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CPAP user for a month, low AHI, still wake up to pee 2-5 times a night
CPAP user for a month, low AHI, still wake up to pee 2-5 times a night
Hi everybody, I have started using a Resmed AirSense 10 AutoSet for a month and I don't think it has helped me improve at all, here are some facts:
  • I'm 23, male, 157 lb, 5'11", exercise regularly, good mental health, but have ADHD
  • I went in because I have started to wake up to pee excessively (2-5 times a night). I don't drink water for 3 hours before sleeping.
  • My sleep study results (at-home WatchPAT recording): The patient recorded a total of 8.25 hours. Apnea/Hypopnea Index = 2.8/hr. Minimum O2 saturation was 94%; RDI = 13.2/hr.
  • I used to snore a lot, but OSCAR doesn't seem to report much snoring (occasional)
  • I have a lot of trouble staying asleep, but the APAP prescribed doesn't seem to help me stay asleep
  • Most of the time I wake up after 90 minutes, sometimes mask still on, sometimes it is off. One time I was able to stay asleep for 4.5 straight hours without removing the mask, but I have done the same with CPAP detached before too.
  • Every time I wake up, I have to pee or else I won't fall back asleep
  • My dad was diagnosed with sleep apnea, doctor suspected that over the years it has led to his current arrhythmia and heart issues (had a pacemaker installed).
Attached some sample data:
First one - My longest record, 4.5 hours straight and the mask didn't come off.
Second one - fell asleep consecutively a couple times for 1 sleep cycle (90min) each. Sometimes when I am having trouble falling asleep I have a bunch of CA's (as you can see around 6:40 AM

Do I just need to give it more time? Will I eventually get more continuous sleep? I still wake up often tired and sleepy throughout the day due to waking up all the time.

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RE: CPAP user for a month, low AHI, still wake up to pee 2-5 times a night
Let's look at 3-minute views (not longer) of where you woke up. Let's see if something is happening.
Also a couple of 'random' views to see how your normal breathing looks. I am looking for non-logged events, typically flow limits though your stats for FL are great.
It does take time to relearn that you don't have to take bathroom breats through the night. The frequency typically goes up with untreated apnea because you are not 'sleeping' enough/soundly enough. As I indicated let's see if something is happening that we can specifically address.
Your EPR = 3, this means that you min pressure should not be less than 7
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RE: CPAP user for a month, low AHI, still wake up to pee 2-5 times a night
I've been on CPAP Therapy a little over two years now. Prior to it, I was getting up about every 60-90 min. to go to the restroom. I'm now down to about 3-4 visits per night. Still not feeling rested though. 

I turn 66 later this month, and am debating with myself whether or not I will continue therapy. I have a sleep doctor appt. on Nov. 4. I'm hoping the doc will be able to convince me to stay the course.  

Everyone reacts differently to the therapy. You being as young as you are, I would definitely stay with it. It will get easier as time goes by.
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RE: CPAP user for a month, low AHI, still wake up to pee 2-5 times a night
Hi iamsleepy,
Welcome to the forum.
First, I would be wait to see what develops.  For most of us, the damage from Sleep Apnea has accumulated for years, so it usually takes time to repair.  I would use a sleep log to record things like Sleep time, AHI, and Wakeups, so you can look back and review for trends.  A simple text file would suffice.  Your machine records detailed data until it fills the SD card, so you should be able to look back and start your log from the beginning.

Second, At your age, this amount of awakening to urinate seems unusual.  I would suggest a consult with your GP and/or a Urologist to see if there is some non-apnea issue affecting you.

Good luck on your journey.
PAPing in NE Ohio, with a pack of Cairn terriers
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RE: CPAP user for a month, low AHI, still wake up to pee 2-5 times a night
Thanks for your reply, I've attached three wakeups and one screenshot of regular sleep breathing. I appreciate your time for looking into them! I'll keep at it and see if my body can't adapt to it.

@Big Guy
I'm sorry that you aren't able to get any restorative sleep yet, I hope that your doc can figure something out. I bet it is hard to adapt to wearing such a thing, I had a lot of trouble in the beginning too. Good luck and happy 66th Smile

Sounds good, I'll keep at it and review trends as they develop, after all I've only been at it for a month. As for seeing a urologist, I know my primary care recommended a blood test so they can see if I have diabetes or something that may cause the excess urine, but I thought that was unlikely since I exercise often and am pretty healthy. However you're right I might as well give it a try. I was under the impression that peeing this often can be directly caused by sleep apnea?

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