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[CPAP] Resmed S8 AutoSet II: ERROR 1019
Good Morning.


2 nights ago I inadvertently and *very slightly* overfilled the humidifier reservoir on my AutoSet II. The result was that as soon as I put my mask on and turned the machine on, there was some gurgling, then the exhale back pressure became high (seemingly as high as the inhale pressure - 18 cm/h2o), then the machine just quit. The screen read error 1019 (and some other relevant verbiage).

Luckily I have an *old* Respironics Remstar for emergency backup, and except for not having the really nice EPR that I'm used to, and not having an integral humidifier, it works fine and got me through the night.

Googling "resmed error 1019" the next morning, I found reference to a stuck low pressure switch or something like that, and apparent similar causation (overfilled humidifier reservoir), and at least temporary success someone had by aiming a hairdryer at the airflow nozzle. So, that's what I did, and after 15 minutes or so of low heat high air flow with the hairdryer, I got the machine to work. I tested it a couple of times, it held, so I put the machine back on my night stand. 10 or 12 hours later, when I went to bed, the machine wouldn't work and showed the 1019 error again.

So yesterday morning I dis-assembled the machine (it's out of warranty), was impressed by the design that allowed careful dis-assembly, and found some damp foam pieces and a very few very small areas with drops of actual water. I then spent about an hour with the hair dryer, carefully and fully drying everything I could see and get my hands on, and everything else I couldn't get at but that I thought might be harboring moisture. I re-assembled the machine, and VOILA!, it worked! I tested it several more times at my work space, then plugged it in at my bedside table and checked on it several times during the day, finding the display showing no error messages.


Upon going to bed last night, masking up and turning the machine on, I found pretty quickly that something was still amiss. I have my ramp set for 45 minutes, and it starts at 4 then gradually increases to 18. By the time it got to 5, I could tell that the EPR must have been bungled up in some way. At lowest pressure I couldn't sense anything out of the ordinary, but as the pressure increased I could tell that the EPR was cycling on it's own and rapidly, causing a sort of throbbing or pulsing of low and high pressure periods. As the ramp time progressed, the periods of high and low pressure increased to nearly match my breathing rate, but still on their own schedule. The result was that sometimes I'd be attempting to exhale against full back pressure, sometimes against lowered EPR pressure, and sometimes somewhere in between. It was crazy-making, and did not allow for very good sleep.

This morning I found and joined the Apnea Board, and found the key to entering the clinical settings of my machine. I am hoping that once I get in there I will recognize some setting that got inadvertently jimmied in the course of all my fiddling, and I will then be able to reset things so they work correctly.

That's my story. I WILL report back here however things go, but in the meantime anyone who reads this Odyssey and has any pertinent knowledge/experience to share, please jump in!

Thank you in advance,
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Welcome to Apnea Board, kingfishbc! Coffee

Yep, water and electronics don't mix well. Not sure this is correct or even applies, but I found someone on the interwebz who claimed the 1019 error is a "PCB failure relating to data recording".

So perhaps the moisture did some type of damage to something on the circuit board, and even though the error message disappeared, it's still messing up by analyzing the data incorrectly (and auto-adjusting something incorrectly as a result of that faulty data).

I have no clue; just throwing that out there for more info. Hopefully someone else more knowledgeable on this can chime in with their thoughts as well.

If the problem persists, since your machine is a bit older (ResMed has had two generations of machines since the AutoSet II), you may wish to invest in a newer machine. Supplier #2 on the Supplier List has some S9 AutoSets for a pretty good price (gently used with low number of usage hours on them).
Apnea Board Administrator


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Okay, I've been into thew clinical settings and I am reporting back.

I can't find anything I recognize to be set incorrectly. The highest likely reason for that is that I don't know what I should be looking for.

But there is an additional factor, and that is that I am getting a message on the display that there is a high leak and to adjust the mask. Just to check the validity of that message, I disconnected the humidifier and held my thumb over the airflow nozzle completely blocking air flow, turned the machine on and still got the high leak message. Hmmm...

So I'm going to take the machine apart again, and make sure I didn't leave anything disconnected inside. Then I will report back here again.

Not meaning to be repetitive, but if anyone has any knowledge to share, I'd be mighty beholdin'...

And thanks, SuperSleeper!

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I have now been back inside my physical machine, and there are no connections I can find that had been left undone ( there is only one air-type tube in there with a connection on each end, and those connections were good.)

So it is looking very much as SuperSleeper suggested above, that something got wet that shouldn't have gotten wet, and consequently some data is being analyzed in an inaccurate way so that directions are being given that don't represent the real world.


I still welcome any ideas, but I am now exploring whether i'm eligible through medicare for a new machine, whether a resource here can fix the unit at a reasonable price, or whether my current vendor (from whom I'm trying to separate myself) can fix it at a reasonable price.

Thanks again,
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S8 is 2 generations old. Medicare will, begrudgingly, pay for a new machine after 5 years with a letter of medical necessity from a doctor.
Newer machines have better algorithms and smoother transitions. When I upgraded from my S8, I just paid out of pocket to get an S9 series Resmed from Supplier #2.

I was going to suggest you check for a small tube that connect the air flow channel to one of the internal sensors as a source of leak. It appears you already did that. I think you've done all you can regarding your S8. IMO: It's the sensors, flow and pressure that get buggered up by water.

Welcome to apneaboard,


Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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You could try tilting the machine so that the water can drain out of the flow/pressure sensors. They may dry out given a little time.

You could also try blowing the water out of the sensors with canned air or some other source of low pressure air.

Just my personal opinion. My posts are not medical advice or a statement of fact. Please consult a qualified physician or other qualified medical personnel. Please comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and protocols.
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Hi kingfishbc,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Sorry to hear about your S8 but, at least, you have a backup machine 'till you are able to get another one.
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy and hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Thanks all-

I think the final resolution has worked its way to the surface. I have had my S8 for about 7 years, I think. It was replaced under warranty 6 years ago. So I'm good to go under medicare guidelines for a new macbine. I've given up on the idea of changing vendors, having visited the proposed vendor in person to see their facilites, meet their people and get a sense of my options, and then being presented with a list of requirements that grew each time I talked to someone, and developing a sense that they really couldnt care less if they have a new customer or not.

So I've had my face to face with my doctor and generated scrips for a new machine and supplies, and meeting notes that include the verbiage, "uses the machine" and "benefits from it". In fact my doctor's language was even more persuasive than that and referenced my severe obstructive apnea. I have hand carried same to the old vendor who has my sleep study and settings, and watched them send my data to their home office for medicare and insurance verification, and I have an appointment for this afternoon to get set up with a new Resmed S10 Autoset, assuming all goes peachily with the home office, insurance and medicare.

Finding that repairs to my current machine, if possible at all, are probably a minimum of $150, I've shifted focus on repairing this unit for a backup, and am now looking at how reliable a used S8 might be, and how much.

I'll report back here after my (hoped for) meeting this afternoon with the therapist.

Thanks again,
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Well, so... The clinical notes generated from my 8:00 am "face to face" appointment that medicare (not capitalized intentionally) required for me to be eligible for a new CPAP after 7 years stated, "uses CPAP regularly and out of necessity for severe sleep apnia"; but that wasn't good enough for the bureaucrats or whatever they are at medicare. We had to file amendments to the notes that included the prescribed pressure, and the specific language I mentioned in my earlier post, "uses and benefits from..." The difference between the two phrases? You got me...
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Sorry - somehow I lost the last part of my previous post...

Anyway, I have now had 2 wonderful nights using my new Resmed S10 AirSense AutoSet, and scored 98 out of 100 points on the nightly sleep score; the loss of one of the two points was due to getting up once during the night and consequently turning the machine off then back on. The additional good news is that I was able to use the light weight and comfortable ResMed AirFit P10 nasal pillow set with a near perfect fit all night. I have to use nasal pillows because I can't get a seal with any other type of mask due to having a full beard that I can't face parting with, and for nearly 10 years have been using a complicated, custom made, restrictive full head piece to keep the nasal pillows sealed against 18c pressure.

So, a very happy ending; thank y'all for your help and kind attention,
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