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[CPAP] last nights results
I like to focus on parts of the graph where not a lot is going on and compare that to when there is a lot going on. It looks to me that the period between 4 and 7 you were pretty stable. A few things going on, but not much. On the other hand earlier in the evening when your pressure was low things were pretty dicey until the pressure came up enough, and some time elapsed for your system to chill out a little.

If this was my graph, I would raise the low end pressure to at least 8. It just seems to me you have a bunch of trouble when the pressures at the low end, so why leave it there?

I'd also cap the top end at around 13, just because I like a more narrowly defined set of pressures.

Then I'd run with it for a day or so and watch the results.
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First: The pressure curve looks like you are using a PR System One APAP, which is the most recent of the Respirionics Remstar Autos. You might want to clean up the equipment description so that folks don't misread it as "resmed Auto".

The leaks look good: The highest spot on the Total Leak graph corresponds to a period when your pressures were also at their highest. And it looks to me like the Leak graph is doing a good job of estimating your excess leaks, which are trivial. I'd turn off the RedLine in the leak graph since that's for ResMed machines, and it can confuse people when they're looking at PR data. You can find out more about how leaks are calculated in 8. Leaks

The AHI is 3.10, but its really hard to find that. You need to have the Details tab selected in the Left Side Bar to make it easier for folks to find the AHI data.

Technically an AHI = 3.10 is fine. The target is to get and keep the AHI below 5.0.

You have a large number of events scored between 2:15 and 3:15, but it also follows an obvious wake. Did it take you a while to get back to sleep after that wake? If so, some or all of those events (particulary the RERAs) might just be sleep/wake/junk breathing patterns that are being mis-scored as "real" sleep breathing events.

Likewise, were you restless and dozing in and out of sleep after 7:30?

And did you have a titration study done? If so, what was your titrated pressure? It looks like you're running in APAP mode with a min pressure = 5 and max pressure of 14 or 15. In the long run, you may need to increase the min pressure setting a bit, but for now, things look good for someone who is just starting out.
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[attachment=918]the earlier results that I had posted belongs with this graph, sorry guys last night wasn't too bad, on my sleep study I didn't have a cpap machine I just did the at home study and they sent my regular doctor the results which recommended a auto cpap machine for me. I have a pulmonologist and he ordered a sleep study a year ago and I just got it done, wish I would have done it sooner because untreated sleep apnea can be dangerous. I think I have had it all my life though, I would snore so loud that my mom and dad got a chin strap to try and help my snoring but it didn't work. I have asthma and copd which I quit smoking over 3 years ago. but the other night was really bad. I wish you could post more attachments then one at a time. thanks for everyones help so far
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I hear you on your history. I quite smoking about 8 years ago and that was probably about 5 years too late. So I do the emphysema thing. They keep trying to tell me I have asthma, but I'm not buying it. Emphysema's enough for now. But yeah, the snoring thing? A downside of cpap is since I quit snoring the city has had to install a new tsunami alert siren. They say they just can't depend on me to do that now.

But on your results: Right chart wrong day or not, you still have a pretty interesting garden growing about 5, that eventually calms down. Of particular interest to me is the CA's from 5:30 to 6:30. I think those might very well go away on their own once you get things a little better established. Once again, if it were my results, I'd work on the pressure range a little. Mostly by getting the bottom end up a little so it's not so darned far from "gee I got a problem" to "ok, can you hear me now?" Or was that a different commercial.
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all you all have been so great, I am so glad when I did a search I found this site. retired guy you are too funny :-)
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(07-06-2014, 07:08 PM)annbower1125 Wrote: all you all have been so great, I am so glad when I did a search I found this site. retired guy you are too funny :-)
Hi annbower1125,
WELCOME! to the forum.! CONGRATULATIONS on quitting smoking and best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy..
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