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Camping with a Cpap machine
Hello everyone!
I am going camping for two night with a tent and there is no eletricity hook up on the site. I cannot afford to buy a battery charger for the Cpap machine I have because its way too expensive. Any idea of what can I do instead? Can I buy some other kind of battery to charge my Redsmed Autoset 9 that will not cost me an arm and a leg? Oh-jeez
Please help!
BTW: I am going on Friday so this is kind of urgent!
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Well, it will cost you an arm and half a leg just to buy the 12 to 24 Volt up-converter at $85 USD plus shipping.
Then you need a battery which is another $50. For two nights, you shouldn't need to charge the battery.

So, you need this:
[Image: 12to24.jpg]

And this: [Image: 12V-SLA.jpg]

And, to top up the battery before you go; plus recharge when back home:
[Image: BT-1.25A.jpg]

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See the ResMed Battery Guide for more info:

Just my personal opinion. My posts are not medical advice or a statement of fact. Please consult a qualified physician or other qualified medical personnel. Please comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and protocols.
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Use the resmed guide to figure out the requirement for one night for your settings - it will include a 50% safety margin. Multiply by two for two nights of camping.

I can usually safely get four nights out fo the 35 AH batteries. That's what I have here at the house. They are a good balance in the home for capacity vs. weight (they weigh about 24 pounds/12 KG) You may bery well be able to get by on an 18 AH battery for only two nights. Much lighter to carry camping (probably 13-15 lbs), and if you do the bok right, you would know if you could do without the charger., too, even with a smaller battery, as Mongo suggested...

And when you get home, Having a battery with capability to run a couple or a few nights is never a bad thing from an emergency preparedness standpoint. Note however that batteries need a routine maintenance charging schedule or a smart charger like the Battery Tender above, or they will just die. And never come back. I have the one I use for CPAP UPS that is always on a smart charger and the two other backup batteries I have get rotated on and off a battery tender monthly (they alternate every other month charging.)

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Hello and thank you for up your reply.
"Use the resmed guide to figure out the requirement for one night for your settings - it will include a 50% safety margin. Multiply by two for two nights of camping."
Sorry, but I have not idea how to do this. I have no idea what or where to find the resmed guide.
I am basically very new at this and have no idea how to go about. My settings are 6-12. My machine is a Resmed auto set s9 for her. I am ok not to bring the humidifier with me.
Any other help you could give me?
Thank you
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Thank you so much for your help. The only problem is that I do not understand most of what you said because I am completely ignorant on this matter. I called the shop where I bought my cpap machine and they were of no help. It is ok to spend $150 (compared to 350-450) at Cpap shop. I just do not know where to purchase those items and what to ask specifically. I need only the basic. Would Walmart or Sears be able to help me to understand what I need if I go there? By now I do not have time to order online and so I need to find something local.
Thank you so much!
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This is a case of knowing approximately where you are might have helped. Like: USA? (Yes, I see the irony of my saying: "Behind enemy Lines." Most folks know that Kalifornia is enemy territory.)

The long lead item is the first one pictured above, you pretty much have to get it online from one of the CPAP suppliers.
The rest of the items can be acquired from Amazon.

But, all is not lost for the Friday departure; if we go a less efficient route (electrically) and get a battery power pack with an inverter that will run your machine with your existing power brick. The price may be more than you wish to spend.
You might try PepBoys or Sears. You are looking for one with an internal battery of at least 40 Amp-hours; and an inverter that can put out 120 Volts to a 90 Watt load.

You might have to buy a separate battery and inverter. Sears has a "Cobra 1500-Watt Power Inverter" that would work with a 12 Volt deep cycle Marine battery. I cannot gaurantee that Sears sells that in stores as so much is online only with them now. With the Cobra 1500-Watt Power Inverter, you could buy an Optima Yellow top 12V battery as a power source. I know my local PepBoys sells them. You still need a cable made up to attach the Cobra to the Optima.

[Image: spin_prod_343882401?hei=749&wid=749&op_sharpen=1]

[Image: OPTIMA_YT_D34-78_Right.jpg]

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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