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CPAP and FitBit Conflicting Wireless Usage
I sometimes use an UP3 (similiar to Fitbit) at night.   I've never experienced any type of arm/wrist pain.  I wear it during the day too to track steps taken. Up3 also uses Bluetooth.  

I did google the subject and there are some folk that experience pain/tingling feeling in their arms while wearing these devices.

It may be you are sensitive to such devices, or as others have said, it is being worn too tight and may be pressing on a nerve.
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(05-31-2017, 10:02 AM)pholynyk Wrote: My guess was that the FitBit was too small for your wrist, and it pinched a nerve. The bands do come in different sizes. I would suggest you find a tape measure, measure your wrist, and then compare that to FitBit band sizes. You could Google for 'large boned frame' or some such for more things to measure. Wrist circumference is one of the easiest, the elbow width is another. I need XL in almost everything, except where I need 2XL.
Here is a medline link for a quick check: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/imagepages/17182.htm

The Fitbit was the correct size and it didn't pinch a nerve. I am aware that they come in various sizes and I happened to use the largest size because I wanted a very loose fit. Not for anything but I am highly educated and intelligent and aware of proper fitting. I also do a lot of research before I purchase anything and when I do purchase something, I further research it before using it.  The intent of this thread was to alert others in the event they have the same problem. The FitBit is not important to me. The pain radiating from my elbow to my fingers when sleeping with my FitBit and CPAP was important to me. I have discontinued use of the FitBit and all is back to normal. I thank everyone on this thread for their suggestions and concern.
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(05-31-2017, 10:03 AM)TASmart Wrote: I have a Fitbit that I wear at night sometimes. The only think a Fitbit does to measure heart rate is to have a pulsing LED on the back to look at blood flow Nothing to do with the Bluetooth part. The data is then sent via Bluetooth to it's receiving device that then sends the data out via Wi-Fi. If you shut down the Bluetooth the Fitbit is unable to send data into the system.

I believe your pain is caused by your sleeping positon causing the Fitbit to cause pressure on a nerve. No way is Bluetooth data transmission causing the type of pain you describe. And at least every Fitbit I have looked at does not have Wi-Fi capability.

The FitBit I had reported wirelessly on my computer (same way as my CPAP does) therefore, having WiFi capabilities.
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Which Model because Fitbit says they all link trough Bluetooth. But it does not really matter. I am good with whatever. Made your wrist/arm hurt, you got rid of it, no issues.
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(05-31-2017, 02:58 PM)TASmart Wrote: Which Model because Fitbit says they all link trough Bluetooth.  But it does not really matter. I am good with whatever. Made your  wrist/arm hurt, you got rid of it, no issues.

Yup. Got rid of it. It wasn't important to me. Sleeping comfortably with my CPAP was all that mattered. I just wanted it out there in the event someone else has the same problem. Thank you - everyone!
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The Resmed machine connects to manufacturer by built in cellular modem.
Similar to Amazon Kindle Whisper service.
The Fitbit connects to your phone by Bluetooth, then your phone sends to account
by either cellular data connection or wireless, depending on your settings and what's

Either way, all of it is extremely low power radio communication.
Cell phones normally run under 100 milliwatts, the max they can put out is about .6 watt.
The rf does not have the power to destroy cell DNA or any ionizing radiation.
Strong enough rf can heat up skin but it would take like 40 000 cell phones to equal even a 40 watt light bulb.

Sunlight is more dangerous as it also carries ionizing radiation, which rf does not.
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The IEEE and the FCC have set exposure standards for Radio Frequency Energy. They vary with frequency.
However, some people are more sensitive to RF exposure.

I personally will not use a cellphone directly against my head. I use BlueTooth or put it on speaker.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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(05-31-2017, 03:35 PM)justMongo Wrote: The IEEE and the FCC have set exposure standards for Radio Frequency Energy.  They vary with frequency.
However, some people are more sensitive to RF exposure.

I personally will not use a cellphone directly against my head.  I use BlueTooth or put it on speaker.

The authorities say that BlueTooth is bad on your head, too.  It will be interesting to see the medical data that comes out about all of these things down the road. I use a iPhone exclusively and got rid of my landlord. I try to use Apple's ear buds when talking on the phone.
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Health Effects of Bluetooth:

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"Although these Wi-Fi refugees do have symptoms, the people who have claimed to have the condition cannot distinguish between real and sham electromagnetic fields, for instance." From that link.

Most bluetooth headsets run at 1 mw.
1, just 1, mw of non-ionizing rf radiation.

If cell phones, wifi and bluetooth were causing cancer, every single teenage girl in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan would be dead or have a Sailor Moon or Hello Kitty shaped tumor on the side of their head.
Every other person on earth would have cancer from ionizing radiation from the sun.
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