying the RemZzzs I am less than thrilled. The first night I thought the liner worked quite well, except that I had a big welt on the right side of my face. I realized that I had not loosened the straps and that they must have been a little tight.

One other discomfort I noticed that first night when it was on all night was that it seemed almost too small and would creep up into my mouth area. It did stop me from breathing through my mouth, however, and that was good. But it seemed I was kind of "tending" it by having to pull the liner down toward the chin periodically so that my mouth wasn't entirely covered.

My Quattro FX mask is a small, and so that is the size RemZzzs that was sent me. It almost seems like they are too small and was wondering if a size Medium would work better.Thinking-about

The second night I followed directions as I put the liner on, and it seemed to be okay at first. However, about an hour later I woke up to air leaking at the top and tried to reposition the liner along with the mask, but that didn’t work, so I just took the liner off and went without. The second and third nights have been the same story.

As I have been using the Quattro FX full face mask for these past weeks, I have found more success by patiently readjusting the mask until I have no leaks. Sometimes this readjustment process takes four to six times before I hit the sweet spot. I also have to reposition it several times like this during the night as leaks occur.

I have decided that what I will have to try tonight is taking the whole apparatus off and repositioning the RemZzzs however many times it takes to hit the sweet spot—which is a little labor intensive when you’re tired—and hope that I don’t have to reposition it in the middle of the night.

Question 3:
I guess I am a mouth breather as I wake up several times every night having to close my mouth and work up some more saliva to rehydrate the inside of my mouth. This, of course, interferes a bit with the sleeping process.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with some good ideas on why I continue to have to breathe through my mouth. I am hoping that as I continue to use CPAP that this will be less and less of a problem. Would BiPAP help with this problem in any way?

Question 4:
I have written my "success" story, but I'm not sure how to post it. Could someone clue me in on just how to do that.Thanks
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First of all, welcome to the board. Sorry you're having problems.

I am puzzled as to why the doctor would think that a BiPAP would minimize the leaks. A BiPAP machine will reduce the pressure when you exhale, but the pressure would be the same as before while inhaling, so it would seem to be just as likely to leak. For that matter, the changing pressure would probably wiggle the mask around a bit and increase the chances for leaks.

If you get a BiPAP machine, it will also be capable of doing CPAP by changing the settings. Even though you're not supposed to, you can change it yourself.

If you get any chance, get a Philips Respironics System One (PRS1) or ResMed S9 CPAP/BiPAP machine instead of your Fisher and Paykel machine. These machines give you much better data to manage your therapy, including some info that will help you figure out leaks. You can look at the data yourself by installing some free programs on your computer. You'll be able to look at the data and tell how badly you're leaking, at what time of the night, etc.

If you get a BiPAP machine, all the PRS1 and S9 machines are good. Some are Auto, some are manual pressure.

There is a link in my signature line about what ResMed or PRS1 machines are good to get.

Have you tried a chinstrap to help keep your mouth closed? I make my own with a non-adhesive 3 inch ACE bandage wrapped from under my chin over the top of my head, looped 3 times.

BTW, "BiPAP" is a trademark of Respironics. "Bilevel" is the generic term. ResMed uses the trademark "VPAP" to mean the same thing as bilevel or BiPAP. Lots of people misuse the term "BiPAP," though.

The Quattro masks are known for being either great or terrible for leaks. You might want to see if you can try a different FFM (Full Face Mask). Sometimes masks are like shoes. You just have to try different models until you find one that fits you.

There are some hints here for taming the mirage Quattro.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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Hi Alzwell and WELCOME! to the forum.!
What archangle said.
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time with your CPAP therapy right now but I encourage you to stick with it. Finding the right mask is the most difficult part of this whole thing and it can take LOTS of PATIENCE but don't be shy about asking to try different ones.
Best of luck to you.
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The only difference with bilevel PAP vs CPAP is the exhale.

CPAP can change the exhale from 1-3cmH2O. So if your treatment pressure is 10 and your exhale relief (it goes by different names) is 2, you inhale 10, and exhale at 8. The different manufacturers handle this basically the same but different. Some detect exhale and lower the pressure then raise it when it detects the exhale is ending. Others detect the inhale and raise it then drop when it senses the exhale.

Bilevel PAP can change the exhale greater than 3. These are really only worth it for those who have lung issues and cannot breathe out against the pressure.

I agree with Archangel in that I don't know why your doc thinks a bilevel would help fix leaks. That's not what it is for and I doubt that it would.
Apnea Board Moderator

Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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I agree too. A leak is a leak and is a mask issue no machine is going to magically "fix" the leak for you.
I use the Quattro FX as well and it does sometimes try to ride up.
I just stick two fingers under the skirt around the lower jaw, then lift and pull down.

Above all, try all the masks you can, different sizes too.

Good luck! Wink
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(01-19-2013, 06:23 PM)Alzwell Wrote: I have written my "success" story, but I'm not sure how to post it. Could someone clue me in on just how to do that.Thanks
welcome to apnea board
Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here

full face mask allows to breathe thru your nose and/or your mouth
mouth breathing can dry the mouth

have tried nasal pillows or nasal masks
many mouth breathers can use nasal mask successfully with the addition of chinstrap
chinstrap can helps to minimize mouth breathing

the Quattro FX fit on the nose slightly different than other full face masks
Resmed call it, swing and seal method as shown here

the manual for the Icon is available via email ... scroll down to section three

Icon setup video also FX and other masks videos

SleepyHead is free and support the Icon

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