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CPAP machine not calibrated?

My machine flew off the table the other night and fell about four feet and landed upside down on carpet. Since the fall, I'm getting pressure, but it feels like a reduced pressure (wake up abruptly gasping for air as soon as I fall asleep).

I'm getting the indicator that there are no leaks (green happy face). Took to my local CPAP shop, and she hooked up the manometer to the device and it read 8.8 / 8.9 even though the unit was set for 12. Shouldn't the manometer read around 12 as well? My suspicions were confirmed when I took it back home and raised my base pressure from 12 to 15'ish and it seems to function as before.

I don't think I should just assume its 3" w.c. off and would like it repaired. I've had it more than 2 years, so it's no longer covered under warranty.

Should the manometer read '12' if the machine is set to 12? (no ramp - it just goes straight to 12)... and any suggestions on repairs?

thnx! Coffee
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Hi Xyloc, welcome aboard
The manometer should read whatever the set pressure, if set pressure 12 ... the manometer should read 12

Was any water in the tank when the machine fell?
Where about are you? some US on-line suppliers ship overseas
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You're my hero for the quick response (thank you!)

Yes, there was water in the attached humidfier (I was sleeping when it fell.. I can only guess I was in the middle of a dream where I was conducting an orchestra to pull that thing off the side table - hahhahhaa), and was concerned water got in the 'business' end...

And, I assumed it should've read 12 as well, but I specifically bundled up all of my CPAP 'gear' to have them test it cuz they're the experts, right? (/sigh)...

I'm in San Jose, CA. They said (I'm paraphrasing): I don't see anything wrong with your unit. If you want, we can send your machine to ResMed for them to inspect/repair the unit and you can rent a CPAP machine from us for $350 per month.


(04-16-2014, 03:58 AM)zonk Wrote: Hi Xyloc, welcome aboard
The manometer should read whatever the set pressure, if set pressure 12 ... the manometer should read 12

Was any water in the tank when the machine fell?
Where about are you? some US on-line suppliers ship overseas

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Anytime a machine is compromised like that it should certainly be checked by someone who knows what they are doing.
Your local CPAP shop seems to not know!
Now, whether it should read 12 depends on the machine. Running "dead head" it may only put out the EPR pressure.

Most likely water got into both the flow meter and pressure sensor; and the machine is kaputt. The actual sensors are on the main circuit board, so they'll have to replace that.

Since you're out of warranty, the repair and rental cost likely exceed the cost for a better, zero hour, machine from one of the suppliers on the list.
I'm thinking, open box special from Supplier #2. They expedite shipping and you can have it in one day. (But, do check their settings.)

You might wish to rethink where you put your next machine. A clean location on the floor might be better. Or a 3 meter hose looped around a solid, immovable object.
I don't move much at night; so, I don't pull on the hose.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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Hi Xyloc,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It might be just as well for you to look at Supplier #2 on the suppliers list here on the board. They have some good deals on either open-boxed or gently-used machines.
Another thing you could do is to get some sort of hose management system or make one, so that you don't knock your machine off in the future.
Best of luck and hang in there for more suggestions.
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Let me get this straight, when set at 12 cmH2O the manometer read 8.8/8.9 cmH2O and the DME said they couldn't find anything wrong??? Sounds like you might be going to the same DME as a lot of others here....Oh-jeez

You could get your own manometer (google it, can get them at a reasonable price) and use that to set your machine and check it regularly.

If it were me, I would feel better paying to have it repaired or seeing what kind of deal I could get from Supplier #2 on a new "open box" or used machine. Might be worth giving #2 a call and explain the situation - he might be able to take your broken (or out of adjustment) one in trade if it can be fixed...but I'm not sure about that last part.

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