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Camera monitoring + Oscar
RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
It seems that I have very few leaks now with the cervical collar !! Unfortunately, I really can't wear a FFM... -_-

So, I've watched my last night (but only 1h20 with mask...) and I can see myself breathing, sometimes stronger and sometimes less, but nothing changes with arousals, I'm always moving...

I've read so many things on internet these last years, I really try to teach myself with all stuff I can find, but I'm still struggling with these datas on Oscar, and  I can't understand why I'm still moving every 30 seconds even when I wear the mask...

Should I increase the pressure ? I can see my chest moving like normal breathing, but maybe the airways are closed caused by to low pressure ??

Hope to make a longer session next night, and I will also add the oximeter.

I post three screen captures with different levels of zoom, I hope somebody could help me with this mystery.

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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Your therapy is very good from the perspective of events and respiratory volume. Your respiratory volume is variable with periodic spikes in volume. This is sometimes associated with physical movement, like restless legs. Are you aware of experiencing considerable physical movement at night? I don't see any need for higher pressure, and you seem to have settled in at 9-10 pressure with EPR 2. If anything, you could probably reduce minimum pressure slightly.

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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
I've already thought about these restless legs, but sleep studies didn't mention that...
Sometimes, when we're watching TV on the couche, I often feel the need to move my legs, but I don't have crazy movements of them while sleeping...
Restless legs syndrom could be with the body than only the legs ? I often thought if I could have that...
I'm happy to hear that I don't need higher pressure, and your help is really much appreciated, thank you very much!!!
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
I saw someone post saying that a lot of people who experience restless legs while awake may also struggle with Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD) - which is where the person moves periodically during sleep and is a sleep disorder but separate from RLS. Plus I know that Rhythmic movement disorder (RMD) is associated sometimes with sleep apnea. And there are other parasomnias (sleep disorders) where people act out and move, including forms of "sleepwalking" or somnambulism, etc. There have even been cases of people sleep eating and also attempting to get intimate with their partner while asleep, too, as well as acting out dreams and so on. I believe that to be diagnosed with any kind of sleep disorder, you'd have to have another sleep study which could tell if you are actually asleep when you are moving, or technically awake but not remembering it.

What exactly do you do when you move about in your sleep? Are you turning over, sitting up, moving your arms? And how often?
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Hello Ratchick, thank you very much for your message.
Last few days I was reading about this syndrome, but I quickly gave up because I really thought my problem was only OSA...
I was just watching again my last night, and I just realize I have some really quick / nervous moves, but essentially with the arms... Sometimes, I'm rolling a little with full body, I also noticed that I often scratch my nose and things like that, but yeah, it really looks like "nervous" things!!
I do that all night long, but sometimes it's more calm. It seems that it depends of sleep phases!!
What do you think about ???
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
Your breathing is variable much of the night, it is hard to determine if it is obstructive or central in nature though. Part of me wants to say central but moving up to EPR of 2 did not create central apnea and it appears to have smoothed charts out a bit. I would increase EPR to 3 to see if it helps further.

Then if there is no obvious worsening after using that setting for a few nights I would also try lowering min pressure down to 7 cm to see what that does.
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RE: Camera monitoring + Oscar
I'm afraid I'm not an expert on all sleep disorders (merely an enthusiastic amateur) but you would definitely need to talk to a specialist about it if you're really concerned. But some level of movement is normal, and I'm sure there are guidelines about how many movements are needed to qualify for different disorders. The good thing is that by having video recorded, you can show samples to the doctors to demonstrate the kinds of things you do.

Honestly, I wake up to scratch my nose or wipe the corner of my mouth a lot simply because where the airflow coming in hits my face, it tickles... if I turn the elbow pipe one way, its the left side on the outside of the nostril, if it's the other way, it's the right corner of my mouth so it feels like I am drooling, and if it's vertical, it blows up the centre of my nose... I can guarantee if I have a large leak recorded, it's because I had to scratch. I'm trying to learn to ignore it, but it's proving a challenge.
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