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[CPAP] old machine w/o SD
old machine w/o SD
I'm brand new here. I was recently tested, and even more recently diagnosed (Jan 25 met with doctor). I am unemployed and my insurance has a $2000 deductible. I have obtained an old CPAP (Respironics REMstar Plus C-Flex) from a friend. It seems to work and I've ordered the clinicians' manual via e-mail, but used the nearest on-line manual to set the pressure.

This unit doesn't seem to have an SD card, certainly not easily accessible. It does have a data port. Does anybody know what software package I could use to monitor the data? In addition to the Vista box I usually use, I have a Win '98 box that I could hook up.

I know I should replace consumables including the mask, but from what little I've read here, it seems that evaluating a mask would be better done if I could access the data. I phoned Apria, but they didn't want to even re-program the unit because I hadn't bought it from them. (It was purchased from them, but not by me, and I didn't know that tidbit when I was on the phone with them.) I live in the Boulder, CO area.

If anyone has suggestions, please pass them on.
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RE: old machine w/o SD
Hi Lisa, welcome to the board
any Respironics machine with plus in the name or Resmed machine with Escape in the name would not tell you more than how many hours using the machine each night (with or without card)
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RE: old machine w/o SD
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RE: old machine w/o SD
machines that uses an SD card don,t require any special card reader also are full data capable machines such as:
Resmed S9 Autoset or S9 Elite (avoid Escape models: Escape and Escape Auto)
Phillips Respironcis System One (must have Phillips in the name) Auto 550/560 and Pro 450/460
(avoid Plus, other models with different numbers in the system one series and SE models)
Both the S9 and PRS1 machines are supported by free software
Resscan and SleepyHead for the S9
SleepyHead for PRS1 450/550 and there is a patch to use with 460/560
(560 and 460 are 60 series machines with the heated hose option)

Supplier #2 is recommended for used or new machines

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RE: old machine w/o SD
If you find the correct pressure, and you don't develop any problems, it will be fine. That's how all CPAP was done 10 years ago. You'll be a heck of a lot better than without CPAP.

A more modern data capable CPAP machine, such as a PRS1 Auto or Pro, or an S9 Elite or AutoSet will record your breathing at night, and can tell you if you're having problems, still having apneas, show if you're having leaks, give you clues about how to fix it, and detect some other problems.

A data capable CPAP machine may help you avoid having to take another $leep $tudy in the future.

Does it look like the "pre 2007" machine here. If so, we call that a "Legacy REMstar" machine.

[Image: which-remstar.jpg]

Sometimes, you'll find good machines on sale for cheap on Craigslist. You'll see a lot of overpriced machines, and a lot of old junk for sale, but occasionally there's a pony buried in the manure somewhere. It took me about 3 months of searching to find the machine I wanted at a good price.

Supplier #2 on the suppliers list at the top of the page has a good reputation for used machines. The other suppliers will sell you new machines for a fraction of the DME price.
Get the free OSCAR CPAP software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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RE: old machine w/o SD
Hi lepome, WELCOME! to the forum.!
Best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy and hang in there for more responses to your post.
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RE: old machine w/o SD
Hi Lisa.
I have the same CPAP as you only without CFLEX.
I had to nail down the right pressure to use by using a wearable pulse oximeter and electronic manometer.
I downloaded a PDF manual for the machine so I could adjust pressure.
It takes a lot longer to get things done this way but I am working on a shoe string with no insurance.
Hang in there and you'll make it like I did!


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