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[CPAP] nose surgery = open air way = Bi pap doesn't work?
Good Morning,

nose surgery = open air way = Bi pap auto sv advanced doesn't work?

I assume I need new sleep study and new settings, but until that can be arranged can someone give me a good strategy for changing the settings? (I know how to change the settings)

Current settings : Max Pressure 25, epap min 6, epap max 15, PS min 0,
PS max 19, rate auto, Bi flex 3

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First, you are using a machine typically used to treat central sleep apena or complex apnea. So a surgical solution targeting obstructive sleep apnea may or may not improve your situation.

There is no way to comment on your settings without knowing what is going on. The best way to get there is to look at the machine data to see what pressures are actually being used, and the types and frequency of events. Download the free Sleepyhead program at the link at the top of this page, install it on a computer and load your machine's SD card data. You currently have fairly low EPAPmin pressure of 6.0 and a minimum pressure support of 0.0. So if there are no events or obstruction, you machine may be loitering at 6.0 all night...no problem. OTOH, you have a max EPAP of 15 and PSmax of 15. So if you are having obstructive events, your machine pressure is probably rising, and if it detects central events, your machine may be using considerable pressure support to induce a breath, overcome hypopnea or periodic breathing. Without knowing any of this, no recommendation is possible.
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Yes, (machine IS using considerable pressure support to induce a breath, overcome hypopnea or periodic breathing.) It blows out mask ! with the pressure settings that was percribed and that i listed.
But last night I changed the settings and reset the data. Max pressure 20, Min Epap 4, Max epap 12, min PS 0, maxPS 12.
Results: large leak 12%, Blower hrs 3.9, therapy time 3.06, AHI 12.3, perodic b 3, 90% epap 8, ave PS 2.3
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TMONK, we need to know the breakdown of the AHI between obstructive and central or clear. It sure doesn't sound like you can wean off your Auto SV machine as a result of the nasal surgery. It would really help for you to use Sleepyhead software to get a better overall picture. http://sleepyhead.jedimark.net/

If the results from your pressure changes were not as comfortable or less effective, you might want to return to the previous settings. I think the EPAPmin setting of 6.0 was a good one. You might be able to reduce the PSmax to as low as 10.0. This would avoid the machine going off quite as strongly when you have a CA event. Without looking at data, I can't comment on the EPAPmax as that number is really contingent on obstructive events. Once you have sleepyhead, you can attach a screenshot of the data, or post it from a hosted image. This tutorial might help.


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WELCOME! to the forum.!
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Thank You, I'll try loading the softwar in a few days. don't have the time now.
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I recently had nasal turbinate reduction along with revision of a deviated septum. All this did was to make xPAP therapy much easier to do. I have Central Apnea and therefore don't have collapsed airways but for those whose airways collapse during sleep the nasal region is the least involved. You may want to change your settings but as Sleeprider said we need to know much more to provide suggestions.

Apnea Board Member RobySue has posted a Beginners Guide to Sleepyhead Software here:  http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...SleepyHead

Download Sleepyhead
Organize your Sleepyhead Charts
Post from Imgur

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