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Can I get admitted to the hospital 4 oxygen? Plus, Backstory

I need to know, is it possible to get admitted into the hospital to get oxygen?

I will tell you my full back story. I got diagnosed with an hospital in-house sleep study in 2013 at a different hospital than where I belong now. I had never adjusted to my CPAP and didn't push it enough so I've been going without treatment for 4 years now. Well I gained about 100 pounds more than I was before and I was already obese according to my BMI AND I am now having pretty severe symptoms. Well since I switched hospital systems they wanted me to "prove" I had sleep apnea before allowing me access to a new mask etc. So for the past 3 months I've been trying to get re-diagosed with sleep apnea. My insurance denied my in house sleep study so I had to do an "at-home" study. I did that and now have to wait 3 weeks to find out my results since I called my pulmologist office today and that's what they said.

First of all I believe I not only have Obstructive sleep apnea, but also central sleep apnea and I'm paranoid that it's not going to show up on the test bc I didn't have my brain waves monitored during the home sleep test. What could I do tho my insurance denied it so I had to go with the home study which only had a pulse oximeter an a thing to measure my nose breathing (although I am a bad mouth breather so I don't know what they could see by monitoring my nasal breathing)

Anyhow, I am suffering pretty badly each night. I know my previous study said I had severe sleep apnea ... my oygen goes to 80 percent in my sleep, my heart rate goes up to 140 and my apnea events are like 39 per hour is it? But that was when I was 100 pounds lighter lol I assume it's much worse now. I am experiencing pretty bad symptoms as of the last 3 months.

New Symptoms:

-Wake up not being able to breathe (not choking, just feels like I literally cannot exhale for 30 secs. and when I wake up my oxygen is between 88 and 93 for 30 seconds to 1 minute before going back up to 99)

-I am getting pretty bad back and neck pain that lasts most of the day as well as numbness in my left arm and hands (I believe this is due to oxygen deprivation in my sleep)

My primary care doctor tells me that even if my oxygen was below 88 percent in my sleep that they would not prescribe oxygen as the treatment is CPAP not oxygen, but i would like supplemental oxygen to get me through the next two weeks.

If I cannot get oxygen through my doctor can I be admitted to the hospital so they can literally prove my oxygen is dipping down to 80% (an possibly worse as I am now 100 pounds heavier). Like if they admitted me for observation, monitored that, they would just send me home to wait two more weeks?

Is my request so crazy or un-doable?
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Your doctor is right, supplemental oxygen won't help you if you have severe, untreated sleep apnea (your study in 2013 indicated an AHI of 39,  and it may well be worse as you say now with weight gain). 

You need to get onto CPAP/APAP as soon as possible, not supplemental oxygen. 

Phone your doctor again on Monday and become the squeaky wheel, describe how you're feeling and ask if something can be done to get you a machine ASAP.  Emphasize just how bad things are.  The numbness could be symptoms of many things, including diabetes, so ask about that as well. 

I'm not in the US, so am not sure how the system works re getting admitted into hospital, but I seriously doubt any hospital here in Ontario would admit a patient to sleep overnight to monitor oxygen levels. There are sleep labs for that, but there are wait times of months to get admitted.

Wishing you the best!
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Thanks for the advice ..oh I have the machine..it's more that I need a new mask bc the only one I have didn't work out for me so well and besides the mask and tubing need to be replaced like every 3 to 6 months right? So it's over due and besides all that I feel like I need educations again on how to use it. They would not allow me access to any of that despite owning the machine until I proved my sleep apnea in their hospital system.
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In my case, I went for a sleep study and it took many months to get an appointment with the sleep specialist, so I bought my own machine, mask etc online and started on my own. Never looked back. 

I'm new to this forum so will leave any further advice re starting on your own, should you wish to do so,  to experienced posters, but it is very good to read that you still have a machine (from 2013, so not all that old) and hose, etc.
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A physician's prescription is mandatory in order to recieve oxygen and the hospital will probablly refer you to your doctor unless you arrive there under severe distress. You have the cart in front of the horse, supplemental oxygen is not going to help with the terrible problems that OSA can cause.  In your profile your machine is mis named, you have combined two different manufacturers, perhaps you mean Phillps Respironics.  If i were in your situation, (assuming that the Doctor or DME had previously set up your machine) and try to educate myself by going to the manfacture's web site and review their how to videos on using the machine.  Your mask and hose are possibly still usable if they have been stored properly. I would start using the machine and get treatment immediately.  If you run into problems getting set up; ask questions on this forum, there are people here that will help you (you should contact your doctor on Monday to get a check up visit).  The sooner you start using your machine the quicker you will get well.  You will be one step ahead and be better prepaired to seek answers and possibly equipment on Monday.  Certainly if you get going, download the clinical manuals for your machine and Sleepyhead software from this site.  Post your sleepyhead results here (read Roby Sue's beginner guide to Sleepyhead)  There are several fine people here that will guide you and help get going, just ask.
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I would think that proper use of your cpap will fix the O2.
Is it fixed pressure or auto?
can you write what the model of your machine is and does it take a sd card? 'philips resmed' is confusing me.
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 Many new and improved masks have come out since you tried to start cpap 4 years ago. I would use a face mask since you are a mouth breather.
Go to the supplier list above check out supplier 14. They have a 30 day guarantee in case you do not like what you pick. Technically, I believe that you need a prescription for a mask but some stores get around that by selling you a mask kit, which is a mask and a headband. You can also buy them through Amazon.

Once you get a mask start using your cpap with the machine that you already have.

Please tell us what machine you have and it can be determined if your machine is data capable which will greatly help in dialing in your treatment. If it is data capable download sleepyhead software which is free.

Cpap should help your O2 levels.

Keep coming back here with questions.

Hope you get better, car54
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All good advice above.

Let us know the  correct name of your machine.  Order the setup manual here following instructions exactly.

I believe it is imperative that you start using your cpap now.  At least it will help until you see your doctor. We can help you get it set up properly.

Once set up, you will find that in most cases your oxygen levels will correct.

Try using the mask you have, until you are able to get something else.
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Why not make it easy? Just log into Amazon and choose a complete CPAP mask of your choosing and have it by Monday? You will eventually get all the studies and prescriptions sorted out, but you don't really need to have a prescription to get re-started.

Your last sleep study was in 2013. That is not so long ago, and you can get the records of that study transferred to you or your doctor. That would have greatly expedited getting a prescription, and you should still get the records for you files. Same thing with the current home study...get the records and keep them in a safe place. Your primary doctor should have been willing to write a prescription for a new mask. You have a CPAP machine and he seems to concede you need CPAP...why not issue a prescription for auto CPAP and supplies? Where do these guys come from that think they need a test for someone obviously suffering from an easily treated problem, that has a preexisting history of apnea?
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The issue with O2 isn't just the levels, it's the duration.

Follow OpalRoses advice, It is very good.
When we know what machine you have we can give you some initial settings, or better, use what it is set for, If it is off we will have you much closer in a night or two.
Just wash your mask with a mild dish soap and rinse. It should work until you can get something better.
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