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[CPAP] Two years with low AHI and still very tired
(12-13-2017, 06:41 AM)orzabal Wrote: I have been using CPAP for over 2 years following a sleep study which provided an untreated AHI of 23. Despite full compliance with an average of 7 hours sleep per night I am completely exhausted every day. I had a MLST which proved inconclusive and have been prescribed Modafanil 400mg per day, this makes little difference and I can still fall asleep whilst taking them. I was also diagnosed with REM sleep behavior disorder but don't take any medication for this.

The consultant has taken numerous blood tests and I was low on Vitamin D for which I was given tablets, there was also some questions around B12 levels but at the follow up the range was at the lower end of normal. I have been checked for thyroid issues and diabetes both being negative.

My AHI averages just under 2 and I have minimal to no leaks.

I currently use a full face Air Fit F20 mask with a ResMed Air Sense Autoset, the settings being 7.8 - 16 with the average pressure being 10.

My thoughts now are to try an oximeter and run the data also through sleepyhead to see if that shows anything I may be missing.

My consultant is excellent and is thinking of now diagnosing idiopathic hypersomnia however the treatment would remain the same as I already take Modafanil.

I am on no other medication and have no other health problems, weight is slightly above normal but neck size is 15.5.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I continue to be tired, not only sleepy but this impacts on concentration levels etc.

Many thanks

If your consultant is going with idiopathic hypersomnia that is your reason right there.  Xpap can only help with sleep obstructions and help you get the best of the sleep you have.  Unless a condition was created by or worsened by sleep apnea, i think xpap will not likely have any impact.
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CPapian, thanks for that, I do have sleep apnea also hence the CPAP, the diagnosis of idiopathic hypersomnia would be in addition to the apnea and I would still require to use CPAP every day.
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(12-14-2017, 03:05 AM)orzabal Wrote: Good morning, it's hard to tell the difference between fatigue and sleepiness, by way of example yesterday I felt fatigued all day and by late afternoon I was struggling to stay awake............ I took 400 mg of Modafanil and within 10 minutes was so tired that I had an hours sleep!!

orzabal: I am not a sleep specialist and defer to your health care provider, but your case sounds doesn't sound like idiopathic hypersomnia to me.  With idiopathic hypersomnia, I would think that you'd have a clear cut sense of the issue being irrepressible sleepiness as opposed to an uncertain mix of sleepiness and fatigue/exhaustion.
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Apnea Board's facebook page has a link to a thread regarding vitamin D & sleep apnea:
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(12-14-2017, 07:00 PM)kiwii Wrote: Apnea Board's facebook page has a link to a thread regarding vitamin D & sleep apnea:

Well too bad I didnt know about D and acid reflux before I had my Nissen fundoplication. I literally woke up with acid in my mouth and nose at times.
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Orzabal, how many hours of sleep do you average? Your last chart shows about 7 hours with an interruption after 40 minutes, which would mean just over 6-hours of potentially restorative sleep. Maybe not enough?
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Thanks for all your replies, I do generally average about 7 hours per night which may not be enough and I will try and up that by an hour. Consultant today confirmed idiopathic hypersomnia along with sleep apnea, no other treatment other than Ritalin instead of Modafanil which I declined. I will continue to analyse my sleep as I do think there is something more in the data.
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