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[CPAP] high AHI/High H/leaks - chin strap?
Hello All,

I am a new CPAP user - been using it for 2 weeks now. CPAP equipment is as shown. I have been recording for the last week high AHI =11.18, high Hypopnea of 8.95, leak of 73 for 95%. I think my main problem is extreme dry mouth which wakes me up about 5 times a night. I have been drinking water in the middle of night by disconnecting one side of my full face mask and drinking which clears up the very dry mouth. Talked with my DME tech and he said to increase the humidity setting. when I reached 7 (max for F&P ICON+) it was overwhelming. It did not solve my dry mouth problem. Turned humidity back to 5. I have always been a mouth breather. I read on this forum that one should place your tonge on the roof of your mouth. I do that and it works. But when I fall into deep sleep - My body relaxes and my tonge fall to the bottom and air comes into my mouth which drys it out. Do you think my solution is to use a chin strap even though I use a full face mask. I hope that once I stop the leaks - that my other values improve.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Buffalo Bob
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(10-22-2014, 03:54 AM)Buffalo Bob Wrote: Do you think my solution is to use a chin strap even though I use a full face mask.

Yes, you're on the right track. I had the same mouth leaking problem you describe and my final solution was to switch from a nasal mask to a full face mask, wear the chinstrap in my profile under my mask harness and stop sleeping on my back. I found that the chinstrap doesn't have to be extremely tight. It's function is to restrain your chin somewhat and to encourage your mouth to remain closed. After a while my subconscious began to learn the mouth-closed-tongue-up technique.
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Hi Buffalo Bob,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You could try a chinstrap to see if that will help you.
Hang in there for more suggestions and best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Thanks JimZZZ,

Thanks for the encouragement. I have ordered the Chin Strap and it should get here in a couple of days. Need to keep my mouth closed otherwise it is like a herd of camels just ran through it and it wakes me up in the middle of the night and hinders a good nights rest.

My only problem is I can not sleep on my my side. I have severe spinal problems and am schedule for a fusion operation of my lower vertebrae in Jan 15. Right now I am sleeping my my recliner in the front room because of the pain. But I really have noticed even with all my initial problems with my CPAP system - I do sleep better and wake up more alert than I use to. If I can stop breathing through my mouth with all its dry mouth problems - then I will be in heaven.


Buffalo Bob
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If you are having leak problems, that may be a major cause for your dry mouth even with a full face mask.

Best Regards,

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Thanks PaytonA. Thats what I was thinking. Got to find a way to keep my mouth closed even though I am using a full face Mask.


Buffalo Bob
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(10-22-2014, 01:07 PM)Buffalo Bob Wrote: Thanks PaytonA. Thats what I was thinking. Got to find a way to keep my mouth closed even though I am using a full face Mask.


Buffalo Bob

If you have air going in and out of your mouth, even with a full face mask, it can cause dry mouth. It will be made even worse if your mask is leaking excessively.

Best Regards,

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Bob, the answer is with the chinstrap. Good job ordering it. I believe you will be pleased with the results.

Like you I could keep my mouth shut until I went way far away sleeping. Then we relax so much that our jaw drops down and with the jaw down, the tongue cannot do what it's supposed to do. You would have better results on your side, but sleeping on your back is certainly something that you can do. I sleep on my back, on my side, on my head... whatever gets in the way. I'm loving the back sleeping thing because that's something I had not been able to do for years.

Anyhow, with the chinstrap "gently applied" as Jimzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggested and your jaw will be "encouraged" to stay forward. Not forced.. Nobody wants to force Mr. Jaw to do anything it doesn't want to do. But encourage is good because the jaw will learn it's more comfortable to stay forward than to fall back. Then Mr. Tongue will learn to stay put where it belongs, and Mr. Bob will be a happy camper.
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Retired_guy and Paytona,

Thanks for your insight. Will let you know how it works once I receive the chinstrap. Also my regular house doctor said that I definitely need to take my CPAP machine to the hospital when I have my spinal fusion operation. He said it will definitely help the healing process. I guess you found that out also when you had your hip replacement operation.

Best regards,

Buffalo Bob
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spinal fusion .. is no fun !! good luck with it, when are you going to have that performed ?? winter is not the best time as its difficult to walk outside in the wintry weather and you will need to walk . Had L4 & L5 fused back in 02 due to an accident where I blew out those 2 disc's and had bone on bone ..

Good Luck !!
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