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[CPAP] S9 Resmed auto setting not working
S9 Resmed auto setting not working
I have been on CPAP for 8 years now. To be brief, the problem is finding my pressure setting. This done by the autosetting on the Resmed. The problem is it's not responding correctly. On a range from 5 - 20 the machine goes all the way to 16 before I wake over come with o2. I have been awake and not asleep with my nasal mask on and the machine moves up and up and up. What's going on? My doctor believe the machine. I was diagnose during a sleep study to have mild sleep apnea. I have 2L of O2 bled in. I live in SC and the doctors here don't know how to do anything but issue cpap machines. I need a help! I already have high BP and high heart pressure.
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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
Welcome gogailg5, first what model S9 do you have, either an Escape, Elite or Autoset, it says it next to the start button. Depending on which machine you have you can use either Sleepyhead or Rescan software to manage your own treatment if the Doctors there don't know what your doing. It sounds like you know what your doing, you just need a bit of help and support. There are a few steps you need to do, let us know the model, if it is data capable which I think it would be as you are saying it has a set range, you download the software from here, then you need a data reader which your simcard goes in or if you have a newer computer you may have an inbuilt data card reader. Once everything is set up you can see your data and put it on here and we can see it and give you some suggestions.
By the sound of it without seeing your data, your high pressure sounds too high.
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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
it's a autoset s9 resmed. I would love the software..tried through the company but was denied. I have the pressure now on 6 - 9.6. I wish that auto setting worked...I have it set on PILLOW. Not sure what EPR setting are for and there impact. is there anyway to do a split night setting. During my sleep study the tech said I didn't qualify until I went into REM sleep.
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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
What was your setting on the previous machine?

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
gogailg5, I prefer Sleeyhead to Rescan, the link is below and it's free, like I said you will need a card reader, you can get one at most department stores pretty cheap, they are the ones that are used for digital camera's.
You can take the Simcard out of you CPAP and take it with you to make sure you get the right one.
The auto setting should be working .
EPR is used for comfort for when you exhale, the settings are 0,1,2,3, each person has a different preference, I have mine set at 3, you really need to try each setting till you find what is comfortable for you.
You can also download the Resmed S9 Manual on here which covers a lot of the infomation you need to know.
One question, at the sleep study did they tell you what your AHI is? AHI stands for Apnea Hypoapnea Index, it is the average number of times per hour you stop breathing for 10 secs or more. It defines your serverity of sleep apnea and is a guide to your pressure settings.

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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
FYI ... S9 information video http://www.apneaboard.com/resmed-s9-cpap-setup
S9 manual available via email http://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-pr...tup-manual

Links to ResScan and SleepyHead software download

ResScan interpretation guide http://www.apneaboard.com/ResScan_Interp...-Guide.pdf

S9 data management guide and glossary http://www.resmed.com/au/assets/document...ow_eng.pdf

EPR http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ure_relief

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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
Well done Zonk, you said it a lot better than me, I personnaly would only go with either Sleepyhead or ResScan as a newer person to reading data.
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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
Hi gogailg5,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
yes...I understand. My setting was 7.0. That was 6 years ago. I wanted a new machine. So insurance company request a sleep study. That's when everything got confusing. I havn't sleep thru the night in the pass 8 years. So, my only unanswer question $1,000 of dollars later is why do I wake up. I wake up around 3:00, then every hour after that...before the O2 they ordered this year. I couldn't go back to sleep...now at least I can go right back to sleep upon awaking. I've had meds and more meds and I still wake up

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RE: S9 Resmed auto setting not working
gogailg5, try not to go down the meds track, I was on them for a couple of years before being diagnosed with SA and they kept upping and upping them and they actually made me worse. Doctors love using meds to fix symptoms instead of fixing the problem. Meds should only be used for a month and if the problem still exists it should be looked into more. The way I look at it is fix the cause, as there is always a cause and you fix the problem. The most common cause of awakings are either stress, worry or anxiety or a mixture of these, you need to resolve these issues first. It could be work, home life, illness etc but there is always a cause and meds just mask the cause. It will still be there and will always come back. I think you need to get your CPAP right so you are comfortable with it, get your settings right, understand your figures so you are more in control of your own therapy and try to reduces your stresses and much as possible. In your original post you spoke about your high BP and high heart pressure, these things must be stressing you out as well.
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