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CPAP is driving me nuts!
So with all the positives in the last months, my CPAP therapy is beginning to drive me nuts that I want to rip my mask off at nightSad.

Issue #1 - Very dry mouth to the point it hurts and I have a horse voice. I use the humidifier.

Issue #2 - Vivid dreams. I'm remembering very clearly at least three dreams a night and waking after them. They are not all pleasant dreams.

Issue #3 - Sore/dry nose. This is a newer issue and once again driving me nuts. I am taking nasal spray (Fluctinose) for allergies.

Issue #4 - Leaking and the noise from it. This will be 'hopefully' remedied soon with a new mask that my sleep doctor prescribed.

I have to remember that the positive effects of using the CPAP outweigh the issues I have. Any tips/help with these issues will be appreciated.

Thanks Smile
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1. For the dry mouth, you could try an OTC product for dry mouth. They make mouthwashes, toothpaste, etc. My dentist suggested that for me since I suffer from dry mouth as well.

I see you're using a nasal mask. The first thing that comes to mind is you're opening your mouth. Have you looked into that? If you are, you need to either get a chin strap to see if that helps or get a full-face or hybrid-type mask so your mouth will be covered. If air is leaking out of your mouth then not only will that cause dry mouth but you're not getting the proper xpap therapy.

2. Can't really help with the dreams.

3, I see you use a nasal spray for allergies. Do you use that at night right before bed? If not, there are OTC saline sprays and gels you could use right before before bed that might help with the dry/sore nose (I'm assuming you're talking about INSIDE your nose not outside since you're using a nasal mask not pillows.)

4. Leaking noise (and the feel of it on your face!) can be frustrating. Your new mask will probably help with that. And FOR ME, having a new mask every two months helps. I do clean mine, obviously, but after a while even that doesn't work as well as a new mask for the best seal.

And yes, keep reminding yourself of the positives!! You'll get through this rough patch!!
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Hi USKiwi,
I'm sorry you are having a rough time right now with your CPAP therapy. As far as dry mouth goes, there is a thread on this board called: New product for dry mouth.
You say you are using the humidifier, how high are you using it? Too much can be just as bad as too little..
Hopefully, when you get your new mask, things will get better for you.
Best of luck to you and just keep on trying, I know things are frustrating for you right now but just stick with it and keep us posted as you go along.
Hang in there for more suggestions.
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USKiwi, I used scuba divers mask sealant last night and I'm very impressed with its ability to stop leaks. I also just started using Biotene gel for a dry mouth. They also make toothpaste and mouthwash and I think I'll start using all products for better relief. If you wake one time during the night this is a good time to refresh the sealant. Amazon also has a number of products for dry mouuth.
I also cannot help with the dreams. Good luck. Take these isssues one at a time or two at a time .
I hope the problems clear up soon.
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Actually the dreaming is good. It means you're getting a full REM experience.
Of course this isn't always beer & skittles but without the dreams your brain goes nuts.

Hang in there!
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Hi WearyOne,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
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Yes, the dreaming is common. Some folks experience horrid nightmares.

Prior to CPAP, I could manipulate my dreams. Stop, rewind, fast forward, change scenes, change color, etc. The first several months after CPAP, my brain was, like, so happy to get control again. Most were just very, very odd but there were some where I woke up screaming.
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Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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1- dry mouth indicate mouth breathing. some like Biotenne mouth wash can help but don,t fix the problem
chinstrap can help keeping mouth closed.
full face allows to breath thru your nose or mouth but can be a challenge for some

2- dreams usually occur during REM sleep (which is important for restful sleep) something like 90 mins after you fall asleep
to remember dreams one have to awaken during the dreams. maybe you get disturbed by leaks (mask or mouth) and awaken during REM sleep

3- try saline spray or Sinus Rinse at night

4- masks have vent holes to flush out exhaled air. its called intentional leak (good leak). some mask are noisier than others

leak form the seal around the mask is called unintentional leak
S9 can compensate for leaks up to 24 L/min, higher leak can affect the accuracy the data and quality of sleep

mask is the most important part of therapy
mask need to be comfortable and fitted correctly to keep all night every night and the right size is important too

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(02-06-2013, 09:41 AM)USKiwi Wrote: Issue #3 - Sore/dry nose. This is a newer issue and once again driving me nuts. I am taking nasal spray (Fluctinose) for allergies.

Actually, Fluctinose is at least partly to blame here, I've used almost every brand of nasal corticosteroid and they've always caused me to have dry sinuses and then nosebleeds after a while, I also had a sore throat most of the time I was using them - this was without CPAP to make it worse, I haven't used any nasal corticosteroids since I started CPAP in 2008.

You might try going without it for several days to see if your nose feels better, then you'd know for sure if it's causing the sore/dry nose problem or not.

Are you using very much humidity?
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Thanks Thanks Everyone.
Last night I reduced my humidity level and had a much better sleep. I contacted my allergist/ENT (who also has sleep apnea) and we are changing the nasal spray to see if that helps. Hopefully the change in humidity is enough. I should be getting my new mask soon.
I love this board.
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