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[CPAP] S9 Resmed auto setting not working
I'm reposting these here on behalf of gogailg5 who PM'ed them to me. I took the liberty of blocking out the personal info from them. I hope that's okay.

The event flags are unfortunately washed out (maybe from the scan?). I think the leak rate is OK, but as gogailg5 said the pressure is maxed out whether the machine is limited at 12 or 7 cmH2O. Gogailg5 mentioned earlier that it does this at higher pressures, too. Seems very suspicious to me... maybe the machine needs to be retired? Dont-know

[Image: Sleepy_Head_gail_jul_9_10_page_1.jpg]

[Image: Sleepy_Head_gail_jul_9_10_page_2.jpg]

[Image: Sleepy_Head_gail_jul_9_10_page_3.jpg]

[Image: Sleepy_Head_gail_jul_9_10_page_4.jpg]

[Image: Sleepy_Head_gail_jul_9_10_page_5.jpg]

[Image: Sleepy_Head_gail_jul_9_10_page_6.jpg]
Thanks for efforts...I appreciate it
I probably shouldn't be linking other forums on here, but I really want to offer any help I can. In another thread a user from Norway experienced the same problem with his S9 AutoSet. The pressure would run up to the maximum setting within a few minutes, even while awake. In the end he got himself a different brand of machine, a PR System One Auto. He noticed that his pressures stabilized.

He also did a test where he was provided another S9 and it had the same issue. He noted that it was mask dependent. When he wore his nasal mask (the Mirage FX) the pressure would shoot up to max and stay there. When he tried the Swift FX pillows, the pressure stabilized lower.

If I were you gogailg5, I would first try a different mask. If that still doesn't resolve the issue, then it could be that the S9's algorithm is just too sensitive for you or your specific breathing signature. It has been suggested that the S9 algorithm doesn't work for everybody.

Looks like I can't post a link to that site anyway...

Try going to Google and using this search term: "Runaway pressure S9 Autoset with H5i and Climate Line. Help?"
It should be the first link that comes up.

SuperSleeper Wrote:


Hi Paptillian... yep, can't link to commercially-owned DME forums or websites, but for reference, here's the YouTube video you mentioned, at least.


Direct YouTube link:

(07-13-2013, 09:11 PM)Paptillian Wrote: Looks like I can't post a link to that site anyway...

Try going to Google and using this search term: "Runaway pressure S9 Autoset with H5i and Climate Line. Help?"
It should be the first link that comes up.

Ok...will do
Could it be UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome)?

What does flow limitation chart look like?
(EDIT: Sorry, only two of those images came up the first time I looked at the post. I'm still wondering about the possibility of UARS though. That Flow Limitation chart looks a good bit different from mine and seems to me that flow limitation may be why the machine is raising pressure.)

Doc should have mentioned UARS if that is present, but it wouldn't change the treatment - PAP is indicated treatment for UARS. (EDIT: Maybe insurance coverage a concern or no UARS because Apnea present, just Apnea with some strange flow limitation? )


Check ResScan for comparison. 1st thought machine malfunctioning but there is slight rise and fall in pressure as shown here, not flat line at maximum pressure
[Image: Sleepy_Head_gail_jul_9_10_page_4.jpg]

Thanks for your help! I have made more progress in the pass few days then I have in pass 6 months. I know I need my CPAP. When I tried to sleep without it I have these episode where I can't tell if I'm awake or if I dream and through the night I keep dreaming that Im waking up..then something in my dream that doesn't make sense tells me girl you're still sleep...it horrible and my providers don't get it. I haven't sleep through out the night in over 6 years. I've od on pills and drink...only to wake up multiple times during the night and bearly able to function the next day.
gogailg5, from your data everything seems pretty good, not sure why the AHI chart isn't showing anything but you seem to have total AHI's which are good. A suggestion, you may want to try using the ramp feature, it looks like it is not set to on but having said that you don't have a huge range between your high and low pressure so it won't make much difference. Alos you you should ask your doctor why the range is so low, auto machines are designed to start out low and increase when apnea's are detected so in your case the low pressure may be set at a low of 4 and a high of 9 and would go between that range all night. The other thing is you seem to be hitting your high a fair bit of the time and you high pressure may need increasing by 1 or 2. Your pressure chart should really go along at the low pressure most of the time and only rise when you have a apnea or mask leak, yours seemes to stay high most of the night which means it is almost a CPAP rather than an APAP, but please ask your doctor there may be some reason why the setting are like they are. Hope that makes a bit of sense.

After take in everyone's analogy. I think we have uncover the problem. The problem is actually with the mask and one person pointed out the Flow rate was unstable. I used the Pillaro nasal mask. It come with 3 nasal sizes. There a small hole at the end of the nasal piece. What' happening is that it sometimes collapse. I which to an old Condance(not sure the name) but it's a cloth mask. My pressure was much more stable. It still have issues in that the machine is extremely sensitive to the flow and the cloth is very flexible. I did change the mask setting to nasal. I have to go to work now but I will email the results PM. I now need to find a more sturdy mask and find out from resmed(or I some one knows) with mask setting is the least sensitive. thanks to all!Okay

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