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CPAP nightmare
When I first started CPAP I also found myself jolting back to wakefulness just as I was getting to sleep. Something had to be waking me up and I was right. As I relaxed into sleep my mouth opened and i began mouth breathing which woke me up and the air rushed out of my mouth. Could this be the case for you?
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It's a little before midnight. Told myself I'd go 2 hours before taking a break and I almost made it. I must have fallen asleep because the machine bumped up the pressure to 9.7 - this caused me to mouth breathe and woke me up. This has happened twice now. Trying to view this as progress and be encouraged. I'm maintaining the anxiety well enough through self-talk and mindfulness, but I'm too hungry to sleep plus my wife is snoring. Getting a snack, I'm going to de-stress a bit and then go back in there. Maybe put the chinstrap on. See what happens.
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Upon reflection... I've been using sleep aids since I got this CPAP. It seems they have outlived their usefulness. So my plan to ease into the CPAP and taper off sleep aids has backfired.

It's a quarter after 2. This is about when I gave up last night and went to sleep without the darn thing on. My ability to control my anxiety is waning and my wife is getting cranky at my tossing and turning. I'm literally counting the seconds between breaks now. How does one lie awake in bed for hours without going crazy?

I tried the chin strap but I think it just made it harder to fall asleep. But when I do finally fall asleep, the air goes out my mouth, which wakes me up. Chicken and egg.

Same deal, gonna do something nonstressful and nonstimulating for 20 minutes or so and then try again with the cpap. If I'm not asleep by 4, I'm just going to get up and start my day.
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Can't get past the anxiety and I can't even sleep without the CPAP now. Two nights in a row no sleep is pretty rare for me, but man is it brutal. Gonna call my doc today and try to get squeezed in to see my psychiatrist to discuss going back on Lorazepam.

I'm up for the day so I might as well get some work done.
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Chinstraps are uncomfortable and tend to push the jaw backwards further exacerbating the original problem, a limited airway.

I solved this by using a soft cervical collar. It did a number of positive things including keeping my jaw closed and more importantly preventing my chin sagging towards my chest which will start to close my airway. The final plus is that it is a damn sight more comfortable than a chinstrap and a lot cheaper too.

Your continual posts give me us the message that you want to get on top of this which is great. We are very happy to help.
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I want to get on top of this, but my willpower is fading. I know this is going to be a rough day.

If I can't get in to see any of my doctors today, I am considering taking a night off just to get some sleep and start over the next night. Sucks because I was waking at least a little more refreshed than usual when I *was* sleeping on the CPAP.

Just any old cervical collar? Like the kind doctors give you for neck injuries?
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I'm going to skip work today. I've slept 2 hours, untreated, in the last 48, and when my wife or son try to talk to me I break out into uncontrollable crying fits. I probably shouldn't even drive.

If I nap today, it's going to completely upset my sleep cycle, so I have to survive the next 14 hours only to face the machine again.

I'm not doing the machine tonight.
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Hi bernerbits. Welcome to the Apnea Board. My first thought is that you need to get the anxiety under control. You may need to do this before returning to CPAP therapy. In my view excess anxiety is a brain chemical problem that may be worsened by your reaction to your immediate circumstances. Those reactions can produce releases of chemicals like adrenalin which will trigger additional anxiety. There are several medication routes that your Doctor could try to reduce the severity of anxiety attacks as well as your normal level of anxiety. It appears that your level of anxiety is severe enough to impair your quality of life without even thinking about CPAP. So, work on the anxiety first. Once your anxiety is under control you can look at CPAP again. You may need short term use of a prescribed sleep aid along with use of the machine while you are awake to get you used to it again. My sympathy for your troubles and good luck with your various therapies.

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I've been in CBT and on meds for anxiety for YEARS. If I have to cure my anxiety before I start on CPAP, I'm pretty much screwed.
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Hi berberbits,

Could going on and off anti anxiety medication be causing rebound anxiety? Might not be applicable in your case but I thought I would mention it.

Other ideas are to welcome your anxiety and not fight so hard against it. It might create lesser resistance when you try to go to bed and sleep on the machine. For more information on this type of strategy, google ACT therapy.

Best of luck.

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