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[CPAP] do I have to use the humidifier?
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Question do I have to use the humidifier?
Hi, I've recently started using a ResMed H5i CPAP machine and was chatting with a friend who said that she used to use the humidifier but it felt too wet so it made me wonder if I had to use the humidifier part or could I just take that part off (it comes in a two part machine that slides together side by side)? If so, do I plug the tube into the main unit II can't see a whole on that side) or do I just leave the water tank out of the humidifier side? Is that going to heat up the air and make it super dry? I hope somebody can help me. Thanks
04-28-2013 03:09 PM
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RE: do I have to use the humidifier?
Hi sleepyheadMK,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You don't necessarily have to use it, there are some people who don't use the humidifier but everyone is different. Your friend might need to turn her humidifier down if her face is getting wet.
The humidifier is used to moisen your nose; sometimes, CPAP therapy can dry you out a bit.
I use a humidifier and it helps me greatly.
Best of luck and hang in there for more suggestions.

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04-28-2013 03:31 PM
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RE: do I have to use the humidifier?
You can remove the humidifer and attach a standard or Slimline hose directly to the main unit (but not the heated hose). It will feel dry, but the main unit will not heat the air. You also have the option of using a heated hose or a hose cover to use the humidifier without getting rainout (condensation). Cold air holds less water vapor than warm air. A heated hose or a hose cover prevents the air from cooling off, stopping that wet feeling.
04-28-2013 03:32 PM
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RE: do I have to use the humidifier?
H5i is not the machine, its the humidifier
Next to stop/start button shows the model name ether AutoSet, Elite, Escape, Escape Auto.
First two data capable machines, Escape models are not data capable machines
You can use the S9 with or without humidifier but most CPAP users find breathing humidified air more comfortable and anything makes the therapy more comfortable is a good thing. Yes some don,t use humidifier but for me the humidifier is a must otherwise my nose get stuffy, the trick to experiment to find the sweet spot ... everyone is different
As for you friend, more likely she had humidity too high and not using the climate line (heated hose)
Climate line on auto, you select temp to preference and protects against rainout
04-28-2013 05:27 PM
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RE: do I have to use the humidifier?
First a warning: Take the water tank out of the humidify every time before you pick up or move the CPAP machine. You don't want to get water into the main blower unit, or you may damage it.

Don't forget that you can turn the humidity level up and down by turning the knob. You can even turn the humidity level to 0, where there is no heat, and you'll get a very low level of humidity.

One step further is to not put any water in the water tank at all, but be sure to have the heater turned off (humidifier setting zero) if you do this. On your particular machine, you'll find that the light in the humidifier tank is blue, not orange if the heater is off.

Your need for humidity will vary with the seasons as well. You may find you need it part of the year.

However, if you feel better without the humidifier, there's no hard and fast rule that you must use it.

You can detach the humidifier entirely and the machine will work without it.

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04-29-2013 08:22 PM
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