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[CPAP] Still snoring with Auto Cpap
I am another cervical collar user. I also tilt my head / chin tuck while sleeping according to my wife. Using a cervical collar had made sleep more comfortable and also eliminated mouth breathing and resulted in more consistent numbers of events. As your husband does tilt his head, I strongly urge you (him) to try one to see what benefits it might bring.
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With regards to the noise from your Dreamstation, are you using both filters?  The ultra fine filter made my Dreamstation noisy.  Once I removed it and just used the standard filter, the Dreamstation was (and is) extremely quiet.
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Hi Tahera11979,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to your husband with his CPAP therapy and getting it adjusted to better meet his needs.
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Thank you very much for the warm welcome Trish.

In terms of the cervical collar we will try and see if it works for him, it's a great suggestion we would have never thought of so thank you for that!

Fedman, I am so happy to hear that there is a way to decrease the sound. Is it safe to only use the standard filter? Does the machine come with both by default?

Opal Rose, we have increased the pressure so will see if this makes a difference. I will keep you posted.

We are going to be travelling soon and my husband doesn't feel comfortable taking the CPAP machine with him. Do you all travel with the Cpap or are there any alternatives for the meantime?

Thank you everyone for the support!
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It is safe to use just the standard filter.  The ultra fine filter is an extra layer of protection for small particles like dust and pollen.  I've never had a problem using just the standard filter.  If your husband is extra sensitive to air born allergens, the fine filter may help.

I think most people on this forum travel with their CPAP's.  I am a frequent business traveler/flyer and I never leave home without it.  I have taken it across North America and Europe without a problem.  I just don't want to sleep without it.  I like waking up feeling rested and ready to go.
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That's great to know about the filter and travels as well. I really hope that my husband will get used to travelling with it as he travels a lot and we have two holidays planned and I am already scared of the snores without the machine.
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I think you should see results pretty quickly for this. Think how short titration is compared to a full night at a new pressure range.
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Thank you very much and I really hope so.

We have had a look at Sleepyhead and maximum pressure was used for the majority of the night so we increased the upper pressure from 15 to 18.
Besides the squeaking sound of the machine and him tossing and turning the snores seemed less. We will try removing one of the filters tonight and see if this helps.

In terms of the snores, I really hope that we have overcame it by increasing the pressure.
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Hi all,

we have increased the pressure but my dh still snores. It's the vibratory snore which keeps me awake all night. Last night has been an absolute nightmare for me. I was so sleep deprived this morning. Is there anything we can do?

Regarding the noise of the machine, it doesn't bother me as much anymore.

I have attached the most recent reports and I would appreciate your advises!

Please see the images under the link below. (I can't seem to attach them)


Thank you very much!
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As a novice, I would say you could go to the average, or median on the main chart, so 10-11 minimum or more wouldn't be out of place, if needed to stop the snoring.
In theory and what they do for single pressure CPAP.. you could go as a minimum from the 90% 14.5cm, all the way up to the max pressure 17cm, if you really had to. you have a fair room to move to find the pressure that stops the snoring
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