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[CPAP] change pressure on cpap machine
when I first started using my cpap machine my pressure was set at 12. a few years later I was retested and it was set at 18. I have started to have problems with this setting. My mouth dries out terribly and my nose also dries out. My dr said I should lower my pressure setting to see if that helps. My user manual does not tell me how to lower the setting.
Can you please help me?
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Find the "super secret clinical setup manual" for your machine. The link at the top of the page should get you started. Constant pressure that high may be causing major leaks thus your drying out problems. Not sure of your model but a full data reporting machine and using software is the best way for you to know what is happening. Also a "auto machine" would help if you do need higher pressure sometime and less most of the time.
Good Luck!

Doc J (despite my nickname I am not a doctor)

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Hi bainsworth1a,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your questions and much succcess to you with your CPAP therapy.
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If you are getting good results at that pressure asides from dry mouth I would think that you may want to stick a humidifier inline (at least a bubble through type) to see if that helps. Good suggestion regarding APAP.
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Not sure what Remstar machine you have. At 18 constant your probably mouth leaking where you didnt before plus the higher air flow is drying out your nose.

The suggestions for an auto machine like a Remstar PRS1 series sixty auto aflex are the ticket. Youll have heated hose, humidity and youll only go to that 18 pressure when its needed instead of being subjected to it all the time.
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I would have to agree that an APAP is the best route. After my time with my sleep doc he has decided to Rx autosets for everyone in future both the maximize therapeutic value and to gather information. Alas, in steps the government and sets the criteria for APAP like machines so that very few are going to be getting them in Ontario unless the need is dire and proven. Sic. Remember that when it comes time to vote.
Educate, Advocate, Contemplate.
Herein lies personal opinion, no professional advice, which ALL are well advised to seek.

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I use resmedS9 AUTOSET I am APAP use state, set the minimum pressure for 5 mmH2O, maximum pressure of 17 mmH2O, after use, found that 95% of my state is 13.5 mmH2O, the biggest can reach 16.8 mmH2O.The pressure is normal?
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yes, and you might find that you'd be just as treated and happy if you narrowed your band to start at just under your median pressure, and upper limit of say 15. since you did not mention the median pressure, look around for it. software really helps, so please consider it, especially if you want to home in on better band of pressures. the values you state are pretty normal though, and it just depends on the patient and history.

wild guess is you'll be happier in the band of 8 min, 15 max. but most of us have tried jumps in min pressure and it don't work very well. if you do it, bump only about 1 cmH2O every 3 to 4 days. lowering the upper pressure can be done quickly.

is your machine telling you your AHI (score of apneas per hour)?

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my AHI is 6 ~ 8, cannot reach 5 or lower
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(02-28-2015, 02:59 AM)yzyanming Wrote: my AHI is 6 ~ 8, cannot reach 5 or lower

it would be beneficial to you to download the software and take a look at it and see if you can't find out what the problem is and if you want to post your information here we can probably help you with that that's the best place to start
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