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Can SleepyHead export time series data as CSV?
Can SleepyHead export time series data as CSV?
I'm running SleepyHead for MacOS and would like to export the times series data (from a Dreamstation autoBiPAP) for all waveforms into a CSV file for further analysis with other software.

The 'details' CSV file seems to contain all the event markers & their timestamps, but none of the actual time series data that comprise the waveforms.

Any suggestions for how to get the 'really detailed' timepoint by timepoint data exported into CSV?

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RE: Can SleepyHead export time series data as CSV?
It's certainly true that the csv file doesn't contain the flow waveform data.. The flow waveform data is collected at something like 25 or 50 samples per second, so a csv file is a poor format for that kind of data. It is much more like a very low frequency audio file, but an mp3 file is not good because it drops data based on what the ear and brain hears. Perhaps a wav or flac file format would work, depending on what kind of analysis you wish to do. I'm not sure how one would go about exporting the waveform data - there would a fair bit of work figuring out how SleepyHead stores the data, and extracts it using the graphical subroutines.
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RE: Can SleepyHead export time series data as CSV?
Thanks, pholynyk!

The DreamStatoin and SleepyHead coding is really a mystery to me.
There are 10 time series graphs in my SleepyHead window.
If there were 50 samples per second and 8-bit encoding of values, that would generate ~1.4 megabytes per channel or >14Mb for all 10.
So,I doubt that all 10 are sampled at the rate.
Examining my DreamStation SD card does little to enlighten.

A 5 or 10 or even 15Mb CSV file doesn't bother me. It's a temporary storage and transfer format.
And sub-sampling for 1Hz would be fine for those signals that warrant finer analysis.

I'd like to add this to a wishlist or feature request for consideration by the SleepyHead developers.....
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RE: Can SleepyHead export time series data as CSV?
If I may ask: what is it actually that you want to do with that data? (as in: what and in what program or whatever)

If I'm not mistaken SH stores the data itself in a time-delta-format .. based on what you want to do that might not be really helpful - but there is only so much one can do at a frequency of 1hz. (which is like nothing if you are talking about the flow-data)
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RE: Can SleepyHead export time series data as CSV?
I want to link up the DreamStation data with the output of my Masimo PulseOx.
That device not only gives O2 & pulse rate, but also provides Perfusion Index.

I have severe desaturation (sometimes well below 70%) and am now supplementing my biPAP with O2@4lpm.

Subjectively, I feel that my respiratory drive is diminished....and my low O2Sat stems from being very comfortable (for too long) without breathing.
Why is that happening?

I have some other ideas on that score but want to pull all the data into Igor Pro from Wavemetrics.com.....a graphing and data alnaysis package that I have used in my research lab for years.
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RE: Can SleepyHead export time series data as CSV?
this looks related to that thread: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...nary-Files

some pointers for the Philips data-format: http://sleepyhead.sourceforge.net/wiki/i...System_One
(SH is written in c++ - using QT - although that is of no (real) concern for the data-loaders. If your desired program allows custom-importers you may be able reuse the import-code from SH!?)
The prs1_loader ist the one for Philips.

... but that looks like massive overkill if you just want to link the pulsoximeter data to your CPAP-data.
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