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[CPAP] Removing and reinserting SD Card
'Bahnhof' is urban for 'I don't understand anything'

Huhu Basstenor!
Welcome here, too!

Fat Rat
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Well, thank you for the warm welcome, everybody!

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(09-19-2014, 02:30 PM)Fat Rat Wrote: 'Bahnhof' is urban for 'I don't understand anything'

Huhu Basstenor!
Welcome here, too!

Fat Rat

An idiomatic expression... I have enough trouble with Deutsch.
Ich bin eine amerikaner. I am in Uelzen to research the loss of a B17 in 1945. Uelzen being a major rail hub north-south (Hamburg to Hanover) and east- west (Bremen to Berlin); I naturally thought of the railroad.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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People really run Win8? I ran XP Pro for a decade and I'm now likely to run Win7 for the next decade just like everybody else in corporate America. At that point, I'll be contemplating becoming retired_guy v2.0.

I put the SD card in my laptop after night #1 with a bit of trepidation and was too stooopid to remember that SD cards have a write protect slider. I hadn't needed to remember that since floppy disks went away many moons ago. I'm glad to know this thread exists if I somehow land on a Win8 machine some day.

Wouldn't the correct shell command on a Win8.1 machine be:
format c:

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(09-19-2014, 03:45 PM)justMongo Wrote: An idiomatic expression... I have enough trouble with Deutsch.

It's just my revenge for all the slang I have to go through every day, and you still keep changing it. Oh-jeez

Well, I have advice for you: Integrate it into your language, and it's yours. We do that all the time with your words Wink

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(09-19-2014, 03:46 PM)GeoffD Wrote: Wouldn't the correct shell command on a Win8.1 machine be:
format c:


I think that's another Duck joke!
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First I am pretty sure Resscan and Sleepyhed won't run in Win 3.11, You may need to upgrade to Win 95.
Second, a real floppy disk 8" does not have a slide tab, it uses a litle sticky label to cover the notch, as does a 5.25" floppy. The 3.5" disks inappropriatly stole the name from real floppy disks.
Third, why would anyone be running Win 8.x? If you just stick with Win 7 you wouldn't have MS doing as much secret stuff behind you back.
It sounds like we all just need to revert to Dos 3.1 and solve all these problems.
And yes I remeber a couple of incedents where format C: was used with not so happy results. Once I was able to fix it. but in the pre Dos, MPM days I was not so lucky.
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I broke in with an IBM 402 accounting machine. Do you have the wiring diagram for Sleepyhead for that?
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Let me dig through my boxes. I think I can find it.
I don't rember the Number ID, but you are talking about the one with a switchboard panel where you plug in the wires to program what you want it to do. Then I went 80 character key bunch cards, then the 3.2" 96 character keypunch cards.
Next thing you know there was a 9 MB 14" hard disk pack.
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My first computer was an abacus ... It was in the last millenium Cool

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