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Hi All,

Well I finally was able to swap out my Dreamstation CPAP for the Auto CPAP I got my machine last Friday. So Ive been tracking my data in Sleepyhead. My AHI was 9.5 when I was diagnosed. It is now at 1.3 .....however I still was having episodes of daytime sleepiness. So after a week 0of tracking my data in Sleepyhead I am also avg. 1.14 RERA's and .96 Hypopneas. This has leveled out as some nights I have over 10 occurrences of either Hypopneas or RERA's in a night or I have one high number in one of the categories....is this something I should keep closer track of of my RDI now? And what does this mean ? Do I possibly have another underlying condition? Need some input from you vets from a newbie .  Thanks
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Hypopneas are included in the AHI but RERAs are not. Your RDI is AHI + RERAs. If your AHI is 1.3 and RERAs is 1.14 your RDI is 2.44 which, as I understand, is not bad.

I also sometimes have more RERAs than hyoponeas and or apneas and my RDI is around 2.5 on some nights. I don't worry about it. Others with more expertise will be able to provide guidance once they see more data.

Some say it takes up to three months to see significant benefits from therapy so it may be a little early to worry about episodes of daytime sleepiness.

You should post some SleepyHead graphs so we can see what's going on. See the instructions below.
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I agree with Melman. You need to post some screenshots. Your profile shows you are still running a fixed pressure of 8cm. It may be a good idea to run your machine in auto mode using a pressure range so we can help you determine just what your needs are.
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Good advice from Melman and pupcamper.

Your profile suggests you are in cpap mode with a pressure of 8.  Ideally you should switch to Auto mode.

Use the tutorials in my signature line to organize and post a screenshot from SleepyHead.
This way, we can better advise you on a more optimal setting to tackle those pesky hypopneas and rera's.

I always liked to call rera's "baby apneas."   These are disruptive to your sleep and may be the reason you are tired during the day.
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I will post screenshots when I get home from running errands hopefully this afternoon.. Now I'm having some sinus issues and was only able to use the machine last night for only 4 hours when I usually go the entire night. I don't think its set on Autopap mode. I hope its not an issue with my DME to go in and and change some settings. I read the instructions on how to do it. But last night was not working with a blocked nostril I needed more pressure and it kept on going down due to.the CFlex.
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It is not uncommon for congestion to add to upper airway flow limitation / resistance, which is one of the advantages of an auto CPAP. I will warn you that the DME will not make setting changes without a prescription, so most of us simply do what we know is best. You can easily go into the clinical settings by pushing the control knob and ramp button at the same time, then going to the therapy settings to change the mode from CPAP to Auto, minimum pressure to 7 maximum pressure to 10, then exit. I think you might be surprised to find that a few hours in the sleep clinic rarely optimizes your pressure like you can do on your own with a good auto machine.
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MzRobin28, I note in your equipment that you are using cpap mode rather than Apap mode. I'll bet if you bump up your pressure just a little bit the RERAs will all fall to the wayside. Just go up one tiny increment and see how it does after 4-5 days. Until the smoke from the western fires in September, I only had to bump it up to 8.6 from 8.0 to eliminate all RERAs. I had to bump up to 9 for about 2 months and it's back down now to 8.6. That's the nice thing with having Sleepyhead. You can experiment with your therapy to make it the best with the least amount of pressure.
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I'm in agreement with the others. And I just want to add congrats to you for getting an Auto! Optimizing your therapy will be so much easier.
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Here is some of my data from the past week the 3 qare just in CPAP mode

[Image: 59oEecO.png]

[Image: ct76GJx.png]

[Image: CE8nyjO.png]

This is from last night first time  on auto cpap with the suggested setting of 7 - 10 I slept better than the might above before I had the humidity too high at a 5 and had some tube respiration so I had to turn it down to a 3 and it was fine after than.  

[Image: DWT9vQ8.png]
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You need higher than 10 but now you are getting your pressure to drop below that at times. Can I suggest at this point a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 so you can see how high your machine needs to go. This should give you a realistic 95% pressure rating and we can work from there.
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