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[CPAP] new electricity bill
Yeah, my PC is running BOINC as well. I only turn the poor thing off Friday nights after I run a scan or two. Bless its heart.

And Duke is way up in Indiana, too? They are about to merge/buy out Progress Energy but folks are fighting it.
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I had looked at this when I first start CPAP here, and no discounts for CPAP....though there was mixed responses on whether you could get a doctor to register you as having life support equipment....which just means the electric company will try to give your area higher priority in service restoration in the event of an outage. And, notify you of planned outages. And, offer suggestions on alternative power options and other emergency preparations.

But no discounts, and no protection against disconnection for non-payment.

But, for me...unless the pole on the mainline that has the downfeed to the ground transformers that feed my area goes down....an outage affecting the mainline already gets high priority in service restoration. Since I'm 3 blocks down the mainline from the hospital.
You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!
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I live in Arizona, not too far from the turquoise in my username. and actually my electric co.gives a $17 credit /discount on the bill. However I got a letter a few months ago stating they will no longer do this as of some date I forgot. They will send a letter reminding me. I would need to apply for a discount if my income was so low I qualified that way. I don't recall the reason because it was written in a way that was confusing. Yes, I am lucky I have had it this long. I do think if a person is on continuous oxygen they discount your bill for that. That I think does pull a lot of electricity. Personally, I think we should get all the benefits possible. I mean we do need c-pap and it does use some electricity regardless of how much or little. It is a necessary piece of equipment.
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Do you receive Medicaid? It could be it is something connected to that? I know I could get a discount on the phone but I've never taken them up on it.
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No Medicaid I just had to have proof from my DME that I use a c-pap nightly and that I must use it for my health.And they took the form and filled it out and sent it in. The DME said they do it for patients all the time. It was very easy to apply for. You do have to ask customer service because the discount is not commonly known. They send a simple form you take to your DME and they fill out the few questions and the doctor signs it and they fax it all I guess to the the electric co. Anyone on C-pap can qualify. Medicaid has nothing to do with it.
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Not sure about the US but here in the uk you can also get a tax rebate Big Grin
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I do have one of those 'watt meter' thingy. Here is what I observed with my Respironics REMstar Plus M series running at 10cmH2O.

(1) 10 to 12 watts - Just running the CPAP alone without the heated humidifier on.

(2) 50 to 85 watts - With the heated humidifier set at my normal setting of '2'. I think the wattage jumps around because the heater is an intermittent heating cycle to maintain the set temperature.

(3) 60 to 104 watts - Cranking humidifier setting to maximum at '5'.

(4) 1 to 2 watts - At idles with it plugged 'in' with the switch 'off'.

This is just a quick glance with the watt meter, and a non-scientific test. I didn't check the amount of water in the humidifier or let it run long to reach the temperature setting.

What I see is that at my CPAP and humidifier settings, I am using around 50 to 85 watts. Less than running a 100 watt light bulb when I have my machine on at night.

My machine doesn't have the data module, so I don't know if it draws more power if it had one. I guess that would be very minimal with circuitry these days.
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Those numbers make me wonder why a utility company would even consider a discount for just a CPAP. I can see if one was severely disabled and used a lot of medical devices (vent, power bed, chair charger, etc) that the discount would come in handy.
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Hi all I re submitted copies of the origonal forms signed by my MD and all is now well they found my entitlement and my off peak as well.
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(12-31-2012, 08:08 PM)embroiderer Wrote: Hi all I re submitted copies of the origonal forms signed by my MD and all is now well they found my entitlement and my off peak as well.
you may also qualify for the $140 essential medical payment
not much but every bit does help
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