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Can a machine provider remotely program your cpap machine?
(02-15-2017, 04:05 PM)bigpapa7272 Wrote: So are we better off not purchasing fom a DME on a non insurance order?

The answer to this is depends.  The sellers on the supplier list are DMEs, and they offer competitive prices, services, support and warranty assistance.  They may be out of network to you, but they will always back up your purchases.  Outside of DME sales are gray market sales that include some, but not all Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist sales.  Some of those are authorized resellers (aka DMEs in the U.S.), while others seem to have access to equipment but cannot represent you in warranty situations.  You need to do your due diligence on their business and authority to sell equipment.  The lowest price may be one person's highest priority, but not everyone.  On the other hand, it's hard to justify paying double the price for service and warranty.   Dont-know

The worst deal is a DME who thinks they can sell to you at grossly inflated prices they invoice to insurance.  They don't get paid that amount, but they still get a lot and in return are required to provide extended warranty, compliance monitoring, equipment recovery in the event of non-compliance and other patient services and training. Anyone tells you an Auto CPAP is worth $1800 deserves to hear the door slam in their face.  If you deal with a local DME, get prices up front if you're paying all or part of the bill.   What a different world we would have if patients were allowed to shop price on their insured equipment, prescriptions and medical services.
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On my machine there is a setting called airplane mode. It disable the cellular so they cannot remotely acess the machine. (Autoset 10)

The big disadvantage of this is that you have to do it every time the power has been disconnected as it go out of the airplane mode when restarted. 

They have not change my settings here, but i want to disable the cellular option when i not using it more permanently than using the airplane mode.
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They can put a prescrption on the SD card if you took it too them.

Or they could use the cell modem. To stop that just set the cell modem To airplane mode.
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I have my first cpap machine - ResMed Airsense 10 Autoset for Her. I trialled it for a month. The seller (I'm not sure what DME means) told me that it has a modem so that he can collect info to monitor it to see how well the machine is working, and change settings, after discussion, if need be.

I told him before buying it that I don't want him collecting my info. I think he said that he wouldn't connect on his end to my machine. The other thing I did is put airplane mode on so that my machine is not broadcasting. I think this will work okay as I don't know of any reason for my machine to be on wifi.
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lala, if you need to being compliance with your insurance company then you will need to turn off airplane mode. That's the only way they will get any info from the machine. But if you paid out of pocket for the machine then the great folks can help, either way they will help you on your journey.
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(03-30-2017, 12:48 PM)lala Wrote: I'm not sure what DME means

DME means durable medical equipment. As used in the forum it us usually a reference to a company that supplies home healthcare equipment such as CPAP machines. It does not apply to online sellers.

If you were told they would monitor your use, the seller was almost certainly a DME.
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Thanks both!

I had commented to let calcuttaman know that my DME ( Big Grin - now that I know the term I can use it ) told me they can monitor and change settings remotely. I would not want a DME who did anything without discussing it with me and us agreeing on a plan of action. I'm not sure that's what happened for him, but I would want to talk with the DME and get it figured out.

Maniac007 - I'm really liking this board. People seem to know their stuff, share their info and experience, and help each other out. I feel lucky to have found it.
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(01-18-2017, 11:48 PM)calcuttaman Wrote: I discovered this morning that I had left out my SD Card for the past 5 days.  I thought it was odd when I woke up last night and my pressure was at 7.9 when I usually run in the high 8's.

On a visit to my machine provider she found out I had programmed my machine myself and had made a big deal out of it.  Said she had to call my doctor to get a new script and I was taking my life into my own hands by doing it.  Probably not as I usually run 1.0 or less AHI.

But when I put back my card in my machine and let it set there for a few hours and then taken it out I found that the settings were  6 - 10 pressure wise.   I had been running 7.4 - 9.4.  

Could they have remotely set it?  OR, did the machine reset itself to those numbers because there was no card?

yes they can

and yes they will

every time they check your data it will be reset if it is not per the original order
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I guess it depends on your DME. I leave airplane mode on because I don't want compliance hassles with my insurance. Either my DME doesn't look at my machine settings or doesn't care. I changed my pressure setting 18 days ago and haven't heard from my DME. I look at the screen every time I start the machine and they haven't changed it back. I know they can because, early on, when I was concerned about changing settings myself, I emailed my Dr. with a suggested change. I never heard back directly from his office but 3 nights later I found the change had been made.

As long as they leave it alone, I have no concerns. I doubt they have the interest or time to look closely at my data.
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