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[CPAP] Understanding charts
RE: Understanding charts
I have tried a few masks, but at my recent  overnight sleep study the tech finally used a Fisher & Paykel Simplus.  For me, that has worked quite well with few leaks.  I am a side sleeper and I thrash around a lot.  After doing some research, I found that the  Vitera is the new F&P upgrade which is designed for people who move around a lot.  I plan on ordering that at the end of the month when my insurance allows a new mask.  Good luck.
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RE: Understanding charts
Another mask to consider is the ResMed Mirage Activa. It is an old school mask but it handles sidesleeping and activity very well. It was my goto mask for years. What I don't know os ho it fits you. I suspect well.
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RE: Understanding charts
Hello again

I seem to be having increasing mask difficulty and, although my AHI scores are low, I'm feeling less rested and sleep is very interrupted.  I've attached a screen shot for last night.  Something I can't get out of my head is wondering whether I have OSA at all.  Is this something that can be seen from these charts? Score on home study was AHI of 18 with significant desats but I had no further investigations and was issued an APAP machine by a private doctor. The scores now seem so low and with pressures that are also quite low that I just wonder whether the therapy is genuinely needed or whether I have just convinced myself it is.  This may be due to the fact that although I do think I felt the benefit of it after the first few weeks I have been really struggling with it lately. 

The biggest problem is getting a mask that is comfortable, quiet enough and not leaking all over my face.  The amara view worked fine for me for weeks but now I just can't seem to stop it leaking.  I'm also getting a dribbling sensation down the bottom of the mask when on my side and it just flaps and pfffts around the side of my mouth constantly waking me despite trying every combination of strap adjustments imaginable.  I've tried the airfit f20 and the airtouch cushion but neither seem to keep a good seal and the headgear digs into my neck.  Last night I tried the dreamwear nasal cushion but woke myself with mouth snorts then managed to tear my hose when  trying to change back to the amara view.  Managed to patch it up with gaffer tape but it is hissing a bit.  New hose on order but now very grumpy.

Any help appreciated

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Is it OSA?
See post above.

Trying (unsuccessfully) to update title of thread
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RE: Understanding charts
Just found this thread, and I could well have been the OP -- been there & doing that. In the last 6 weeks, since switching from CPAP (8) to BiPAP (8/13), I've gone through over 12 masks trying to find one that's comfortable, with no leaks, easy to don and doff in the dark (I get up twice to pee during the night) with hands that don't work very well, quiet, etc. My favorite of all is a simple nasal pillow, but I'm a natural mouth breather (mostly) and using a chinstrap is very uncomfortable as well as ineffective (I tried 4). Some masks that I tried fed the air in from overhead, which was a major fail -- the air rushing by my ears was very noisy, and with the hose out of reach, it's hard to manage as you move around. I liked the Amara View a lot, but had the same problems -- leaks that came and went, especially as I thrashed around, and, as a bonus, it had a clip-on headgear arrangement which was very difficult for me to use. I may try to adapt it to use ResMed's magnetic clips and try it again. (Once the frame is adapted, the cushions are replaceable).

My DME supplier left me about 8 masks in several sizes, including an F20AirFit (Small). This felt good, and didn't leak, but often exposed my mouth as I moved my jaw around, which allowed a huge leak. I asked for a Large, and thought I had found the mask for me. But after 4 or 5 nights of no leaks, I noticed the bridge of my nose was sore. My theory right now is that the Large size covers the mouth well, but it (and the headgear) allow the mask to ride up my face, and the sharp pointy top of the mask digs in. Ouch. I thought maybe the AirTouch version, with the memory foam cushion, might be more comfy, and it was -- but it leaked like a sieve. So I've just ordered an AirFit Medium cushion, hoping for the best. It arrives next week sometime; I'll let you know what happens. They also make little silicone pads for your nose, used with glasses, which might help.

I can open a mask lending library when this is all settled.
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RE: Is it OSA?
(04-11-2020, 07:38 PM)csl1 Wrote: Trying (unsuccessfully) to update title of thread

You can't do that, only a moderator or administrator can. Let us know what title you would you like and one of us will fix it for you.

Looking at your latest chart it looks like you still have some way to go with the pressure increase to get optimum therapy. And yes, I understand the issue you're having with the mask. Can I make two suggestions:
  1. If not already doing so, arrange the hose so that it comes from above your head. You might need to get a nifty hose stand (looks a bit like an IV stand) or attach it to your bedhead somehow.
  2. Have a look at mask liners - fabric things which go between the silicone of the mask and your skin. Search for Remzz and Pad-a-cheek See Supplier #31 .
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RE: Understanding charts
csl1: I had the same problems as you, but I think I've solved most of them.

See http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...#pid348116
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