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Camera monitoring + Oscar
Camera monitoring + Oscar
Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on this great forum and I would first say thanks to all people who help here !!! Smile

I struggle a lot with my cpap (and doctors), so I finally bought an ethernet camera to monitor myself sleeping. It's not really "fun" but quite useful for investigations about leaks or other things you can't see with Oscar.

I noticed something when I watch video: I have a lot of arousals, even when I wear the mask !!...

Do you think that pressure could be too low for me ???? The doctor put me on fixed pressure 8cm but I tried a bit more last weeks and still no improvements, still very tired all day long.

I ordered an oximeter last week-end on amazon, maybe it will makes that more clear about these multiples arousals...

I've joined a capture my last night, without the chinstrap who explains these large leaks.

Thank you for your help!!!  Smile

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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
You can attach your screenshot. Look below the edit area when writing your post.
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Thanks for your help Gideon. Smile
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Your screenshot shows you are using your Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset in fixed pressure mode with EPR in ramp only.  I would like to suggest yo change to Autoset mode with a minimum pressure of 10 and maximum pressure of 14, and turn on EPR full-time at 3.  This will start therapy at 10/7 (inhale/exhale) and allow the machine to move up to 14.0/11.0 as needed. You can turn off ramp if you can tolerate this starting pressure. This should make therapy much more comfortable and provide a better feeling of ventilation.  Your respiratory statistics show a relatively long inhale time to exhale time and this usually indicates airway resistance which can be improved by use of EPR full time.  That is also the reason we see all of those spikes of flow above and below the usual respiratory volume.  Give these setting a try and I'm confident you will feel much better.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=31437]
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
You're amazing Sleeprider, thank you so much for this great feedback!! Smile

I have lot of problems with my nose (maybe caused by a deviated septum) and I didn't mention that in my first post, so it's fun that you can see that with the data!! ^^
You see that by the inhale AND exhale time ?? The twos are two long ?? What is a "normal" time of inhale and exhale ?

I will try the settings you gave me for sure, hope it will help. I was a bit shy with higher pressure and EPR...

Thanks again!!!!!
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar

I've tried your settings Sleeprider, and it seems to be not so bad, but I still struggle to keep that mask on my head for a long time...!!

Leaks are really reduced with chinstrap, but I still have these periods of "light sleep" and it also looks like hypopneas....??!! Maybe it's already what you talked about ? 

I plan to buy a cervical collar, maybe it could improve... I still have so many arousals on cam.   Sad

I post two screen captures with a zoomed one, hope you could explain to me.

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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Anybody can help with my last results please ? I don't know exactly how to interpret them, even more with auto-setting.

I've tried the auto mode with higher settings but I don't feel very good today....maybe I should wait some more nights before feeling better..??...
So many things tested since 2018, and never found a way to improve this chronical fatigue, I really feel despaired.... Sad

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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Turn ramp off and get yourself a full face mask to control leaks and improve your treatment quality.

Nasal masks are not recommended for people with nasal issues (congestion etc), when the congestion occurs you naturally breath out of your mouth. Breathing out your mouth is what is creating the leaks. The mouth leaks cause arousals, dry mouth etc disturbing your quality of sleep.

My favourite mask is the F20. Since using it I don't get why people are so hesitant to try FFMs, yes they are slightly larger but not an issue. The F20 has significantly less venting then any other mask I have used making it far quieter and less air blowing around. If it fits you well it won't leak when changing sleeping positions etc. I will never go back to a nasal mask even though I just had nasal surgery that might have helped, the reduced venting is worth wearing a F20 on its own.
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Thank you very much for your reply!!!
Unfortunately it's horrible for me to keep the full face masks.... -_-
I'm often hyperventilating, sometimes I have to take a big breath of air and that's impossible (or not easy) with the FFM.
Next night I will try (again...) with the nasal mask and chinstrap to avoid leaks.

I have lot of arousals when sleeping , I saw that on the video ,do you think I should try higher pressure ??
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Your data posted does not show any issues with obstructive breathing, right now leaks appear to be your main issue as well as general sleep quality.

If you are hyperventilating you need to learn to control that. Hyperventilation triggers your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) which will disturb your sleep quality. This is the exact same response your body will trigger if you were being chased by a tiger, you probably wouldn't sleep very well if you were being chased by a tiger would you? Taking deep slow belly breaths will calm your nerves and trigger your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) which will help improve sleep.

Google sleep hygiene and CBT for insomnia for some more ideas on how to improve general sleep quality.
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