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[CPAP] Removing and reinserting SD Card
I am using the ResMed S9 VPAP Auto machine with the Rescan software. (Thanks very much for making this available).
I removed the SD card to allow the Rescan software to read it.
When I re-inserted it into the machine, the following message appeared on the LCD display:
Are you sure?
Data re-writing to SD card.
Press yes to continue.
There were 2 choices YES (grey highlight) and NO (orange highlight - the default choice)If you answer NO then the message appears: Remove SD card and press Start to begin therapy
If youj press NO the message is erasing SD card date.
How do I proceed?
hank you.
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Always lock the SD card (little plastic slide switch on it) before inserting it into your reader. Some systems (Win8) have a bad habit of writing data to the card. That freaks out the ResMed machine and it insists on formatting the card. You'll have to allow it to do that since there is no known way to fix the problem otherwise.

Don't forget to unlock the card when putting it back in service.

Edit..ps. All you're going to lose is the detailed data that is used to create the nice graphs with. That won't matter if you have already read the card and saved the data to your puter hard drive. Just take care not to allow it to be overwritten when you subsequently insert the card after it has been formatted. It'll always ask so just say NO.

The rest of the data will be written back to the card which will just be the compliance data, system settings and simple bar graph info.
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perhaps there is still a possibility. Booting with a standalone operating system on CD or stick. For such cases I have to have a XP standby. From there delete the folder 'system volume information' on the card. After that it should be accepted by the ResMed machines again. Of course, this should also work with another computer, too. 'System volume information' includes, if enabled, recovery information for the drive.

Then never forget again to set on the write protect!

I would like to get feedback if it works.


Fat Rat
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Hi SleepSoldier,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your questions andbest of luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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I've tried that and lots more Fat Rat, it just never did work for me. I found that once you write to that card from a computer, the ResMed machine will reject it regardless of what you do to try and fix it. Just writing a simple text file to the card and immediately erasing it will jinx it as far as the ResMed machine is concerned. Evidently the the machine's firmware tracks the checksum of the card and refuses to accept any changes on there that the machine didn't perform.
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Hello surferdude2,

thankyou for your correction! I did not know this.


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As Surfie said try to remember to set the lock on the card before putting it into your computer, and remember to unlock it when you put it back in your machine.

The problem is a special feature of Windows 8.1. Basically it says I'm going to screw around with your stuff without you knowing about it just because that's what I can do. There are operating system things you can change to try to keep it from doing that.

There is also a "script" you can run. This is what I do because I can.

On your desktop create a notepad file. Copy the text from below into the notepad file, then give it a new name ending in .bat, or do a "File, Save As" Resmed.bat. When you want to run Resmed, click on the little .bat file. It will clean off the crap windows 8 put on the sdcard then run resmed. You can also do this with the card that has already been visited by Windows 8, and it will clean it up.

Here's the stuff to put in the .bat file. Note that my SDCard is referenced as drive "g:", your's will probably be drive "e:" so I have changed the script already to allow for that.

@echo off
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\ResMed\ResScan3
del "e:\System Volume Information\IndexerVolumeGuid"
rmdir "e:\System Volume Information"
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Sorry, but all that won't save you R_G. The machine will not accept a card that has been written to by something other than the ResMed machine that initiated it, period. Try it and you'll see. Be prepared to loss all the detailed graph info though. :grin:
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I do this each and every day Surfie. It works fine.

...but only since May 25,2014.

... but I also do it twice a day, once for Resmed and once for Sleepyhead.
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Perhaps you're living in a fools paradise. If you have all the detailed graph info saved to your puter hard drive, you won't know if it's gone from the SD or not. You would find that out if you deleted it from your hard drive or used some other person's puter to check the card. I have tried this and tested it all ways from Sunday and it does just as I said. I'll give you that YMMV but we have the same ResMed machines and I don't think it'll be any difference for you.

Are you telling me that you can write a file to the SD card or let your Win8 system write the SVI folder to your card and then delete it with that batch file and then insert it in the S9 and not have it refuse to use it without erasing it and rewriting the limited data it has stored? Try that..and prove me wrong.

You may be running that batch file every day and having no problem but that's because it's not really doing anything since it isn't finding any file or folder to delete since you probably lock your SD card before inserting it in the reader slot of your puter. Isn't that right?
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