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CPAP user, had my wife try the Oximeter, since she snores. Should she get to a Dr.?
I've been on and off CPAP.  Currently ON, getting used to it.   My wife is a snorer.    So we had her try my Oximeter overnight.   Seems like she had a significant amount of time under 90% SpO2.   

Should we get her to a Dr. to look at it?

If so, what type?  Family Dr?  ENT?  Pulmonologist?
I'm currently seeing an ENT for my APNEA.

Will they take the results from the CMS50-F and order a sleep study? or will they require a home SpO2 test with a genuine medical device?

[Image: OwHqVkC.png]
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This really depends on what you are after and your insurance. It appears she might benefit from CPAP. If your insurance accepts home studies, work with your family doctor. Why people go to specialists to get jerked around I don't know. Anyway, your family doctor can work with you to prescribe an auto CPAP on the basis of home study and self-titration.

If you feel better working with sleep specialists, then get a referral and do a PSG in a clinic. The only reason to see ENT or pulmonologist is if there are potential complications that may need that expertise. The ENT in particular will always do a nasal endoscopy and may try to direct you to a surgical solution. To me, this is money down the drain unless there are really anatomical issues you want advise on, such as still having tonsils or breathing resistance while awake.

What do you think is best? Do you think a specialist is called for?
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For me. I went to the ENT because I was having Sinus issues. So maybe I should have her bring it to the regular Dr. Our insurance would cover either.

Does it seem like she should definitely talk to the Dr. About it?
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You might want to check her daytime O2 levels as well. See your Primary care (family) Doctor. If there's a problem you'll need to be referred by your Doctor anyway to see a Specialist.
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That is a logical first step. You have said she snores. The SpO2 monitoring provides supportive evidence that she may not be breathing sufficiently at night. If she is also fatigued and has other indications of OSA (see Epworth Sleepiness Scale), then it's probably a slam dunk. https://clevemed.com/what-is-sleep-apnea...-screener/

You can self-refer to a sleep clinic or have your family doctor recommend a home test or clinical PSG. He can manage the care and prescribe a CPAP, or a specialist can do this. A specialist will generally use more expensive, time consuming and clinical based testing, including titration, and is more likely to prescribe a single CPAP pressure rather than an auto CPAP. You understand how this process works and the value of self-titration. I think you should guide her to the solution that will be the least hassle, but adequately provide care.
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She's always been pretty tired.  Unlike me.  She has MS so we always thought it was just the MS.
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(08-27-2017, 10:25 AM)mogulman Wrote: She's always been pretty tired.  Unlike me.  She has MS so we always thought it was just the MS.

Was just reading extract of a study entitled "underdiagnosis of sleep disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis" on pubmed.gov.  It appears you are spot on.
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Here is her daytime for just 25 mins... seem OK..I think..
[Image: DjDzF3e.png]
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So I guess the question is:
-Since it seems to me to be OK during awake time....it is more likely sleep related...and a sleep study might be warranted.
-if it was low during the day, what would that mean?
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I don't think you need to deal with "what if". You have plenty to go to the family doctor and obtain a sleep study referral (clinic or home).
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