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[CPAP] Newly Diagnosed With High Leakage
This is my first posting. Thank you to the entire community for the wealth of information that is posted here.
I am seeking comments on how to reduce leakage. I started out with a Quattro FX and after a month of high leakage my RT changed me to a Mirage. My pressures on the PRS1 are 17 and 22. I wake up after 4 hours and can't fall back asleep because of leakage and noises and vibrations from the silicone pad.
What has worked for folks in the past? My wife is threatening to drug me with Benedryl to get me back to sleep, but this seems counter-productive and could require even higher pressures.
Thanks in advance.
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Just curious, Mirage what? There's more than 1 type of Mirage out there. I have a Mirage Liberty and it is horrible with higher pressures. Have you considered a pillows mask like the P10 or equivalent?

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

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(11-08-2015, 11:36 AM)AlanE Wrote: Welcome

Just curious, Mirage what? There's more than 1 type of Mirage out there. I have a Mirage Liberty and it is horrible with higher pressures. Have you considered a pillows mask like the P10 or equivalent?

The Mirage Quattro. I have never tried a pillow mask. At the sleep lab they told me that I am a mouth breather and I needed a full face mask.
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I have always used a nasal pillow. Even those tend to leak at higher pressures. When I finally got here to find a solution as you have, I downloaded the SH software to give me some idea of what was going on.

The solution that worked for me was, lowering my pressure some (in small increments), and a chin strap. Between both of those trial and error processes, I HAVE lowered my leakage to more acceptable levels.

Now I just tweak a little at a time to get it lower, nothing scientific, just small little things I pick up here. IE. washing my pillow daily instead of weekly, seems to make a significant difference. FOUND that here!!!!

Patience is the key. Easy to track changes in SH. Place to make notes daily, so if something is good or bad, you can make an adjustment without going all over the place.

Good Luck
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Sounds like you and have had about the same problems. My post "Sore Nose? New Mask!!!" might help.

I've used the masks you mentioned and had about the same problems.

There is a new mask from Philips, the "Amara View". It's a full face mask(?) that fits over your mouth and under your nose. I think you might call it a nasal pillow. Anyhow, it's comfortable and doesn't blow air. If it happens to move and start leaking just lift it about 1/4 inch off your face, let it back down and hold it for a few seconds and it reseals.

Philips did GOOD on this one.

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You need another mask if it is leaking that much. There's several other good ones. No two faces are the same which is why there are so many out there. That and each have a slightly different aspect to set them apart. I use the Simplus and love it. I went through several FFM before I found one that didn't leak or fart all night long. Even then, i still have to use liners.

You could try nasal mask or pillows along with a chin strap. More gear to put on and maintain but less leaks. I got tired of all the gear (and my problem was lip leaking, not my mouth opening) on my head so I went FFM.
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So many good suggestions from the members here.......

I downloaded Sleepyhead and it is fantastic. The hardest part was figuring out how to get the SD card out of my PRS1. It has a cellular modem installed on it and you have to pull off the modem in order to get access to the SD card. I also discovered that when my provider company pulled the data off my machine last week, they cleared all of the data on the card from that day backward. Since I have no idea when they will be downloading the information, I'm going to have to regularly download the data or risk losing it every time that they clear it. How often will they do this?
I'm going to try and get an Amara and use it.
Last night I used a homemade mask liner (a piece of cloth cut to size and duct tape) on the Mirage Quattro and it helped reduce leaks significantly. So, I ordered a mask liner and an anti-leak strap from Pad-A-Cheek.
Trying these masks and stuff is getting a bit expensive . But, I reason that it is all a lot cheaper than replacing my car (or worse). Before my diagnosis, I was so tired that I had to take a nap each day so that I didn't fall asleep at the wheel. After I started on BiPap, I am a completely different person. Awake, alert and focused during the day.
Thank you to everyone for helping me!
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Yes, it does get expensive to try different masks! If your insurance doesn't cover another mask right now, try some of the online suppliers, (see supplier list top of page). They will give you a 30 day trial. If it doesn't work out, send it back. Of course, you have to pay for initially, but they will reimburse you.

Glad your therapy seems to be working for you. Ask questions anytime. Wink

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Just a quick update. You know I recommend a 30 day trial between changes. I have to update my avatar info. I spent approx. 35-40 days at 10-14cm H2O in my last test.

Just went to 10-13cm H2O about a week ago and found my "sweet spot". I have record low leakages since I started monitoring in July 2015.
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