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[CPAP] Returned my new HDM Z1 Auto
I just returned a new Z1 Auto CPAP within a 30 day return policy due to repetitive adverse events.

I used it for 24 nights. On 12 nights it shut itself off one or more times and 12 nights it worked through the night. Mask fit and hose connections (leaks) were not the problem. I know this because I experienced machine shut-downs more than once while I was awake and motionless. In addition the manual says leaks will make a screen notice appear, and none appeared. Furthermore, I'm a 15 year user and know how masks and hoses fit.

The manufacturer sent a new power supply, but that made no difference, and after that they insisted the problem had to be resolved by the seller. Luckily the seller had a 30 day money back return policy for warranty issues. That is underway and we'll see how it goes.

This was to be a travel machine and backup. I liked the small form factor and did not have a problem with the air noise, the most common complaint.

I would even re-buy this machine if I could be assured that it would not shut down on half of the nights it was used.

So, I ask... are there any users of the Z1 Auto that have had similar issues? Are there any users of Z1 Auto that have NOT experienced this shutdown problem?

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I have had both the original Z1 CPAP and recently did the upgrade program with HDM to get the Auto machine. I have never experienced any problems with either machine, my only issue is the noise level coming up the hose, so I will be using the new noise muffler when it becomes available (Q-Tube).

I have used my new Auto Z1 for about thirty nights so far, works well, no problems or quirks, just noisy. I use the Z1 for travel and don't put any where near as many hours on it that I do my home machine.

As you know they do not have an auto start, auto stop function, so if the unit you had was shutting off during therapy then it sounds to me like a defective unit.
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Hi Swamp,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Sorry to hear that things didn't work out with your Z1.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy and finding a machine.
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When I retuned the Z1 Auto travel machine I purchased a Philips 60-auto Series One. This machine is awesome compared to my 12 year old Philips auto bedside machine that broke had a fatal 'rotor freeze'.

But here I want to compare it to the returned Z1 Auto...

Noise: The noise level of the Z1 is noticeable in the mask; the Philips is virtually silent. The difference is big and I can see why it would bother some folks. For me noise does not interfere with sleep.

Reliability: The Z1 shut itself during the night on 12 of 24 nights (this is why I sent it back). Using the same headgear and mask, the Philips machine has now run 5 nights without a problem.

Resistance: Exhale ease is silky smooth on the Philips and its breathing algorithms stay right with you as it seems to learn your cadence. As some people have noted, the Z1 has a bit of exhale resistance at any setting (1,2,3). This is noticeable, but again not a big sleep problem for me.

Therapy: For the Z1, for the 12 nights it ran through the whole night, my AHI averaged 8.6 with a low of 3 and a high of 17. For the Philips, the AHI average was 3.4 with a low of 2.1 and a high of 4.7. This is remarkable in that the Z1 allowed 2.5 times the number of events than the Philips. Has anyone else had the opportunity to compare two machines like this with the same headgear? I was surprised at the difference.

Software: The Z1 has a bluetooth chip that sends data to a cell phone app. The app has simple graphs that show hourly pressure and AHI through the night, and can aggregate it to show day, weekly and monthly charts. The Philips uses an add on bluetooth adapter ($50) for a similar purpose, but the information is not as granular in that you do not get a graph of hourly results for each night; the info is always aggregated at the day level, and pressure is never shown. You will not be able to see what happened each hour of the sleep period. My guess is that Philips is a bit constipated by their desire to allow their physician customers to gatekeep the end user (for control purposes). Also, they require that the app send the data up to the Philips website so the 'therapy provider' can see it. Finally, the Philips marketing communication team has produced a hot-mess of confusion: good luck trying to figure out how all this actually fits together and what it provides until after you actually buy it, as the website appears to be frozen in time.

Size: The Z1 is awesomely compact and light. The Philips is smaller and lighter than what I had before.

I still intend to buy a travel machine but the performance of the Z1 was a deal killer and I'll look for a better travel machine later.
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HDM recently released the QTube, which reportedly fixed the noise issues. Personally I'm not happy with HDM in that those of us that purchased the Z1 Auto in good faith that it was as quite as advertised and that it was not. Now HDM wants us to purchase the Qtube for $34.95 to fix the issue that should have been fixed prior to release of the Z1 Auto. Why would they release an inferior product and take the heat from disgruntled purchasers? They also apparently recently removed their discussion board where they had many Z1 Auto complaints. I will NOT recommend their products if they continue treating their customers poorly. DO NOT PURCHASE HDM PRODUCTS!!
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I took the Z1 with me this summer on several long trips. Used it on Airplane twice, multiple power sources including US and European. Other than the mask noise, I was quite happy with the Z1. It does take getting used to and I have not used it with the new Q-Tube, but I am looking forward to trying it. I use a respironics when not traveling and it's certainly different. When I use the respironics at a pressure of 10 it's like hardly having anything, but works perfectly. With the Z1 there's definitely more back pressure. I bought the Q-tube and will try it at home one of these nights to see how it works.
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Maybe the unit has a Low Pressure detector that automatically shuts off the unit once it detects a large leak? I used to experience the very same issue with my machine (iCH Auto by Apex). Once I turned off this feature, it never happened again. I realize we are talking 2 different units/brands but maybe your unit is not defective and it is a matter of turning off that feature (if applicable)?
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I bought mine about 2 years ago. And yes it stops working intermittently.
It is used only for travel. There is no pattern on why it suddenly stops working but it looks like the system reboots when it stops. The display will go through the normal startup process. Some nights it works all through the night. The other night, it stopped 3 times. Last night it stopped once.
I will try a firmware update and see if it helps.

This started happening right after I bought it. Reported it to HDM but since it was hard to replicate they just told me to contact the dealer.
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My first HDM Z1 Auto did have intermittent issues and shut down as you indicated. Also I noticed that some of the LCD digit segments were missing. I returned it on the 29th day of the No questions asked 30 day return from the seller <link to Supplier #1 removed>

The replacement exchange unit works great and I am glad I kept it. I love the small soda can size and use it for travel.

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I've not had that shutdown issue. Also, my AHI is the same between both my Z1 Auto and my PRS1....was one of the first things I checked when I got the Z1A as well as measuring the pressure which was exact.

The Z1 will shutdown if the input voltage drops below 12vdc and that has happened to me on occasion when running off my camper battery with my camper furnace running. The start up on the furnace causes the 12v to dip and the Z1 has the built in shutdown at 12v.

Having said that their guess that it was the power supply was a good one though it seems that your machine had some internal power related issue. I have suggested to them that that auto shutdown feature be configurable to off, don't know if they will take that suggestion.
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