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[CPAP] buying a CPAP from the US for use in Australia.
(11-13-2014, 01:53 AM)lab rat Wrote: Definitely price fixing. Their excuse for not wanting US agents to sell to Australia is to protect the locals. If we publicise the issue Resmed will definitely close the loophole.

Agreed lab rat. Yes we all know they are price fixing, and yes no one here agrees with the exorbitant mark ups seen here in Australia and other countries. All we can do is to make people aware here in our usual discrete fashion and point them in the right direction. I already know a couple of people with apnea machines and will be letting them know about this forum and also there are better deals to be had by sourcing those products from reliable suppliers in other areas of the globe, rather than the local sharks we have here and else where.

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Lest anyone reading this be worried about not having an Australian warranty on Resmed machines, I might point out that a fault in a handful of S8's a few years back led to a recall of 300,000 machines worldwide (this included my machine which worked fine)/. Their warehouse in Sydney was packed with stock that had to be dumped.

The cost of the recall, which took place across North America and Latin America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, has been estimated at about $US59.7 million (AUD$71.9 million)..

Fast forward to 2014, and I am convinced that Resmed has a quality control department here in Australia second to none. Your chances of an Airsense 10 failing within 5 years is miniscule. Besides you paid just half price from the US so can afford to throw it out after 5 years and update to the next model.

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(11-11-2014, 05:53 AM)zonk Wrote: I would keep quiet about it, manufacturers might find a way stop their machines exported outside US

As for price fixing, ResMed been there and done that

I just want to say an absolute GREAT thanks to everyone in this forum. There is so much great info and help!!

BUT, at the risk of being *very* boring I did a little more digging at the ACCC for those interested (thanks for the link above). My understanding is that ResMed has a discretionary approval from the ACCC to "break the law" and engage in "exclusive dealing" (normally banned under s47 of the Competition and Consumer Act) ... See: ACCC registers for exclusive dealing notification: N94528 of 2010. It seems ResMed uses the combination of a local ACCC exemption and their overseas supply contracts, that prevent parallel imports, to price gouge Aussies.
For example, US company sites often say they don't international ship Philips or ResMed as a result of "manufacturer's policies". As mentioned about forum members "keeping quiet" ... I suspect an international supplier who allows parallel imports to Oz risks ResMed cutting off their supplies under contract law ... A very nasty threat to the supplier; and, a nasty anti-competitive threat to Australian consumers from ResMed and Philips.
Frankly, I think it is a deplorable situation for Aussie consumers, particularly for vital health and life support equipment that many less well-off people find very difficult to afford and suffer poor health for longer periods than they should.
The scheme seems to be dressed-up by ResMed and others, and agreed to by the ACCC, as being in the interests of local consumers because of the "face-to-face" service they get from "Authorised sellers" for home use medical equipment ... While the "logic" is clearly good enough to convince the regulator, I think that once you have a prescription - that should be enough, and you should be able to parallel import equipment...
I will now "keep quiet" and say no more...
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(11-11-2014, 07:34 PM)BurrChi Wrote: Hi All, Yes, it's ResMed. A few years ago (2012) I wrote about high Australian prices for CPAP and the massive price differences to the then Minister responsible (The Treasurer), the ACCC, and the MD of ResMed. ResMed never replied. Finally, an adviser from the Assistant Treasurer's office replied after some months delay.... Basically saying the practice is called "international price discrimination". But the adviser said in effect, yes we aware of this - similar to some IT pricing, but at the end of the day it is up to the company's own policy ... quote: "Under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) firms are generally free to determine the price of goods and services". In summary, no action, take it or leave it, the company decides price. No mention in the response was made of the supplier agreements to prevent exports back to OZ.... Needless to say, disappointing - seems to be being ignored and nobody seems to want to take it on.

I'm sure you're wrong. It's like here in the USA. The problem is noted, and the responsible electric officials have a discussion with the businesses involved and the appropriate actions are taken.

i.e. the businesses involved increase the bribes they're paying to the political campaigns of the officials involved.
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(11-14-2014, 04:34 AM)chiphead Wrote: Agreed lab rat. Yes we all know they are price fixing, and yes no one here agrees with the exorbitant mark ups seen here in Australia and other countries.

This anomaly is not exclusive to PAP equipment. It is the same with hearing aids too. I bought top of the range aids from US supplier at half the price quoted here in AU.
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It's the infamous "AUSTRALIA TAX"
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(11-22-2014, 04:57 PM)woozie38 Wrote:
(11-14-2014, 04:34 AM)chiphead Wrote: Agreed lab rat. Yes we all know they are price fixing, and yes no one here agrees with the exorbitant mark ups seen here in Australia and other countries.

This anomaly is not exclusive to PAP equipment. It is the same with hearing aids too. I bought top of the range aids from US supplier at half the price quoted here in AU.

Is that why people from the land of Oz seem to have trouble hearing??? Dielaughing

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Why do Australians pay so much more for tech products than Americans - sometimes over 80 per cent more?

Supermarkets argue global suppliers make fat profits by charging Australian retailers

When Coca-Cola Amatil boss Terry Davis fronts the group's AGM Tuesday morning he will be asked to explain why a bottle of Coca-Cola costs up to two-thirds more in Australia than Asia. http://www.smh.com.au/business/grocery-c...2j3hs.html
Archangle response from another thread (posted without permission)

It's the extra cost to fill the bottles upside down. Expensive special bottling equipment is necessary to keep the cola from pouring out before they can get the cap on.

Australian CPAP machines cost extra because they need special water tanks that work upside down and run on beer instead of distilled water. Plus there is the special kangaroo fur filters needed on the back of the machine
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Zonk, I run my machine on bottles of Toohey's Old and my filters are from Tassie Devils.
I'm not a Doctor but a fan of The Doctor. any views,comments etc are my own

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Hello Forum, I've had to buy my AirSense 10 Autoset for Her from the US for financial reasons. Since the machine is bought overseas, ResMed Australia won't allow me to use their software program to obtain detailed data about my sleep. I'm obviously not the only person with an overseas bought CPAP machine, I'm hoping someone can recommend a program I CAN use, as, though my sleep is of better quality, and I've stopped passing out in my breakfast bowl, I'm not getting as much sleep as I'd like. I don't have an appointment to see a specialist sleep physician until mid-February 2017, again due to financial constraints.
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